Chapter 9

Separation Anxiety Part 1

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Ranma's attacks:

Due to his doubly cursed nature, Ranma is unable to utilize such chi based moves as the Möko Takabisha. Instead, Cologne has taught him to utilize pure ki attacks. There are as follows:

HEAVEN'S LIGHT CANNON: a continuous shot of pure positive ki.

HEAVEN'S LIGHT CHARGE: a quick shot of positive ki.

HELL'S FURY CANNON: a continuous shot of negative ki.

HELL'S FURY CHARGE: a quick shot of negative ki.

BIPOLAR SHOT: a quick shot combining positive and negative ki, each generated by a different hand.

BIPOLAR CANNON: a continuous shot combining positive and negative ki, each generated by a different hand.

This is due to both the dual nature of Ranma's Jusenkyo curses as well as the personality of Ranko disrupting his ability to try and channel emotion based chi attacks. However, such moves as the Hiryü Shöten Ha and the Kachü Tenshin Amaguriken work as they require ki to enhance as well as perform; pure ki to enhance the speed as well as the conflict between hot and cold ki. The next chapter will go into more detail about this subject.

Dreamscape: a false world created by Ranma in his mind with the help of Cologne. Its purpose is to both provide a training ground for Ranma where time is not an option (weeks of dreaming can be fit into a single night's sleep), as well as a place for Ranko to exist without being alone or locked away in Ranma's mind. Though he may perfect training methods in the dreamscape, he will only acquire the ki aspects of them. He will need to practice in reality to gain the physical aspects of this training. As a result, dreamscape training in the Bakusai Tenketsu will only help Ranma see the breaking points, but will not help him earn the toughness also acquired with the training for this technique

Hotaru - 69
Setsuna - 64
Nabiki - 30
Kasumi - 25
Ami - 10
Minako - 8
Makato - 7
Rei - 4
Chibi-Usa - 8

All Senshi - 5
All Available Women - 4

Love Triangle - 32

Innortal is unable to comment at the moment, as he is currently being held by Nodoka and Queen Serenity, as they try to...convince him...of the correct choice.


Well, you can guess what they support.

The neko-boy sat in his room at the Tendo Dojo. In a day or two, he and his sister would have to move back in with their mother, as well as their newly adopted sister/brother, Ukyo. While he was glad that he would be part of a family, the way his mother was doing things was making him quite...nervous.

For one, she was insisting him ad his sister go to uniforms...without the cloaks...during the daytime.

Normally, he would think her mad.

Now, he confirmed it.

His mother—despite protests from every sane, or near sane, since this was Nerima—had insisted they stop hiding behind those cloaks when they returned to her home. If they were stuck as neko-humans, then they should never hide it.

She neglected the fact that every demon hunter—aside from the Senshi—would be looking to try and exorcise them. Plus, they would have to deal with the perverts of both genders who thought "nailing" a neko-human was the best thing to do.

Ranma shuddered at remembering some of the comments he heard when female.

Then, of course, had been the shopping. While he had been able to stay hidden in the cloak while shopping for furniture, and telling his mother what Ranko thought of things, she had also insisted on purchasing new clothes...for both of them.

The major problem: Ranma had to try them both forms.

I hate bras! I hate panties! I hate make-up! I hate dresses!

How do you think I felt? It was by sheer persistence we talked her out of trying to set up my marriage. And then she had the nerve to fight us on the point that I will still be a tomboy.

That was another thing that upset the duo. After being without her for ten years, the two were upset that their mother was expecting them to be totally obedient, without will to oppose how she expected them to act. She wanted Ranko to be a perfect Japanese woman, and Ranma to be a manly man, whatever the hell that meant.

About the only thing that Nodoka seemed to want that Ranko was willing to agree with was that she preferred men.


They both agreed that Nodoka would need a very stern talking to. She seemed to be lost in a dream world, muct like Kuno. The woman refused to see that simply wishing them to be something they weren't wasn't going to work. Guilting them wouldn't work either. Nodoka seemed to honestly believe that the two nekos would be as she hoped.

Hell, the children were already hoping not to get uncursed forms, just to upset her even more.

