He did it for me

Chapter 1

By: teal-lover

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Being twice blessed, Wyatt thought that nothing could ever hurt him. It's devastating to find out how wrong you can be. Takes place in the future that Chris changed.

Chris just turned 19, and Wyatt is three months shy of his 21st birthday.

AN: This has nothing to do with my other stories, it is just a quick short that I thought up while I was bored and didn't feel like doing homework. But reviews are still very much wanted and appreciated ;)

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Laughing at his brother's antics, Chris crouched down and prepared to block his sibling. "Wy, what do you think you're doing?"

Wyatt grinned at the younger boy happily while he dribbled the basketball. He loved times like this when they would just enjoy each other's company, all the while laughing, joking, and teasing.

Competition between them had been fierce for as far back as they could both remember. That little bit of sibling rivalry had never let up. But it was always in fun. Being twice blessed, Wyatt had always had more abilities in the power department than Chris. He had soon discovered that his younger brother could consistently beat him in any number of other things. Sports always tended to be one of them.

They seemed to go out of their way to join opposing sports teams, just so that they could play against each other. It was exciting for the two boys so close in age, but difficult for the rest of the family. No one ever knew which team to root for. So the parents and aunts eventually ended up switching places at halftime to cheer on both boys. But at the end of the game when the winning team shook hands with the loosing team, the brothers always came together and complimented the other's moves. Hooking an arm around the other playfully, their teammates often just stared as the two bitter rivals during the game dropped all pretenses and became best friends again.

Piper always marveled at their quick ability to make that transition.

Oh, she had worried about the situation when they were younger. She and Leo had feared that their behavior would escalate into the future that Chris had fought so hard for and died to change.

She soon realized that for all of their battling on the fields, they were inseparable at home. No one ever picked on one without incurring the wrath from the other. When they fought side-by-side, they were a well-oiled machine, complimenting each other's strengths and weaknesses perfectly.

Piper had always attributed it to their wildly different personalities, which seemed to suit their vastly different appearances. Christopher had become the spitting image of his mother-- albeit taller with masculine features. Wyatt on the other hand, had taken after his father. The boys had shared few common traits and seemed to be as different as night and day. Chris, with the calm and level headed temperament, was always a good balance for the over-eager and headstrong Wyatt.

So it was with no surprise that the two often found themselves staring each other down.

Chris shifted on his feet as he taunted his older brother again, "Come on Wy, I'll spot you a few points--or 30, just to make it fair…"

Wyatt raised his eyebrow as he replied, "This ball's gonna' be circling around in the net while you're still too busy mouthing off."

Someone behind Wyatt nudged him as he complained, "Hey Halliwell--quit playin' games with him and shoot the ball!"

Both brothers grinned as they resumed the game.

Less than an hour later, Wyatt bent down panting heavily as his teammate patted him on the back. "It was still a good game, Halliwell. Damn close too. We'll get them next time."

Wyatt nodded as he watched one of his long time friends grab his bag and walk away. He stood up as Chris approached and handed him a bottle of water.

"That was a good game," he commented. "But I told you that you will never beat me. Unless I spot you some points first."

The older of the two rolled his eyes as he responded with a challenge, "Well then, why don't we go and have a little sparring match with Excalibur."

Chris grabbed his bag and shook his head, "No thanks, I feel like staying in the winners circle for a little while longer," his comment earning him a whip from the towel wrapped around his brother's neck. He jumped back playfully as he rubbed his stinging leg, "Ow. You're such a sore loser. But no, really. I have an economics paper due on Thursday that I have to get started on."

Wyatt glanced at him wearily, "You still determined to go through with that crap?"

"It's not crap, Wy. College is important. It'll help to get a good job."

Wyatt scoffed, "I already have a good job. I fight demons. Full time. And I'm damn good at it. What do I need college for."

Chris sighed at the familiar argument and replied sarcastically, "So you can have money to live?"

Grinning sardonically at the annoyed look his brother shot him, "That's what the club is for" he retorted.

Chris shook his head in annoyance but had to laugh. "Mom's never going to give you the club, Wy. You don't know the first thing about running a business."

Wyatt wrapped his arm and around his younger brother as he started to walk, "I figure it out. And if I don't, that's why I have you little brother."


Later that evening, Chris looked up from his computer as the gleam from Excalibur glinted off his screen. He turned as Wyatt padded through the hallway. "Where are you going with that?" he questioned.

Wyatt replied casually, "Down to the underworld."

"Why? It's not like you need practice, Mr. twice-blessed one."

Leaning on the door frame, he deadpanned, "I know. But it's fun. And since my baby brother is too busy to help me have fun, I have to go and entertain myself."

Chris took his glasses off and stood up, "Well you shouldn't go alone. No one can hear you if you need help down there. Let me go change, I'll come with you."

Wyatt shook his head, "Ill be fine, Christopher. Stop being such a worrier. You're going to go gray like mom." He jumped slightly as he heard her shouting from down the hall, "I heard that!"

Chris laughed at his startled reaction but sat back down, somewhat convinced that the older Halliwell could take care of himself. "Promise me you'll be careful, Wy."

"Aren't I always?" The incredulous look the brown haired teen gave him made him to cease that line of thought. "Well, I will tonight. Just for you. Ok?"

Chris nodded reluctantly, "Fine. But I'm coming to get you with every vanquishing potion we have in the house if you're not back in one hour" he admonished,

Wyatt smiled, "Three."

Chris wasn't giving in, "One!"

Wyatt negotiated a compromise and asked hopefully, "Two?"

Chris reluctantly accepted, as he always did. "Fine. Two hours. But if you're even a minute late…"

Wyatt held up his hands in defense, "I know, I know. You're coming in with the calvary. But you won't need to, because I'll be back before you even start your paper."

