So I promised I would be revising this story. Here is the new Prologue. I will also be uploading the 1st official new chapter as well. I plan to try and do 2 chapters a day of revising and when those are done I will upload new chapters. Thank you for reading ^_^ I hope you all don't hate the changes!


Numb. Just numb. That is how the blonde haired woman felt as she sat on the bank of the River Thames, a breeze rustling her hair. Her burgandy gaze stared at the twinkle of lights on the opposite bank. Nothing. She felt nothing.

Seras felt as if the floor she had been standing on had disappeared from beneath her feet. Loneliness pervaded her thoughts briefly and she felt the numbness that had been encasing her for the past several days leave her foggy brain. She had to stop feeling sorry for herself and grow up.

"I'm alone now. I can't pretend that nothing has happened..." she whispered softly to herself.

Her mind drifted back to what had happened just four nights ago. She had left Hellsing. The thought still left her shocked and unsure. Her Master... No, Alucard had freed her. Had given her his blood without any explanation.

"Why?" she closed her eyes and tried to think of the answers to that question. She had an idea of why he had done it, though she could not be sure without confronting him again. However she knew he would never answer her.

Opening her eyes Seras surveyed her surroundings. Her mind stretched out and felt the lives of the humans beings around her. Their lives were just a brief moment in time compared to her new existence. While they would wilt and die, she would continue on...

Her powers had clearly grown in the nights since her freedom was granted. She almost felt uncomfortable in her skin, as if she needed to get to know herself all over again. Who she had been seemed like a stranger, someone she did not know. She yearned to explore her new strengths and powers. She wanted to show the world she was no longer the weak, compliant Seras.

Resolve settled in the pit of Seras' stomach. Her eyes hardened as she stared up at the barely visible stars. She would make the Hellsing organization regret what they had done to her. She would not be a pushover anymore; the kitten would grow claws and show them she was no longer a weakling.

As her new found resolve settled itself into her being, she pushed her feelings of pain and hurt from her heart. She would bury her heart so deep no one would ever be able to hurt it again. Not Hellsing. Not Sir Integra. Not Alucard.

Seras stood from her seat and brushed the dirt from her pants. She wanted respect and dignity... But most of all she wanted revenge against the ones who thought they could walk all over a weakling like her. She would show Alucard and Integra she was a vampire to be reckoned with. She would become a No Life Queen.

So there's the new prologue, it's a bit more mysterious than the original. So hopefully everyone will like it! I do know there are a few changes from the original story, so until everything has been revised please have patience with me. Thanks ^_^

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