The Race for Harry Potter

Chapter One: Meeting the Ladies

I'm not like them

But I can pretend

The sun is gone

But I have a light

The day is done

But I'm having fun

I think I'm dumb

or maybe just happy…

-Nirvana, Dumb

It's like being awake by thunder in the night and that hot fear shoots through you, and you can't remember where you are.

Someone is lying next to you breathing heavily, with an arm draped over you.

Skin the sun

Fall asleep

Wish away

The soul is cheap

Lesson learned

Wish me luck

Soothe the burn

Wake me up…

Hermione sat up in bed and put her face in her hands. She cried as lightening pierced the skies. A man lay next to her breathing loudly. She tapped his shoulder and he didn't move. She couldn't remember what she had done the previous night, but as she stood from the four poster bed, she realized she was in a Ravenclaw dorm.

She pulled on her clothes, not wanting to wake his roommates. However, one boy was coming from the loo and was in his pajama shorts. He scratched his head, yawning at her. He smiled and nodded.

"What are you doing here Granger? Shagging one of my boys, eh?" the boy asked. Hermione shook her head and grabbed her shoes and left the dorm. She climbed the steps down and left the common room.

Hermione sat at the Gryffindor table with Ginny, Lavender and Parvati. Her three girls. Harry and Ron sat a couple of seats down, not wanting to disturb their morning girl-talk.

"So, Hermione how was Brad?" Lavender asked mischievously. Hermione looked surprise.

"His name is Brad? Is he new here?" Hermione asked confused.

"Holy shit Hermione…you didn't get a name or a background check? So unlike you…" Ginny exclaimed. It was Hermione's seventh and last year at Hogwarts. She, Ginny, Lav, and Parvati had come together to create a clique of beautiful smart students who knew their classmates a little bit more than others.

"I don't know what came over me," she replied.

"How was he? How was he…with his equipment?" Lavender asked. Parvati blushed as she heard this.

"Oh my God…Lav! How rude. Maybe Hermione's in love, you know, love at first sight," Parvati said. Hermione gave her a painful look.

"Jesus Parvati…" Hermione drawled.

"Well, I shagged him. He's a student from America. Came five times that night I did! He's excellent…" Ginny said giggling.

"Oh God…you get around don't you Ginny?" Lavender asked shaking her head.

"Well, what can I say? I'm a magnet!"

"Yeah, but it's only been three weeks since school started and you've already shagged all of the seventh year boys," Lavender muttered annoyed by Ginny.

"Are you ladies done?" Harry Potter was addressing them from down the table. Harry had turned into a handsome man. His hair was longer and even messier. His black glasses slid down his nose as he talked, and he had the whole geeky-yet-sex-god thing going on.

He stared hard at Hermione, who was secretly his favorite girl out of the clique. None of them had slept with him…yet.

Ron smiled slowly as he saw Parvati blush at him.

"Well Harry, why don't you come here and find out?" Ginny said with innocence, but they all knew what she truly meant. Ginny was the loose one in the group. She wasn't afraid to try new things, and she had screwed every guy in the school except her brother and Harry.

"You're welcome to come sit next to us Harry, we don't have a 'do not disturb' sign tattooed into our foreheads," Hermione said laughing. Harry shrugged.

"Okay, I might try that…but at lunch." He turned his attention back to his plate.

Seamus came bouncing their way. He had grown tall and stunningly beautiful. He was a model for some of the top name brand wizarding cloth lines, and he was very active in the school community—as in with girls. His sandy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes were easy to fall for. But most of all, he was known for his perfect V-shape torso and sexy legs.

"Hey Ginny, my darling, I've been thinking about you," Seamus said. His face had a dash of orange and tan like freckles across his nose and cheeks, making him look like an innocent boy next door. Seamus was recently shagging Ginny, but was unaware of her sexual activities at the school. Ginny turned her face up to kiss his bottom lip.

"Oh baby…" Seamus said deeply. He walked away from her and her bright facial expression fell to an annoyed look.

"I'm so breaking up with him. He's full of himself, and he causes too much drama in my life. I'm looking for no strings attached! Not Emotional-based-sex. I mean, he's a great shag, and blimey, every time we do it my head hits the headboard like mad! But he has to get rid of the emotional attachment!" Ginny said, her face turning red. Hermione dropped her fork in frustration and gave Ginny a disbelief look.

"Ginny, for once will you open up? Maybe Seamus isn't like the others. Maybe…" Hermione started.

"Maybe he's The One." Parvati finished for her.

"Oh please, you both are sounding like each other, and that's really weird…" Lavender said staring at her fingernails. "Blue…" she whispered, and her nails turned blue. "No…green," her nails changed again.

"No Lav, Red…" Parvati said, and Lavenders fingernails turned red.

