The Race for Harry Potter

Chapter Fifteen: A Change in His Story

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I wish I could eat the salt off of your lost faded lips
We can cap the old times make playing only logical harm
We can cap the old lines make playing that nothing else will change

-Interpol, Obstacle 1


It was a hellish nightmare, she realized. It was like staring into a funny mirror, watching as her image shaped and morphed into something terrible.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" shouted a crude-looking Hermione. The brunette scrambled out of bed to see herself standing at the edge. "I'm going insane…I'm going fucking insane!"

"Wait," Hermione said. She held her hands up in peace. "Just listen to what I have to say…" Hermione couldn't believe her eyes as she surveyed her future self. The girl's hair was longer and extremely straight, pouring down her back. Her face was tired looking; her nails were lavishly painted along with her toenails. "What happened to me?" she whispered, surveying her future self.

"What the fuck is going on?" Future Hermione shouted.

"Shut up before your dorm mates hear you!"

"They're not here! They're probably shagging!" the future girl shouted. Past Hermione fell silent with disgust etched across her face.

"Listen. I came to remind you that you used to be me. That once in your life, you used to enjoy how things were; you used to adore your boy clothes. You used to adore yourself…your books…This…fucking bet you have going will end up killing you!"

"You're shitting me!" the other girl exclaimed, crossing her arms over her ample bosom. She turned up her nose. "This is a cruel joke."

"I don't act like this!" Hermione cried. "This is not who I used to be or who I currently am! This was all a mistake and you're killing Harry with it!"

"What?" the other girl asked, dropping her denial at once. "What is this business about Harry?"

"He…traveled back to the past to re-do things," Hermione whispered. "Because of that, everything is completely thrown off. For example, Ron Weasley here, is Head Boy, am I not mistaken?"

"Yeah, he is."

"Well, in my time, Draco Malfoy is."

"Did you ever date Ron?" Future Hermione asked. The other girl shook her head, her cheeks burning at the thought.

"N-n-no…" she stuttered out. "But you get what I mean? Things are unbalanced here."

"You must have used a temporary eclipse spell to get here?" the other girl said, sitting on the edge of her bed with a thoughtful expression.

"I did…I just adjusted the amount of thyme in the potion to bring me to a specific point in time."

"And Harry…he must've done something wrong in haste to have botched up the past? To make you not love him in your time."

"He needs to come back to this timeline. You owe him that much," Hermione snapped. "It doesn't matter what he botched! Look at you, look at me. You look run-down with all this makeup and skimpy sleepwear. You look old. This is not what you're all about! You're all about learning, understanding, and loving. You have to help me bring Harry back to this point in time. You have to help him stop reliving the past and actually better the future."

Future-Hermione sat quietly and stared shamefully down at her folded hands. "It was a foolish idea. The bet."

"I don't have a lot of time left, but I just want you to know that in my time, I can't possibly love Harry. I haven't developed any feeling for him, but I know in this universe you can love him, and you can change, or at least, go back to your old self. I know I can do this. I mean, I know you can do this."

Before she could say anything else, Hermione felt the usual pressure behind her navel, yanking her upward as if she had touched a portkey. She was being pulled away from this brief moment in the future. She cried out as she saw lights, rooms, and voices, flash before her.


Having found her footing, Hermione stumbled into her empty dorm. She blinked several times, trying to clear her head.

"Hermione?" cried a voice. She looked up to see Lavender Brown running into the room, bubbling with excitement. "Oh Hermione! I didn't see you at lunch!"

Hermione paused. If she was successful with her future self, Lavender and everyone else would never know she was missing. "I…wasn't hungry," Hermione muttered.

"Oh! Well I guess it doesn't matter…but oh do I have some news for you! You're going to burst!"

"Lav—" Hermione groaned, placing a hand on her forehead, tired.

Lavender squealed. "Harry and Padma are dating!" she exclaimed. "I've wanted to tell you that…I know how hard you've been working towards getting them together…and finally! It's worked!"

Again, history was altered. But this time it was Hermione's turn to right the wrong. She knew she would never love Harry the way she wanted him to. If anything, Hermione had undying eyes for Ron Weasley. She couldn't let that go.

She smiled as Lavender continued to giggle.