"Mental note: ask the Senshi if we can stay with them. Outlook suggests mother will drive us insane."

"That is a distinct possibility, child."

Ranma turned towards the small figure of Cologne. She had arrived yesterday, and was finishing the preparations for the splitting. "Great-grandmother, is their any chance you can fix this by doing the voodoo that you do so well?"

Cologne smiled, glad that the cursed child still thought of her as family. It warmed her heart more than even when Ranma said she could learn the techniques, as long as she never started a fight with them, only ended them. "I'm afraid not, child. But I will speak with her again. I swear that woman is as stubborn as my own grandmother."

Ranma paled. "Please tell me that she won't be like this for the next three hundred years!"

Cologne laughed. "No, child, she won't."

Before he could relax, she added a quick little bit. "I'm certain she'd be dead before the second hundred."

Ranma started pounding his head into the floor.

Ranko was following suit in the Dreamscape.

The Senshi were all gathered at the Outers' home, waiting for the call from Ranma that they were ready for them. All were nervous, hoping that they would not need to fight their new friends, hoping that they kept themselves in what was about to happen.

The only good news was the arrival of Usa. A quick talk between Usagi and Setsuna, and the future queen had returned with a smile, hugging her daughter as she had rarely done before.

Last night, after the others had begun to leave, Mamoru and Usagi cornered Setsuna, asking her for what may have been impossible, but felt the owed nothing less to Usa.

It had been done.

Usa was anchored to this time now, forever kept from fading out of existence when her timeline ceased to exist.

It was almost doomed anyway, with the way things were going, their future was too uncertain to risk the littlest Senshi on.

They held her as Hotaru told her of the future Setsuna had revealed a week ago, telling them of the horrors of their own making, of the results of their attempts to play gods, and what it had left them.

Usa only cried, even when she was told she was safe, that she wouldn't fade from existence now. Her world was truly gone forever, maybe to never return.

Somehow, it still felt like she had given up so much. Even Setsuna couldn't provide her any comfort, as even the Gates of Time were having trouble following what Ranma's new alliance with them would produce. Only the absence of any warning was all they had to go with.

When asked who had warned them the last time, Setsuna said it had been the Sailor Saturn of that future, fulfilling the desire of her ancestor to help save her friends from themselves.

They all agreed that they would work with Ranma and save this world, being the heroes they were thought of. Michiru was using her mirror, trying to track the seeds of magic that would bring life back to their worlds, allowing for refuge for humanity when the Great Ice came. She was being assisted by Ami on the Mercury Computer, and Rei, trying to do a fire reading from a candle lit by the sacred flame.

It wasn't much, especially for the others, trying to force memories of their past lives to the surface for any clue that might help them, looking deep inside themselves in hope that the secrets were buried there.

But they were still worried. They felt the fear of not knowing when the Great Ice would hit let alone if they would be ready.

All they knew was that in a few short hours, all eleven of them would be going to assist Ranma and Ranko be reborn.

There was no time to think of lost eating contests.

I will defeat you next time, Ranma Saotome! No one out-eats Usagi Tsukino!

There was no time to think of loves lost that everyone thought was still active.

Damn it, why does everyone insist I love this guy? I mean, sure, we clicked together back then, and he was the only guy I ever felt that way for, and... AH! BAD THOUGHTS! BAD THOUGHTS!

There was no time to think of lost chances due to lost tempers.

Oh, Ranma. If only I never attacked you that day, if only I never lost my temper, if only... DAMN IT! USAGI GOT MY MANGAS AGAIN!

There was no time to think of scrolls burnt in spite that may have made them a better fighter.

WAH! Sailor Venus could be kicking everyone's ass if I had just read those damn scrolls!

There was not even time to think of a love one could have, did have, with some future version.

I gave up the Senshi and the dreams of Crystal Tokyo...for him. Why? What did we have then? Could we still have it? Could he still be my one true love? Will I be able to keep Haruka-papa away from him?

All they could think of was saving this world.

And they would start by ensuring they saved the two born of one.

Family and friends gathered at the walls of the dojo, staring towards both the center and those in attendance. They counted every Sailor Soldier ever mentioned, including the often absent Sailor Pluto and Neo Sailor Moon. All were in what they called the strongest forms, lying in wait should the two nekos lose themselves, hoping they would be enough.