"That's better, thanks Parvati," She said, admiring her nails.

"Oh, guys shut up; I don't want him in that way! He's easy and completely hot," Ginny said, licking her bottom lip. Ginny, Parvati and Lavenders eyes worked hard on someone from across the room, and Hermione turned to stare at what was drawing her friend's attentions. Ginny let out a low whistle.

"Look at him…Brad. The Leader of All Men," Ginny said blushing furiously. Brad waved in their direction.

"He's waving at you Hermione!" Parvati whispered eagerly. They watched as Brad made his way towards Hermione, his face glowing.

"Hey Hermione, I'm glad to see you again. I'm sorry about last night, I went to sleep too fast," Brad said, he swooped down to give her a kiss on the lips.

"It's okay, I had…fun, I think," Hermione said, giving him an uneasy smile. Ginny sighed impatiently.

"You were amazing last night. Thanks for the treat," Brad said, pulling at his school tie to show her a violent purple mark.

"Oh God! That looks painful…" Hermione exclaimed but Brad chuckled.

"Painfully sweet," Brad replied, his eyes twinkled.

"Well, I'll see you later," Hermione said, turning around in her seat so she can finish eating. Brad walked away to the Ravenclaw table.

"Hermione, damn it, stop acting like you can't remember last night. Even if you don't, never let a man know! It's a sign of whorish-ness! We might sleep around a lot, but we are not drunkards or overwhelmed sluts! So don't ever have people think you are!" Ginny said. She tossed down her Daily Prophet and stood.

"I'm sorry Ginny, I didn't know you cared so much," Hermione said, irritated.

"Well, I'm leaving, I need to find Neville…he owes me a favor." Ginny grabbed her backpack and left the Great Hall in a rush. Her long red hair spilled down the back of her dark school robes. Hermione stood to dust crumbs from her short school skirt that came to her mid thigh. Her sweater was smaller than usual, showing off her chest and her button down white shirt was unbuttoned all the way down to the tip of the V-neck sweater. She had her robe sitting next to her and she picked it up and put it on, the bottom billowed after her as she left the Great Hall.

Although Hermione had changed in a way that was stunningly wicked, she was still the smartest witch the wizard world has ever seen, and she was still her teacher's favorite. She entered the dungeons; a cold drift followed her as she checked her watch. She was twenty minutes early for class. But she knew why she was there early.

"Granger…" Draco Malfoy stood against the locked Potions class door. His silver blonde hair was not slicked back like he had worn it as a child. He was a man with needs now. He was no longer fearful of the girl that had punched him squarely in the face four years ago.

"Malfoy." She nodded at him in recognition. He moved towards her quickly, pinning her to the wall.

"I thought you didn't want to screw a mudblood," she whispered in his ear.

"I can't stop thinking about you…Ever since last week, I haven't been able to get you out of my mind, I need you again." He whined, kissing her fully on the lips. He lifted one of her legs and hooked it around his waist. He stroked her leg eagerly. Hermione cooed.

"That's very sweet, but I'm not up for the whole emotional thing with you. If you want to screw, we can, but it'll only be the sex and nothing more," Hermione warned.

"Yes, fine, I'm fine with it."

Hermione pulled him into a darkened corner in the dungeons, and engulfed herself in Malfoy's world.

"Take out your scrolls on the Silence Potion and leave it on your desk, I am coming around to collect it," Professor Snape said, he moved about his desk, searching for his wand.

"Hermione, did you do your homework?" Ron nudged her in her side to get her attention. She placed three scrolls on her desk and folded her hands proudly on her desk.

"Yes, Ron, I did," Hermione said.

"Damn, am I the only person who didn't do the homework? Even Harry did it," Ron said. Hermione looked pass Ron to see Harry pulling out two scrolls.

"Harry! I'm so proud of you!" she exclaimed. He gave her a cheerful smile.

"Herms, if you hadn't pushed me into doing it, I wouldn't have," Harry said blushing. Hermione batted her eyelashes but couldn't help but notice that Malfoy was staring at her. As Professor Snape neared her table, she accidentally pushed her quill off the desk and leaned forward to retrieve it, giving Professor Snape and everyone at Malfoy's table a full view of her chest. Snape froze to watch as she struggled to retrieve her quill and Malfoy looked like he was about to explode.

"Miss. Granger…your…your…scrolls please," Snape stuttered.

"Oh, sorry Professor, I dropped my quill and well…"

"Yes, I can see that, carry on…" Snape said. He stopped to think about what he said and paled, snatching up her scrolls. Malfoy mouthed at her: "Let's shag".

"Hey! Screw you Malfoy!" Ron bellowed from across the room. The class turned their attention to Ron's reddening face. Hermione tried to hide her grin but with difficulty. Instead of looking like the traitor she was, she threw her arms around Ron and gave him a large kiss on the cheek.

