He did it for me


By: teal-lover

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Being twice blessed, Wyatt thought that nothing could ever hurt him. It's devastating to find out how wrong you can be. Takes place in the future that Chris changed.

Chris was already 19, Christopher just turned 19, and Wyatt is three months shy of his 21st birthday.

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AN: This has to be the longest two days in my life :D


As Chris and Wyatt emerged through the portal, only one of them looked surprised to see a very pregnant Piper flipping through the Book of Shadows.

"Chris, who is this, where did you come from? And more importantly, if you're up here, who is watching Wyatt?"

Chris stammered nervously, hearing the irritation in her voice, he turned to his brother for an explanation.

Wyatt stepped forward but stopped as Piper grabbed her stomach protectively with one hand, and raised the other to blow up the stranger if necessary. "It's me, mom—Wyatt?" At her worried look, he held his hands out in a non-threatening gesture. "And don't worry, I'm not evil."

She looked to Chris who nodded in confirmation before she ran to embrace him as fast as her wobbly legs could carry her. "Oh my baby, we did it? You're ok? What are you doing here?"

"I came back to save my brother."

"WYATT!" Chris screeched. "Haven't you ever heard the phrase, 'future consequences'?"

Over Piper's shoulder, Wyatt gave him a knowing look that said, 'trust me, I know what I'm doing'. He pulled back from the woman and walked over to the potions cabinet wordlessly.

"What are you doing?" She asked curiously as he rifled through the shelves.

He turned and smiled innocently, "I just need something out of the cabinet in order for us to get back."

She craned her neck to try and see what he was holding. "What's that?"

He ignored her question and walked over to hug her again, "I love you so much mom." Pulling back, he took her face in his hands and brushed his thumb against her cheek tenderly. "But I never meant for you to be here when we arrived." He waved his hand under her nose, stirring that powder that had been hidden from her view and causing her to inhale.

As the sleeping potion instantly filled her lungs, he quickly reached out and caught her before she hit the ground and laid her down gently.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" his brother screamed at him and rushed to her aid.

"Relax, would you. You're crazy if you think I would ever hurt my own mother. Not even your Wyatt would sink that low."

Downstairs, Chris heard a commotion in the attic and set the toddler down with a warning to stay put. He knew his mother was in the attic alone and he quickly orbed up to her rescue.

The sight that greeted him was shocking to say the least. Standing over his unconscious mother was what appeared to be his brother, and some kind of demonic clone of himself directly next to him. He raised his hands and prepared to TK the two away from the woman.

The older witch was faster and orbed in front of the months younger version of his companion. He blew the sleeping dust into his face and caught him too as he began to fall. Looking up to his brother who now stood with his own hands raised defensively, he held his hands out non-threateningly. "Take it easy. You know as well as I do that they can't know we've been here. I had to knock them out before I gave them the memory dust, but they'll be just fine—as proof, you're here aren't you? If they know I'm saved, then they'll get sloppy. And that could risk everything. I, for one, do not like the idea of going back to a future where I'm the ruler of all evil? Do you?"

"No." Chris admitted reluctantly. He pointed to the man in Wyatt's arms, "But he's just me two months ago. This is too weird. Why did you bring me here? Why didn't you just take us back to the future you came from? You said it was good. You said I was happy there. Why did you detour?"

"Because." he shot back a little too quickly. He avoided his brother's eyes and stared at the floor sadly. "Because I never really got the chance to say goodbye to you."

The younger of the two looked on in confusion. "But you said I would merge with mini me? That I would finally get the life I always wanted."

"But when we go back to the time when I left, I won't remember you. I mean I'll know you. But not as you are right now. Look, I know it was selfish and risky of me to bring you here first, but I just couldn't go back without--"

Chris nodded in understanding as the older man drifted off. He put his arm on Wyatt's shoulder, "It's ok. But I'm all right with going back to the future. I won't be gone, Wyatt. I'll still be Christopher Perry Halliwell, only happier. If you know anything about me, then you know my life has been full of pain and misery. I'd love to be able to forget all of that. Please, Wyatt? I just want to be happy…"

"And you will be." He bent down and dusted his sleeping mother and brother with the memory dust. He then walked over and blew up the potions cabinet again to get access to the portal that Chris had carved. He grinned mischievously, "Mom's gonna' love that one. You should have seen the look on her face the first time I blew it up."

