Summary: The Professors voted for Snape to do something against his will. Shopping. He is made to shop for each and everyone of the Professors. So when one of them has something odd on the list, what will he do? And what do Harry, Ron, Hermione, and lingerie have to do with it? What is the outcome?

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Ron grabbed Hermione's hand. "Come on! There's Snape! He's by chance visiting Emily."

Ron pulled Hermione along, until they were behind some bushes across the street from 'One Size Fits All'. Snape went inside, without any hesitation. He just walked into a knicker store.

It had been a year since the whole…incident, and now Ron and Hermione were in Hogsmeade. Two reason's why. One, it was Dumbledore's birthday, and they were getting him a present, two, they were following Snape.

They would have laughed at him, but they just decided to follow him inside. As soon as they got in, they dropped to the floor, and crawled to the nearest shelf. "James Bond." Hermione said.

"I like this game." Ron added.

They peered through a crack in the shelf, and Snape and Emily. They were talking, not knowing that Ron and Hermione were in the store.

"What are you guy's doing?" somebody said.

Ron almost screamed, but Hermione clamped one hand over Ron's mouth, and she used her other one to pull off the invisibility cloak. She knew where it was…even though it was invisible. "Don't ever do that again Harry."

Ron was trying to regulate his breathing.

Harry kneeled down next to Hermione. "Sorry." They, now including Harry, watched Emily and Snape.


"So Emily, what are you going to do today?" Snape asked.

"I'm going to do this." She walked around the counter, and kneeled down, in front of Snape. She put a ring on her finger. "Will you marry me?"

Snape was surprised, but then looked at the ring. "Isn't that the ring I was going to use to propose to you?"

"Yes." Emily said.

"You were in my room?" Snape asked.

"Yes, it was dark. I tripped over something."

"You broke my vase? I could have swore Penny did it. I put her in the corner." Snape said.

"Well…I did…Sorry. Now answer my question." She demanded.

Snape wasn't expecting this turn of events. But he smiled at Emily.

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"Yes I will."

Emily jumped up and squealed. She stood about an inch away from Snape's face. "Now a soft kiss -- Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss." Emily whispered. Snape pulled her closer and kissed her.


"One kiss from rosy lips, and I fear no storm or rock!" Hermione whispered.

"Well, I'm leaving." Ron said.

"Count me in." Harry said.

"You both have to stay." Hermione said, pulling Harry and Ron down.

It made a loud thump. Snape and Emily broke away from their kiss. Snape looked around. At this point, he could see Harry, Ron, and Hermione, if he looked their way. He looked around the store in the opposite direction, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione crawled to another part of the store.

"That was weird." Emily said.

"Let's go up to Hogwarts for a little bit." Snape said.

He held out his hand, and Emily grabbed it. They made their way out of the store, and then Emily came back in the store. Snape was with her. "Forgot to lock up. I use this spell that I made up. Only I can unlock it." Emily pulled out her wand, and did some complex wand work. She muttered several spells, then grabbed Snape's hand again. "Okay, lets go, Sevvy." She teased.

"I'm with you…Emy." Snape said, with a smile. It made Harry and Ron cringe. Snape and Emily left, shutting the door tightly behind them.

Hermione suddenly jumped up into the air. "We're locked in! WE ARE LOCKED IN!"

She began banging on the window. No one saw her. Ron looked around. He was starting to get panicky. He passed out.

Harry sighed, and leaned against the wall. 'Here we go again.' He thought.


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