Okay! So I am alive and I am so INCREDIBLY sorry to all of my readers. I never knew how... Unfortunate life could get until it happened to me. I also haven't looked at any of my stories in a few years. I feel so bad that I let all of you down. So my official (late) New Year's resolution is to finish this story. Before I start writing the next chapter and going back and editing all of my previous ones I wanted to respond to all of the reviews this story has gotten. Also please read the very end 3

Starting with the most recent:

Akida-sen: Thank you so much for taking the time to criticize this fic and in case you didn't realize, I read your review ;-). You are actually one of the main reasons I've decided to take it back up again lol. In response to your review, yes I made some mistakes with the story, I started it 7 years ago, when I was 14 years old lol. Very few children of that age are 100% perfect and producing amazing works of literature. As to how I take 'criticism', well to each there own. I've stated this in the past, people who flame stories highly amuse me because they complain and complain, even saying they won't continue reading. That's nice, good for them. To make such a big deal out of stories they have no control over is rather amusing to me. Which is why I don't get mad at people who leaving me flaming reviews very often. But anyways, I do want to thank you for reminding me about this fic and I hope to go back and 'improve' upon it.

Nut: I am! I'm so sorry it has taken me so long :-(

KITTEN: I am alive! Lol. The sparkly eyes worked ;-) Yes, this story is about Alucard and Seras.

Mystookami: LOL I love you. You summed it up exactly. People do need to realize that fanfiction is the work of the author. Authors are not sitting around making up stories for specific readers and following that person's guidelines. Thank you so much ^_^

Eilonwy71: Thank you lol, I will do my best ^_^

Midnightweasel: Will do ^_^

: LOL that has to be the most interesting analogy I've ever gotten for a story. Thank you so much. It might take me a while to get back into the swing of this story but I will do my best.

329329: I'm going to start working on it tomorrow! :-)

WhisperedMoonlight: Lol, it will come soon!

Your Average Sardonist: Thank you ^_^ Looking back, she was a bit too soft in that chapter. It's hard to find a proper balance, but I'm going to go back and edit the previous chapters, so hopefully I can make everything flow a bit better.

C.W. Smith: I'm back, it's been a long time, but I'm back!

Comic lover: It's coming, I promise.

Mel: I am going to continue, my muse just took a very long leave of absence ;-)

Annoying person: I see what you're saying about the emotional part. I made her a bit too emotional there, however I felt she needed to express some sort of emotion. The event of 3 years ago has been driving her forward, so in all honesty, an event like that, which drives a person, would be rather emotional in and of itself. I will try to revise and do better in the next chapters.

Crunch Berry Baroness: Lol, I'll see if I can serve a few heads up ;-)

AlUcArD's TaInTeD aNgEl: Thank you ^_^

Nimblnymph: Lol, thank you for your opinion. I do know the difference between flames and constructive criticism. I find flames to be rather amusing and criticism rather helpful. However there comes a point where criticism can morph into a semi-flame, i.e. When people offer suggestions or ideas, but then become... Somewhat bitter and their review ends up leaving a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth. I do plan on working on the plot, I started this story when I was 14, 7 years later I think I'm a bit better at writing and organizing my thoughts. Although I do appreciate your words of advice, I do not see myself as, I quote: "spitting in Hirano's face, flicking him off and saying you can write HIS characters so much better." I have never said I write his characters better. To imply such would be rather rude, which you've done. I enjoy the characters, especially in the anime. However, that does NOT mean that I can't take them and re-shape them to suite my purposes. Fanfiction is written by fans. I don't expect every reader to agree with my portrayal of the characters. They aren't completely canon and are rather OOC, but hey, that's what makes this a work of fanfiction. I could probably give you a list 100 pages long of fanfics, both good and bad which are non-canon and completely OOC. As for my characters, my goal was to show the current, different version, and then show what caused them to change or become that way, flashbacks do wonders. But, I'm not saying my writing is perfect. It's anything but perfect. However it is a work of fiction and that makes it my own. And no, I don't see this as a flame, those the part about me "spitting in Hirano's face, flicking him off and saying you can write HIS characters so much better" kind of lists itself under the Flame category, the rest of your review seems to be rather constructive, even if I don't agree with some parts of it.

GryphonWonder14: this review was interesting. I was a teenager when I wrote this lol But yes I still think the people who needlessly rant and rave in a stories reviews should really find a better use of their time. I don't like people who blindly worship me and I do try to respect people for their opinions, but sometimes people act silly.

Nagini the Moon Goddess: Thank you, I do appreciate it when people re-read stories, I find myself doing that constantly lol. I am going to work hard to finish this!

Lady mear: Thank you ^_^

Ondjage: I will, I promise!

Sayahiei: LOL, I do have a brain and I'm not afraid to use it ;-)

Alucardgal: good grief, the past 5 years have been... Hectic. I've actually spent about 2 1/2 years outside of the country during the past 5 years lol.

FlameFire: Awwww, I really appreciate it when people realize that this is fanfiction and it is the work of the author, not just readers who think they know how the story SHOULD go. I do try and please readers, but the way they want the story to be written is not always how I would like it to be, so unfortunately people will always disagree lol.

Jmai: Lol, you're not a hater and I understand your review. I wrote this when I was 14-16, and having gone back and read it I was like "good grief, was this me?" lol

Harpyquin: Lol, I love getting reviews with people saying they have brains, it makes me smile :-)

Staysee: Thank you :-)

CaliginousFluff: I'm sorry it has been so long! -sad face-

Light of Heaven: ROFL thank you :-D

Meg-chan: Thank you ^_^

Super-Ultra-Hyper-Chibi Ed: Lol thank you

Autumn's Fire: I really do appreciate it when reviewers seem to understand me. Thank you ^_^

I also like to make an updated list of haters, lovers, and in-betweeners. It amuses my inner muse ;-) I also apologize if I missed anyone, because I'm sure I did. If you're a hater and REALLY want to be added to the list then drop a flame :-P hehehe

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Thank you all so much for every single review I've gotten. I truly do appreciate them all, yes, even the bad ones ;-) That is why I chose to offer a page to the reviewers. It's you guys that have made me want to finish this and revise it. Thank you all so much. And a special shout out to Atikkin (a favorite author of mine) and Megs (my knight in shining armor ;-) j/k) and to everyone else with 'a brain' ^_^ I will start revising and updating tomorrow!

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