A/N: Merry Christmas everyone!

Alfred was busy getting things ready, though the place was immaculant as always. Kelly, and her sister Jennifer were waiting in the sitting room. Though Alfred had tried to get them to wait to visit another day. Still they waited.

Dick had been away for three weeks, and was coming home today after recovering from his surgery. Bruce had dropped everything and stayed with him, in Switzerland. They were due any moment. The Christmas tree still stood, where it had, and the presents still under it, waiting for the family. Jennifer sat there, looking at Kelly, hoping she wouldn't mess it up for them both.

The front door opened and Alfred went to take Bruce and Dick's coats. Dick was wearing dark glasses, as the glare hurt his sensative eyes. Alfred had turned down all the lights in the house, and pulled the curtains for his comfort.

"Welcome back master Dick. It is good to have you back. I have fixed your favorites for dinner tonight." Dick smiled at the older man, and looked around.

"It is good to be back Alfred, and seeing you."

"You have company, Miss Jennifer and her sister, Miss Kelly are in the study." Bruce's eyes narrowed and he dropped his smile.

"Did you tell them, that they should visit another time?"

"Yes, sir I did. But they wouldn't leave. Insisted on seeing the two of you." Bruce put his hand on Dick's shoulder.

"Dick go into the kitchen and get something to eat, I will be there in a moment. I will take care of this." Dick followed Alred as Bruce went into the other room. Bruce walked in, and looked at the two girls.

"It was nice of you to drop by, and I am sure at another time Dick would be pleased for company. But he is tired, and needs to rest some after his long trip. I am sure you understand." He looked at Kelly. "I am sure Dick will call you later, Kelly." He smiled at the younger girl. He looked up coldly at Jennifer, she got his message, and edged her sister towards the hall.

"Sure, Bruce. If there is anything I can do."

"There is nothing you can do Jennifer. We are fine." He watched them leave. But his sharp ears caught words coming from the hall. He listened, and became angry as he listened.

"Kelly, don't mess this up. You get Dick alone, and you sleep with him and get pregnant, then we will have all we want. Bruce will make him marry you, to keep down scandel."

"But Jennifer, I like Dick a lot. I don't want to do that. You are mean."

"I am thinking of your future, a brat like Dick can end up with everything, so can we." Bruce walked out, his face furious, and Jennifer knew that he had overheard her.

"Bruce, it's not like what you think." He stroll over to her, and Kelly stepped back, afraid of the towering man, who glared at her sister.

"It is.You would use innocent children for your own ends. You would use my son. I shall pull your vipers teeth. From this day forward, you will find no doors open to you, none. No jobs, no home, and only the lowliest jobs will you get. You deserve nothing better, than to scrub floors on your knees."

"But Bruce, you can't do that. That wouldn't be good for your image. I will tell everyone you do this, because I turned you down. I hate you Bruce Wayne. Think you are too good for me."

"Tell what you like, I don't care. But you say anything about Dick, and you shall see me again." Jennifer felt the fear rise up in her, and envelope her like a coat. She hurried out the door, into the cold, with Kelly following.

Bruce stood there, trying to dampen his anger, when Dick came down the hall. Dick could feel the tension." Dad?" Bruce smiled at him, and motioned down the hall.

"Come on, I am hungry too." They turned and went down the hall. Dick knew that something had gone wrong he just didn't know what. ""When we are done with that, you have presents to unwrap you know." Dick smiled up at his dad.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and Bruce turned and answered it, a scowl on his handsome face. It lightened when he saw who the visitor was. "Come in, what brings you this way?" Dick looked around Bruce and smiled as he saw Superman standing there.

"Clark, good to see you." Clark came over to Dick, and looked at his eyes, and then smiled.

"Glad you can see me. I brought you a present. He handed Dick a box, as Dick looked at Bruce for permission to open it. Bruce smiled and nodded, and the two men followed Dick into the main room, and Dick sat down and began to unwrap his present, throwing wrapping paper everywhere.

"Good of you to stop by, Clark."

"Well you know, couldn't miss Dick's homecoming. I had to see for myself he was alright." The two watched Dick, as unwrapped his presents, and took the cups of hot cider that Alfred brought in to them.

"Merry Christmas." Said Clark. "Even if it's a little late."

"The best yet, I got what I wanted. I got a son, and Dick got his eyesight back."

"I wish I had a son." Said Clark.

"Maybe one day you will have. But I have deebs on this one."