"You're stalling Wy. Can I call you that?"

"Of course. But when you get there, it will be second nature to you." Wyatt recited the spell again and waited for the tell tale blue glow of the portal that would take them to the future. He took a deep breath and hugged his brother one last time. "You ready?"

Chris smiled confidently, "Looking forward to it." Without waiting for his brother's answer, if any, he walked briskly into the portal.

Wyatt hung back a moment as he watched the retreating form, knowing that he wouldn't hear him. "Goodbye Chris." He mumbled to himself before taking the final step into the portal himself.


Piper paced back and forth awaiting the safe return of her sons. The spell they had cast just before Wyatt left prevented them from being affected by any change he made in the past, but it also gave them the ability to remember what happened so they could send the boys two days into the future. In effect, they had frozen time to allow for their return.

She kept throwing nervous glances to her youngest son, still trapped within the crystal cage. Her attitude sparked his own nervousness, and he asked her worriedly. "What's going to happen once they get here? Do we have to do something? How will I know when—" he stopped abruptly, predicting the portal's activation minutes before it whirred to life.

Piper waved her hand in front of her son's face as he stared at the portal in a daze, "Leo, what's happening."

He watched in amazement as his youngest son stepped out of the portal from the past. Almost in slow motion, his body became translucent until it faded and transformed into a swirl of yellow and white orbs lights. They floated over to Christopher, who sat waiting patiently for the new soul, unaware of anything in the room except for a silent call that only he seemed to be able to hear.

"We're actually seeing the time shift. They're merging together as one soul as they were always meant to. It's just happening slow enough for us to see it. This would have happened instantaneously if we hadn't done the spell."

Everyone was so focussed on the transformation, that no one noticed as Wyatt strolled through the portal a few seconds after the merge was complete, though Chris still seemed out of it. He looked around in confusion before asking his family, "Why are you guys all here? And what's wrong with Chris?"

"What do you mean, 'what's wrong with me? What's wrong with you? I mean, you're the one standing here with your mouth hanging open."

"Yeah, but a second ago—you were catatonic."

Chris waved his hand dismissively, "Please. I was just fine. Maybe you could use your healing abilities to fix your eyesight."

"There's nothing wrong with my vision. Would somebody please teel him that I'm not crazy?" he looked around expectantly.

Piper glanced at the destroyed potions cabinet and eyed the rest of her family with a warning before they could answer. She was still annoyed over his careless and willful destruction of her things, so she decided to let him stew for a bit and remained silent.

At the lack of response his famly gave except for the slight smirks, he rolled his eyes petulantly. "Traitors."

His younger brother just laughed and headed for the door. "Whatever. I've got a paper to finish, so I'll see you guys later."

Since she was closest, Paige grabbed his arm to prevent him from leaving, "Not so fast, buddy. The two of you are going on a little trip."

Chris protested, "Aunt Paige, I don't have time to go demon vanquishing right now—whoa—for some reason, that sounded incredibly odd to me."

Paige glanced at her sisters with one eyebrow raised as they all nodded in silent agreement. They suspected that it was the subconscious influence of the other Chris that gave him that feeling, especially since their neurotic-whitelighter-turned-son/nephew, always made time for vanquishings.

He pointed to the hallway as he tried to pry her fingers from his bicep. "I have an economics paper due, and if I don't get it done, Professor Wilson is going to fail me."

Piper stepped in to calm his growing agitation. "Calm down, Chris. You're professor is never going to know the difference, and right now, you have something more important to do."

His mouth flung open in disbelief. He couldn't believe his mother of all people would say something like that. Piper Halliwell, the queen of wanting her family to have a normal life and not letting wiccan duties interfere with that normalcy—wanted him to blow off his normal responsibilities.

Piper glared at her youngest son sternly. "Christopher. I am your mother. Have I ever steered you wrong?"


