A/N—Yes, this is a Spiderman/Smallville crossover. The Spiderman I'm using is from the movies, though I may draw from the comics or cartoons if the movies run out of depth. Anyway, please read and review! Hope you like it.


Who am I?

If someone told you that I was just your average guy, not a care in the world, someone lied.

I used to be a naïve boy, my only problems coming in the shape of a beautiful girl.

In one single moment, all of that changed…and I learned that with great power, there comes great responsibility.

Who am I?

I'm Spiderman.

Chapter 1

New York City definitely isn't among the most hospitable places in the nation; in fact, it's proven to be quite apathetic. New Yorkers are trained to keep their heads down and to avoid eye contact. After all, things aren't your problem if you pretend you don't see it. Amazing logic. I'm afraid things don't always work out that way, which I discovered the hard way for myself.

You see, my Uncle Ben was a good—no, he was a great person, kind, loving, a father to an ungrateful child who couldn't even find the righteousness in his heart to stop a thief. In fact, he helped the thief escape, which led to the thief shooting his uncle and ultimately killing him. In case you haven't noticed, that ungrateful child was me, Peter Parker. My last words to him went somewhere along the lines of, "You're not my father, so bug off." Of course, that's only if you don't count the mumbled apologies through tears while my Uncle Ben's life bled away.

I sighed as I entered Mr. Jamison's office.

"PARKER! What've you got for me today?" Man, can the guy's voice get any gruffer?

"I took these photos of Spiderman saving a small grocery store from robbers," I said, throwing down a folder containing six pictures.

"Saving? Parker, Spiderman's clearly taking some of the dough for himself." Charming, gruff, cynical voice again.

"No, you don't understand, I saw him stop the thieves and leave." I knew this would just be another futile argument.

"Before the cops came I presume. Parker, Spiderman's a MENACE. Wait, why am I justifying myself to you? I'll give you two hundred. Now get out." Resignedly, I got up and left.

"Mr. Jamison, your wife's on the phone," said a secretary through the doorway as I left.

"Tell her I'm out to lunch." I sighed. This is my life—saving the lives of innocents every night only to be slandered by a grouchy man that lived a grouchy life. Well, as Jamison put it, since it's in print it's actually libel.


Clark Kent sat anxiously in his hotel room, eager for the next day. The knock on his door beckoned him to open it.

"Thanks for coming Clark," a bald, handsome man said from the other side. "It really means a lot to me."

"No problem Lex. I mean, who wouldn't want to go to the World Unity Fair?"

"You'd be surprised, Clark. You know, my father once told me that diversity was the key to the future."

"Really?" Clark asked, surprised.

"Well, he meant it in the sense that there were people that were easier to exploit."

"Sounds like something your father would say."

"As you can see, I'm trying to make a genuine effort to appreciate other cultures. Listen, if you need anything just pick up the phone. Everything's covered by Luthor Corp."


"No problem. Get a good night's sleep, Clark. Tomorrow's a big day."

The Next Day

'Good morning New York.' I stretched out my arms as I lazily awoke from my deep sleep. 'Oh man, I'm going to be late to the World Unity Fair.' I jumped up and made sure my Spidey suit was under my normal clothing. Seeing that it was, I grabbed my camera and set off to the World Unity Fair.

Wow, the fair was crowded even for New York City. I whipped out my camera and aimed around, taking random snapshots of the visitors. As I sought to take another snapshot, the newspaper photo and headline caught my eye. 'Big Apple Fears Spider Bite!' I sighed. Jamison's work obviously. Resignedly, I lowered my camera and looked up at the floats and the scenery, only to be met by another surprising scene. My best friend, Harry Osborne, was with my lifelong crush, Mary Jane Watson on a balcony that was clearly reserved for VIP's. My eyes met Harry's for a split second before he broke off the contact and walked out of my view, taking MJ with him.

Gasps of bewilderment echoed around me. Looking up, I saw what all the fuss was about. There seemed to be a man flying on some kind of glider at a somewhat astonishing speed.

'The wonders of modern science and technology.' That's when my own astonishment was interrupted when my spider sense went haywire.


"Mr. Luthor, it's a pleasure to finally be able to meet you. I'm so sorry my father couldn't make it."

"No problem at all…Harry, is it?"

"Harry Osborne."

"Well, I can always speak to your father later. Let's just enjoy ourselves today. By the way, this is my friend Clark Kent." Harry politely shook Clark's hand before turning back to Lex. "And who's the beautiful young lady you have with you?"

"Mary Jane Watson. Nice to meet you, Mr. Luthor," the redhead said, offering a hand which Lex gladly took. The sound of demonic laughter took everyone by surprise.

"OUT, AM I? HAHAHAHA!" A small device was thrown in between Oscorp's board members near the balcony. In a flash, they were nothing more than ashes.

"What the Hell?" yelled out Harry, before the Green Goblin threw a pumpkin at the balcony. Harry and Lex were instantly knocked unconscious as the floor beneath Mary Jane started to collapse.

"HELP!" Clark, unaffected by the explosion, ran and helped Mary Jane up.

"Are you okay?"

"Yea—Harry!" She quickly ran over to his side to check up on him as Clark followed her. Seeing that they were both just minorly hurt, Clark turned around to see a man in a red and blue costume fighting the monstrosity that had thrown the pumpkin bomb. Spiderman wasn't winning either, as the Green Goblin rammed his head into the solid brick wall. Focusing his eyes, Clark launched a blast of heat at the glider the goblin was riding on, causing it to smoke. The goblin, seeing his glider starting to malfunction, threw Spiderman straight down as he flew away.

"WE'LL MEET AGAIN, SPIDERMAN!" Clark Kent, on the verge of super-speeding to save the costumed hero, was stopped in his tracks when he saw Spiderman shoot out some webs from his wrists, saving himself from the fall.

'And I thought New York would be a nice break from Smallville.'