Love on a Wall

Miss-ed606 (evildiva606)

Disclaimer: I only own the new characters and places and you know what the WWE owns what the wrestlers own and what Vince McMahon owns. I am simply writing out of my imagination.

Remember: This story has no draft. It is on the spot and I have no idea how this will turn out. Bear with me.

Summary: Can posters really see what we do? Are their eyes really watching us? Or are they just part of the decoration? Well, I have a poster of Randy Orton...and some strange things have been happening..

Chapter one:

Even just the smallest things would make me happy. That's why I nearly lost my head when I found an autographed Randy Orton poster on E-bay. I placed a bid and it kept getting higher. I didn't give up as I placed endless bids for that poster. Soon enough, after hard work and perseverance, I found it in my mail.

I rushed downstairs and asked the front desk of the condo if anything came for me. They told me that there was a special delivery. I gladly took it and rushed to my condo. I know it sounds quite odd, but that was the one thing I wanted; something that was at least within fifty feet of my ONE TRUE LOVE.

I opened the Fed Ex box and dug through the styro peanuts and then my hand landed on something that felt like glass. I looked for the edge of the glass, which was like wood and pulled it out gently but quickly. Leading me to another crimson session; whereas I turn red at the sight of my ONE TRUE LOVE.

I bet you might be thinking how weird I am at this moment. But the worst is yet to come.

I held the poster up like Rafiki from the Lion King would hold up Simba. I heard the alleluia chorus playing over and over in my head. At the same time, I saw light coming from the roof of my condo. Having this one poster surely made me feel like this was a holy vessel.

I kicked the Fed Ex box to the side of the living room and walked to my room with the picture frame tightly snug near my chest. If you were me, I bet that you would hang up the picture frame. But that's not what I did. I took the poster from the frame and did something a normal fan would do; I used clear tape to stick it to the wall on my bed side.

It would seem more special to me in a way or two. I felt that it was a better form of self expression. It somehow brought out my creative side. And with that, I sat on my bed and stared endlessly at the poster. My phone rang and I left the answering machine to deal with it. Nothing distracted me. This was Randy. What's a girl to do?

Just staring at that million dollar smile, I knew somehow that he was looking at me. It was I, he was thinking about. But I knew how humanly impossible it would be. So, I sat there at the thought of my frustration. Well, anyway, I have a wild imagination. So, right there, my eyes started to feel heavy. I had no time to fix the bed of tuck myself in, I just slept.

The next morning was the oddest thing. I woke up realizing that my feet weren't hanging off the edge of the bed like it did when I fell asleep the night before. They were now comfortable and warm. I was tucked in properly. A pillow on my head and my shoes taken off, along with the jacket I wore.

I wondered what in the blue hell happened. I woke up with a stiff neck and part of my lipstick smudged. I stood up to wash my face. When I came back from the bathroom, I found an ice bag on my bed side. I had no idea what it was doing there. All I new was that, I was about to get one and use it for my neck. With that, I took it and placed it behind my neck. When the ice melted, I placed it on my bed side and looked at Randy's poster.

It, as usual, was no hope for me. I was thousands of miles away from Randy and we would never hook up. Not that I didn't want to. I practically yearned for it. But right now, it seemed impossible. I have fancied him since day one of his career and this is probably the closest I have ever been to him.

With that, my thoughts went on a full stop. My mind was blank and then I heard a footstep. I quickly looked behind me and no one was there. I looked back at the poster and Randy was gone. All that was on the wall was a red background. I rubbed my eyes and there he was, on the poster again.

Nope. Once again, I was imagining things. I was definitely crazy.

Then with that, I decided to go to school instead. I took journalism and wrote several things every second I lived. I wrote what I felt, what I wish to feel and what I never wanted to feel in the first place.

I took my notebooks and pens and headed out for the public library which was in the school itself.

When I got back home, I entered my room. I stopped in the doorway. The room was dark. I opened the light and there, a rose lied on my bed with a card. I read the card. I'll always be with you. I looked at Randy's poster, his smile, now a sexy smirk.

This definitely meant something else. And it was something you couldn't just shake off. This was absolutely creepy. It was impossible…can it be?...nah…it can't…but…you'll never know.

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