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Chapter 1: 16 Year Anniversary

It was Bob and Helen Parr's 16 year anniversary and they celebrated it by first going out to a fancy Italian restaurant then taking a walk in the park.

"That was great honey." Helen Parr stated as she leaned up and kissed him.

"I'm glad you liked it honey." Bob Parr answered

Bob and Helen walked in silence for a few seconds, then Helen broke the silence "Wow," said Helen with amazement in her voice "I forgot what it's like to have a night off like this!"

"I know!" stated Bob, since the Superhero Relocation Program was cut, they haven't had a night off since, Bob and Helen Parr were two most famous supers in their day, fifteen years from last year, Bob Parr was also called Mr. Incredible to all of the non-super people when he wasn't in his suit. He had the power of super-strength Helen Parr was also called Elastigirl. She had the power to stretch herself into any shape the situation requires. They kept their identities safe but Bob has a really hard time doing that. Especially when he was forced to hide them.

They walked towards their house and quietly walked in trying not to wake their three children Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack.

Violet is the oldest and is 15 years old and has super powers like her parents, she has the ability to generate force fields and turn invisible which is a big help on her little brother. Dash is the middle child and is 11 years old and has super speed which he loves to use to get on peoples nerves. Jack-Jack is the youngest and is only 1 years old and has the power of shape-shifting, he can turn into anything when anybody gets him mad

When they walked by the living room they felt like somebody was watching them. They turned around and saw a garment of clothing reach over, and not even touch the string on the lamp, turn on the lamp and swing the chair around as Violet returned to normal.

"Did you forget something?" Asked Violet in a very stern voice.

"No," answered Helen "there was dinner on the stove, and..."

Violet cut her off, "Our tradition?"

Bob and Helen looked at each other with confused looks on their faces and then suddenly realized "I'm so sorry," apologized Helen "we forgot and..."

"We forgive you," stated a voice that came out from behind the couch, it was Dash, he was also up "now tell us!"

"No," stated a tired Helen, she looked at the clock "It's eleven at night. Tommrow, I..."

"But that would be breaking the tradition!" exclaimed Violet "It's the weekend and you've told us how you guys met and how you got married all the way up to when you were pregnant with me, since we were able to understand you!"

"Yeah mom!" exclaimed a very hyper Dash. "Don't ruin the tradition!"

Helen looked around at her two oldest children and they were desperate, they loved that story. Even Bob looked like he wanted to hear it.

Helen sighed, "Alright," stated Helen, she could not win, she started the story.


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