And the Story Continues…


In history, Harry's story clicked, Hermione thought passionately as she tossed out disturbing variations of eyeliner. After her reminder of the bittersweet past, Hermione had actually woken up. She decided that a change was in need. She threw out some of her scanty outfits, and, digging underneath a pile of old clothing, she pulled out a pair of sweats Harry had once given her to wear in the common room. She slipped out of her skin tight jeans, and instead pulled out the baggy pair of sweats Harry had given her in the beginning of the school year.

She smiled softly to herself, feeling much better in these pants.


It was raining lightly, and she had cast a spell to prevent her from getting wet. She held her favorite book under her arm, wanting to find the perfect tree to sit under to read it. She shrugged and sat near the lake. She saw the Giant Squid pass her. She had much to reflect on, having decided that she walk around the school grounds with these sweats on, having not found Harry anywhere.

"Hermione?" she turned around to see Brad standing behind her. He smiled unsurely. He had on a simple blue jacket with Denim jeans. Hermione bit her lower lip, feeling torn between finishing her novel or just actually conversing with Brad. He uninvitingly, however, took a seat beside her.

"What are you doing out here? I heard it's going to snow soon, you'll get a cold," Brad said. He reached over to remove a lock of hair that had fallen into her face. But Hermione jerked back from the intimate touch, a small blush creeping up her neck.

"I'm fine. How did you know I was here?"

"I followed you."

"Oh. Why are you following me?" Hermione asked, giving him a small frown.

"I felt terrible about last night, how I was. You weren't feeling good, and I just pushed you aside. I felt…dirty. I should have asked you what was up, but I didn't. I wanted to ask you, what was wrong." He waited for her to reply, but instead, she sighed deeply.

"I got into an argument with Ron, you know, the Head Boy. We've been friends since our first year, and we decided to date last year…but…things didn't do so good, we fell apart, and our relationship was over right after Summer break.

"I see, has he been trying to get back with you?"

"Not exactly. Actually, we were trying to get our friendship back together. I just wanted to get things back on track."

"What happened to cause you two to break up?" He asked. Hermione closed her eyes, remembering all the months of torture she endured with Ron.

"Ron has…" Hermione trailed off. She was about to tell Brad that Ron had a sleeping disorder. She was about to tell him everything about herself, about her past. Hermione bit her lip. "Ron and I weren't meant to be," she finished. She wouldn't let him know her so.

Brad awkwardly shifted beside her. "Um…Hermione, I was wondering if…if…you'd like to be my girlfriend?"

Hermione sighed once again and frowned. "I'm so sorry Brad, but I can't…I…I have feelings for another person."

"B-but we had sex!" Brad exclaimed. Hermione gave him a flat look.

"You also shagged Ginny, and…if I'm not mistaken, Hannah Abbot, and Pansy Parkinson for Merlin's sake."

"But I want you!" he exclaimed.

"You don't want me!" Hermione cried, slamming her book shut. "I'm leaving. When you grow brains, please try and contact me then." She stood to her feet and began to walk away from the bewildered boy. She quickly turned around. "And you know what?" she shouted. "You did treat me like shit yesterday! How rude and disgusting of you Bradley! You're a bloody prick, and I hope you rot in hell." She took off towards the castle again.

She felt completely at ease.


Harry groaned, his eyes fluttering open as someone pulled the shades of his bed back.

"Harry, wake up! It's nearly lunch time." Someone pushed Harry's glasses onto his limp hands, and with more groaning, he slipped his round frames onto his face and focused in on Ron.

"Ron!" Harry growled, annoyed, turning onto his side and then he gasped.

Why the bloody hell is he in his bed? He's supposed to be in class!

And looking for Hermione!

"Oh fuck Ron, where's Hermione? Did we find her?" Harry asked, jumping out of bed and tripping over his trainers. "And why am I not in class at the moment?"

"Harry, mate…it's the first day of Christmas break…and we were never looking for Hermione. I reckon she's with Ginny somewhere…" Ron replied, giving Harry a concerned look.


"Are you all right mate? You're pale…do you want to visit Pomfrey?"

"I don't! I just want to know where she is!"


"HERMIONE!" Harry bellowed. He quickly slipped on his trainers, tying it up before throwing on a decent shirt.

"But why?" Ron asked. "And Harry! You're wearing your sleeping trousers, you can't possibly go out like—" before Ron could finish, the door was already clicking shut.