"Then trust me. You and Wyatt have to go exactly two days into the future where you belong, and everything will be fine."

"We belong here."

Leo walked over to his oldest son, "No, Wyatt, you don't. YOU came to us from exactly two days into the future to come back and prevent your brother's death."

"WHAT!" they both cried out.

Leo tried to set them at ease. "Don't worry, you succeeded Wyatt. Your brother is safe. The only thing you have left to do now is go back to the future where you came from."

Wyatt still seemed unconvinced, "Well, why would Chris have to go?"

Phoebe answered, "Well, from what we understand, before you went even further back to the past—two days from now is when the first Chris originally made the first time travel backwards to stop you and your fiance from getting killed. You mentioned something about calling him Bob or something?"

Wyatt looked at his brother and they backed away from their parents slowly. "Okkkk," he drawled out. "Either a spell or potion went wrong, or they've finally just jumped off the deep end."

Piper swatted him playfully, "There is absolutely nothing wrong with us. In fact, it's both of YOUR memories that have been affected. Yours because you actually time travelled, and his because his counterpart did and merged with him."

Wyatt's eyes grew wide with satisfaction. "Ah ha! I knew something was going on that you weren't telling."

His mother handed him the other half of a torn piece of paper that had his handwriting on it. "It's all right here in the note you left for us with the spell to allow us to remember."

Chris snatched the note out of his brother's hand and read it himself. He looked ashen as he stared into his mother's eyes. "Then this is all really true?"

"Yes, baby."

"Then what do we do now?" he asked in a small voice.

Piper took her youngest son's face in her hands and brought him down to her level to kiss his forehead gently. "You go home…"

Moments later, Chris and Wyatt looked back hesitantly as they prepared to step through the portal into their new lives, leaving their family as they were, behind forever.

Through silent tears, the Elder said goodbye to his sons for the last time. There lives would all change the second the portal closed, and there was no need to remember any of this life's events. He wrapped his arms around his wife tightly and she leaned back into his embrace. She raised her hand, releasing the torn paper that held their past, and it floated out of the window and out of their lives…


Wyatt and Chris tumbled out of a portal in the attic, only to face their immediate and very upset family members.

Piper stalked over angrily to the two, grabbing her oldest son's arm to pull him up from the ground where he landed. "Where the hell have you two been? Kyra is downstairs crying her eyes out! She thought—we ALL thought—you got cold feet! Couldn't you have at least told her you didn't want to get married instead of dragging your brother off to who knows where just before the wedding!"

Wyatt looked around at the mixture of angry and dissappointed faces of his family before addressing his mother. "I don't have cold feet, mom. I love Kyra. There was just something I had to do."

Melinda, Phoebe's daughter defended her best friend and shoved her oldest cousin. "Like what, Mr? What could possibly be so important that you had to run off the morning of your own wedding—without telling anyone, especially your soon to be wife?"

Wyatt stood there dumbfounded and at a loss for words. He knew deep down that he had a good reason for his actions, but for the life of him, he couldn't remember what it was as the new timeline took effect. He turned to his brother for help, who shrugged with a look that said that the younger witch was just a clueless as he.

He began to panic as he realized that he didn't have a good explanation for disappearing and falling out of the attic wall. If he couldn't explain it to his family, how was he going to explain it to Kyra?

In the blink of an eye, a figure appeared to answer his question.

Piper was ready to blow up the intruder, "This is so not the day to mess with my family. If you would like to get vanquished at a later date, come back tomorrow and we'll pencil you in."

The figure laughed with genuine fondness. "Oh, Piper, you'll never change. Actually, I'm just here to help you—or rather, your sons." He snapped his finger and two figures appeared. One in a sagging heap on the floor surrounded by flowing white lace and chiffon; the other in jeans and a t-shirt sporting a look of utter confusion.

The strange figure spoke bluntly, "My name is Clarence, and I'm the Angel of Death. Formerly only for special cases, but circumstances have changed and now I take care of quite a few cases until a replacement can be found. Don't be alarmed--I'm not here for any of you. I only want to tell you that your sons, both of them—did a brave and noble thing. You should be proud of them."