"Oh Ron! Thank you! Finally someone told that git to leave me alone!" She said distraughtly. Ron hugged her back, his ears turning red.

"Well Hermione, no one should talk to you like that," Ron whispered. Harry's face appeared from behind him, he seemed angry for some reason.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor for that random outburst Weasley. And miss. Granger, you are to stay after class," Snape said. Hermione nodded fearfully, but inside she was jumping with glee. She was finally gong to get the chance to humiliate and sac Professor Snape.

When the bell rang, Ron and Harry stood protectively near her. Ron grabbed her hand.

"If anything happens just scream. And keep your wand near you, okay?"


"Be careful Herms," Harry said, his eyes filled with a fiery hate. They left the class.

"Miss. Granger, I find it highly offensive when you enter my class dressed inappropriately. The school uniform should be respected," Snape said, averting his eyes from her.

"I'm sorry Professor. What should I do about it?" Hermione asked innocently. She walked behind his desk to stand next to him. He looked up from his desk to her.

"Miss…Miss Granger, I cannot tell you that…" Snape said. "You may leave."

Damn, she thought.

She left the class, wondering why he hadn't tried anything. Ron was standing by the door, waiting for her.

"Where's Harry?"

"Oh, he left, had to go get his books for our next class. He left it in the dorm, that idiot," Ron said laughing hilariously. Hermione frowned.

It was at dinner when Hermione saw her three girlfriends, all eager to tell the other about their day.

"Jesus, this is the last time I'm shagging Neville! He was so nervous when I was doing him that he almost dropped me!" Ginny muttered, digging at the rice that was on her plate. Parvati gave her a puzzled look.

"How did he 'almost drop you'?" She asked, slicing her steak.

"Obviously they were shagging against a wall, am I right?" Lavender asked.

"Close…I was wrapped around his waist, and we were shagging just like that. No wall, no bed, nothing. Just humping against each other," Ginny said grinning.

"So, why did he almost drop you?" Parvati asked.

"Oh! We heard a noise coming from the stairs, we were in the seventh year boy's dorm, and Harry came bursting in…so he almost dropped me," Ginny said laughing.

"My god! Harry saw you making love to Neville?!" Parvati shrieked.

"No, not making love dear…shagging. Harry saw me shagging Neville. He was pretty shocked. He closed the door right away. Neville kept saying how he was dead now, once Harry tells Ron Neville's been shagging his little sister." Ginny gave her a dashing wink and continued to stuff her face.

"Oh my god! I don't know how you can just sit there and not care! If it were me…I wouldn't even leave my dorm!" Parvati exclaimed.

"Well Parvati, not everyone is weird like you," Lavender said shaking her head in disgust.

"Hermione, you haven't said a word since dinner, how was your day?" Lavender asked. Hermione pursed her lips and shrugged.

"I shagged Malfoy again and Snape saw my breasts…" She said shrugging.

"Wait…You shagged Malfoy? Why do you always get the good ones!?" Ginny said. Lavender's eyebrows shot up.

"Professor Snape saw your breasts!" Parvati gasped.

"Yes. I was actually showing off to Malfoy, but Snape happened to have looked. And Yeah, I shagged Malfoy before class. He was waiting for me. Told me he couldn't stop thinking about me since I shagged him last week," Hermione said.

"Well, looks like you had an interesting day. So why the sad face?" Lavender asked.

"I…felt strange. For the first time since the school years started, I felt guilty for what I've been doing at this school. Sleeping around with all the boys isn't working well with me. I also think people might lose respect for me," she said sadly. Her girls gave her a worried look.

"Not true Hermione! You're a girl with class and respect! You're not loose like our girl Ginny here, and you're not a quiet sexual maniac like Parvati," Lavender said chuckling. Hermione gave her a doubtful look but quickly that expression was replaced with an excited one.

"Hello ladies…I hope you're having a lovely lunch." Harry had walked by and given them a charming smile. As he walked away, they sighed admirably.

"I got an idea!" Ginny shrieked. Harry met up with Seamus, Neville, and Ron. They all sat around each other laughing and tossing food at each other like monkeys.

"What is it Ginny?" Parvati asked, leaning in closer.

"Let's have a competition! First girl to bag Harry Potter gets twenty sickles from each of us AND Harry Potter's heart. I mean, what bigger prize is there than Harry Potter's virginity?" Ginny asked. The girls took this into consideration.

"I'm in," Lavender said grinning.

"Oh…I guess I am too, what harm is there, right?" Parvati said shrugging. They all looked at Hermione.

"He is your best friend Hermione. Are you sure you can handle it?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah, I can. I'm up to it. Prepare to get your arse kicked!" Hermione said.