Hermione found herself wandering in the Great Hall corridor, her book tucked under her arm, and soft humming coming from her. She had a feeling things would click from now on. Telling Brad off had set off some type of spark she needed to get affirm her goal in changing. Suddenly, while walking pass an alcove, Hermione felt a strange sensation of familiarity. Something screamed to her that it was a place she had shared with Harry once. But she knew that was impossible. It was then, that a memory that wasn't one she remembered, or in a sense, experienced, assaulted her mind.

Almost mindlessly, Hermione walked over to him, placing her hand onto his shoulder, leaning over the couch. His hand shot out to grab her wrist and she gasped.

"What do you want?" He asked, sitting up and facing her, his hand still gripping her wrist with incredible force.

"Please Harry…you don't know…what I've been through…"

"What Hermione? What has been so life-altering?" Harry asked nastily. Hermione's mouth fell in an "o" shape.

"Let go of me…" Hermione yelled, trying to yank her wrist from his hand. He yanked back, squeezing harder. "OW! LET GO!"

"NO! I'm not letting go until you tell me! What happened to Hermione Granger? Where did she go and who the fuck are you?"

"Don't be stupid…"

"Me? Stupid?"

"YES HARRY! YOU! I might have done some terrible things this year, but I will not be treated like…like…"

"A whore?" Harry interjected for her. Her eyes watered at those steely words.

"Fuck you Harry…"

"No thank you," he muttered, releasing her. "It's what you wanted anyways, right Hermione? To shag me then leave me like you do everyone else?"

"STOP!" Hermione screamed, backing away from Harry. He stood and walked towards her.

"What? It's what you do."

"The first through third years are in this tower Harry…I don't want to scream and wake them, so you better back off."

"I'm not going to even TOUCH you Hermione. Just hear me say this now. I will never love you. So don't you even dare let your mind wander to that thought…"

Hermione released a strangled cry. Tears fell freely from her eyes, making her body shake and quiver madly. Harry pushed her against the wall as he continued, his face mere inches from hers.

"Don't…don't…come near me again." Harry said, gripping her upper arms.

"You jerk…you're no better than the rest of them! You're no better…I thought I might have loved you." Hermione said angrily.

"WHAT? HERMIONE. DO YOU NOT SEE THIS? You broke my heart!"

Hermione stood there, frozen to the spot. She had done a terrible deed to Harry. Paying him an ode to those hopelessly loss at heart.

"I'm sorry."

"You're such a fucking liar Hermione." Harry whispered, moving in to capture her mouth with his…

"Oh Harry…" she gasped. "Oh…how did this happen? How could I have let such a horrible thing happen to us, Harry?" Hermione dropped onto her bum in the middle of the corridor, her heart racing. She supposed that she would have these memories because of the changes that were occurring throughout her history. Her path was changing, and as a punishment, she would see the things she had successfully avoided.

Or at least that was the most logical explanation…she would research it later.

Little did she know that Harry Potter was running through the nearly-empty castle looking for her with a troubling feel molding itself in the pit of his stomach.

"Oh fuck," Hermione swore, tears pushing against her eyelids. She closed her eyes, allowing for them to run down her rosy cheeks. Her book slid to fall beside her.


There she was…sitting in the middle of the corridor with silent tears rolling down her face. Harry felt a lurch in his chest as he surveyed her trembling form.

"Hermione?" he asked, staring at her from across the hall. She looked up from the spot she was staring at on the floor.

"Harry, hey, I haven't seen you all day," she whispered, wiping the tears from her face and eyes as she took in a deep breath to clear her mind.

"I've been looking for you for such a long time," he whispered back, coming down the stairs to stand before her. She gave him a confused look. "What are you doing in the Great Hall all alone?" Hermione smiled sadly.

"I was just hanging out. It hasn't been a good day at all…I've been very upset and, just need someone to talk to," Hermione muttered sadly. "I'm sorry I had you looking around for me."

"I would search for you until my dying day if I had to, Hermione…but I don't have to now, because I've found you. My race for you is over. I have you, finally," Harry said softly, extending a hand out to her. She glanced up at the hand, and without hesitation grasped it. Immediately, they felt a jolt between them, and Hermione dropped her head onto Harry's beating chest. She breathed in his scent, her arms wrapping around his lean body as he held her. After a startlingly comfortable minute of silence, Harry spoke. "You're wearing my sweats," he said sweetly. She nodded. "I knew you'd come back to them. I always knew." She giggled and hugged him tighter.

"They're so much better than anything else I know," she responded.

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