Receiving confused looks from everyone in the room, he walked over to the young woman sprawled on the floor in her wedding dress, and wiped away the black mascara dripping down her cheeks. He held her hand and helped her up as he spoke in a gentle fatherly voice, "Kyra? Your fiancé and his brother did a little time traveling recently to set a few things right. They don't remember why or how, but I do. Don't worry, it's supposed to be that way. And I can tell you that their mission was of the utmost importance—the world depended on it. I can't tell you anymore than that, only that I know this young man loves you, and he didn't abandon you. He's loved you in more than just this lifetime," he added cryptically.

Through her sobs, the young woman allowed the angel to lead her over to her fiancé and place her hand into his. Never taking her eyes of off the blonde witch, she watched in amazement as the love and passion shone in his bright blue eyes. 'How could she have doubted him', she thought as his lips met hers.

Phoebe giggled gleefully, "I think the wedding's on again." She rushed over and pulled the two apart, grabbing the woman's hand as they exited the attic, her daughter trailing behind them excitedly. "Come on, we've got to find you a new dress. It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding."

Clarence turned to the tall figure in the t-shirt. "And you—you wanted out? You got it. Go and retire. But I hope you manage to do a whole lot of good in the time you have, else I'll be coming for you and you won't like where you end up. I'd be very careful out there if I were you, because you get no second chances. And no, before you ask—you don't get to remember your former life as an Angel of Death, Julius. I'm making you human." Clarence snapped his fingers again, transforming the all-knowing former angel into a confused bystander before he disappeared from their sight.

Leo stared at the spot the man was just standing and babbled, "He was an Angel of Death? What did he do wrong? I didn't even know it was possible to reverse the process and make them human. Where will he go now? What will he do?"

"Yes, it's possible. Something he never bothered to ask. Instead, he decided to cause trouble for us and your family. But he won't be bothering you again, given that he doesn't have a clue who he was. I sent him to off work in a homeless shelter with a new identity. Trust me, he has a lot of hours of community service to atone for his actions."

Moments later, they all heard screeching tires outside in what sounded like an accident. "Someone call an ambulance!" Someone shouted from the street. "He won't be needing one," another disembodied voice commented amidst the crowd of gathering people. The Halliwells' rushed to the window to glimpse the drama.

Clarence shook his head in annoyance as the new name appeared on his list. It read simply, Julius. "I told him to be careful."

Chris shrugged and didn't feel bothered by his lack of sympathy for the former Angel of Death. Whatever the Angel had done, he had a sneaking suspicion that it must have been bad. He questioned the older Angel curiously, "You're not going to tell us what any of that was about, are you? Not even a hint at what Wyatt and I were doing?"

Clarence put his arm on Chris' shoulder, "No, son. It's best if you don't know. You know, I remember hearing something one of you said recently in your time travel exploits, the phrase I believe was, 'He did it for me'. But I don't think that was right. The two of you did a good thing…for the world. But mostly, you did it for each other. You two make a good team. Look after each other."

The two brothers shared a grin with each other before he turned and waived goodbye.

Clarence added one final note before disappearing to collect the soul that lay in the street below them, "Good luck you two. You have a destiny to fulfill. And this is only the beginning."

The Halliwell brothers turned and shared a look of confusion, along with two sets of raised eyebrows at the Angel's cryptic farewell.

Paige frowned with her hand on her hip, "That was one strange dude."

Wyatt sighed, "You can say that again."

Grinning mischievously, Paige started before Piper cut her off "That was one—"

"Paige? Don't start. I'm annoyed enough as it is, and now we've got to scramble to get everything else ready in time for the guests." Piper fussed as she hurried out of the room. When she was frazzled, no one was immune to her short temper. As an afterthought, she called out to her husband from the bottom of the stairs, "Leo, do something useful and go get your son's ready, please?"

Leo chuckled as he orbed his sons away, the tense frustration of their earlier departure, as well as the Angel's parting message were all quickly forgotten in the hustle and bustle of preparing for the afternoon's nuptials.

The END.

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