Chris turned back to his computer indignantly, "I started it."

Wyatt read over his shoulder aloud, "Hmm. Let's see. The Rise and Fall of a Post-War Economy, by Christopher P. Halliwell. You're right, good start kid. Hey, if every word counts toward the length of your essay, maybe you should spell out your middle name."

The brown-haired witch glared at the blonde before he left, "1 hour, 57 minutes left."

As soon as the orbs dissipated, he hit the backspace key and typed in 'Perry'.


Down in the underworld…

Wyatt was enjoying himself thoroughly. He crept up on a large group of demons as he threw an energy ball at several before jumping into the fight. He twisted and ducked, while he slashed his way through the group. He easily vanquished everything in his path.

Soon after, most demons still alive shimmered away to save themselves. The only exception being an identical duo who stood before him confidently.

Crouching down in a fighting stance, Wyatt's eyes followed with amusement as they circled him predatorily. "Who are you two supposed to be?"

The demon to his left hissed a response, "Surely, you have heard of the brothers that will be the downfall of the Twice-blessed Witch?"

Wyatt laughed at their self-assuredness, "I've heard of many who would like to try, but none who will succeed."

As he swung Excalibur to meet the sword of the two demons, he was mildly surprised by their strength, speed, and agility. They were actually giving him a run for his money. With the exception of his brother, it was a challenge that he hadn't had in quite some time--and he enjoyed the rush.

Keeping track of the time mentally, he noted with disappointment that the two-hour mark had neared much too soon. Sighing, Wyatt decided that it was time to end his newfound game.

With one quick and upward thrust of Excalibur, he vanquished one demon in a fiery ball of flames. Spinning around quickly, he turned his attention to the remaining demon who was distracted by the screams of the other.

As Wyatt drew his sword closer, the demon's eyes flashed with fury and retorted before shimmering out, "You'll pay for this!"

Wyatt didn't bother to lend chase to the fleeing demon but called after him, "Coward!"

'Oh well. Time to head home.'


As the two-hour deadline approached, Chris began to get nervous with no sign of his brother. 'But then he's rarely ever on time.' Sprinting up to the attic to get the potions, he prepared to go and find his brother and drag him home, kicking and screaming if necessary. He knew how worked up he could get when fighting.

He picked up a glass and started to put it in his pocket when his older brother orbed in to the other side of the attic. "It's about time!" he yelled.

Wyatt glanced over at him from the corner of his eye as he once again sheathed Excalibur in the stone. "I told you I would be fine. And I bet you didn't even get your pap--" His eyes widened as he saw the demon shimmer in behind his sibling, poised to strike with his sword. "CHRIS!!!" he tried to warn, but he was too late.

Everything happened so fast. He heard the small surprised gasp that escaped his brother's lips before his green eyes closed. There were no last words. No heartfelt and emotional good-byes. The life had fled from his body the instant the cold steel pierced his heart, mere seconds after the blade pierced his flesh. There was nothing but the thump of his body's dead weight collapsing to the floor.

The demon that he had just fought in the underworld taunted him with the bloody sword, "Mine for yours, witch" he snarled.

"NO!!!" Wyatt quickly withdrew Excalibur and charged the demon, intent on mutilating him in the most painful way possible. There was no need to attempt to heal his baby brother. He knew the second it was already too late. He would have known even if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. He immediately felt the loss of the connection he had with the younger Halliwell. But before he could let the grief overcome him, he decided to let the rage out instead.

His father chose that moment to orb in, sensing something amiss with his children.

Ignoring the bloody battle that raged in the center of the room, Leo went to his youngest son sprawled on the floor. He gathered Chris in his lap and desperately tried to heal the boy. He sobbed as the warm yellow glow never came.

Leo never could heal the dead. He closed his son's partially open eyes and laid him down gently.

Standing up with a calmness he didn't feel, he watched his oldest son drawing out every agonizing swipe of Excalibur into the demon. He was well aware that the blonde haired boy could have killed him with a simple flick of his wrist, but chose not to. His patience wearing thin, he yelled at the boy as he raised his own hands toward the demon, "Move Wyatt!"

The blonde haired witch snarled back at this father, "He's mine!"

The electricity crackled from Leo's fingertips in anticipation of it's target, "THEN DO IT! OR I WILL!"

Not wanting to be denied his revenge, Wyatt quickly took his fathers warning and destroyed the demon that had just murdered his only sibling.

After it was over, he dropped to the floor next to his brother and grabbed his rapidly cooling hand. 'This wasn't supposed to happen', he thought. He was invincible. The twice-blessed son, born of a Charmed One and an Elder. Nothing could ever touch him. Nothing could ever hurt him. Nothing, except the loss of the one thing that he never thought he'd be without. His baby brother.

For the first time in his life, he didn't know what to do. He quickly stood up and snatched the blanket from the couch.

Leo kneeled next to his youngest as he watched the oldest return and drape a blanket over him, "Wyatt, what are you doing, son?"

Wyatt responded absently, as if it was just now sinking in. "I don't want him to get cold."

Leo closed his eyes at the admission. He knew how close the two were, and he feared for his oldest son's sanity. He tried to be strong for him and took charge, "Wy? Go and get your mother and your aunts." At the blank stare he received, he put his hand on the back of his hair and pulled him closer. "Wy, listen to me. I need you to help me here. Go and find them. Everything is going to be ok. We'll fix this one way or another. Please? Go."

Wyatt reluctantly left to find the rest of his family. He didn't think he could explain to them what happened.

Leo stroked the silky brown hair as he bent down and whispered to him. "I'm sorry, Chris. This wasn't supposed to happen. Not again. But I promise, I'm not letting you go this time."


AN: don't worry, in my charmed universe--death rarely has any meaning;) I'd never permanently kill off my favorite half-angel.