Ryoga and Shampoo stood furthest in the dojo, ready to offer what help they could if Ranma and Ranko should lose it. While the two had often spared against Ranma when he was at the Amazon village, they knew he had never gone all out. And since he knew the ki techniques of Heaven and Hell, they doubted they could stop him. Primarily, they were hoping that by being around, they would snap out of the confusion easier.

"Now, child," said Cologne, "this will feel undoubtedly painful, but I want both of your souls to focus on your own body. For the moment, your sibling does not exist. If you falter on this, you may end up in the wrong bodies, and that will require asking the Musk for their permanence water as well as Jusenkyo water, which may have no effect. Do you both understand?"

Everyone watched as Ranma closed his eyes, before opening them once again. "We agree, Elder. We await your instruction on what we should do."

Cologne smiled. "Child, you need only sit at the center of this circle in the lotus position and concentrate. This incense has been soaked in the waters of the Spring of Drowned Twin. Also, this is the splitting incense. Ordinarily, it would split the good and evil of your soul, and allow the evil body to try and steal your life. Now, it has been altered by several spells to create a second body from your cursed side, and draw a soul out. In the end, the new body will be permanent, and have its own soul. The true test is making certain that the soul inside is that of Ranko. Now, are you ready?"

Ranma merely nodded, before taking his position in the circle, awaiting the separation.

In his mind, Ranko had cleared away the Dreamscape, leaving a foggy wasteland, with a similar circle all that was present, with her taking the lotus position in its center.

Good luck, brother. I look forward to seeing you on the outside again.

Same to you, little sister. I hope this works. I look forward to seeing you as well, but promise me one thing.


What we did when we first found each other...never gets told in the light of day. I'm not ashamed, we really want to give these people more ammo to hit us with? Okay, so no tales of how we spent many mental days in the Dreamscape, just ravishing each other—

Stop that!

Cologne sat before the incense, lighting it, and began chanting.

The effects were obvious. The circle glowed, followed by a shimmering light extending from it to the ceiling, locking in the smoke of the incense. Cologne sat outside the circle, continuing the chant as the circle's enclosed space became cloudy.

Ranma and Ranko, however, were trying to keep their mental images of which they were, their minds on the images of their body from the curse. They didn't bother with human bodies, as they had only vague clues of what they looked like anymore. So they concentrated on their neko-human selves, waiting to be free, wanting to be free.

I am Ranma Saotome, a black panther-like neko-human. I am Ranma Saotome, a black panther-like neko-human. I am Ranma Saotome, a black panther-like neko-human.

I am Ranko Saotome, a red tiger-like neko-human. I am Ranko Saotome, a red tiger-like neko-human. I am Ranko Saotome, a red tiger-like neko-human.

So, it continued as the people outside the circle watched in horror, as the single person inside began to scream as if their body was burning from the inside out. But soon, the scream began to sound in two distinct voices.

Slowly, a second figure could be seen, seeming to literally crawl and paw its way out from the main body, before both fell to the ground.

As Cologne finished her chant, the smoke had long since began to fade from the sealed room, revealing two standing neko-humans...who were completely nude and standing on the tattered remains of what had once been Ranma's outfit.

The circle disappeared, vanishing from the dojo's floor as if it had never been there.

Several girls stared, as they not only wanted to comment about the nudity of the two new bodies, but the apparent selfishness of the gods when granting their...attributes.


"Shut up, meatball-head!"

"Damn, Sempai is much...better than I remember him!"

"Oh my!"

"Uncle Saotome, is that engagement idea still open?"


"AIYAH! Shampoo glad she have Airen, no is...too...tempted!"

"Damn you, Ranma! Stop flashing my wife!"


"Neptune, can we—"

"No, no matter how...well...they look."

"I knew there was a reason I left the team for him."

"I love Sailor Moon! I love Sailor Moon!"

Through all the comments, the two simply stood there, eyes closed. Cologne was starting to get a little worried that the spell may have killed them. No, please, not after all they have suffered! The two deserve to live, damn it!

But they proved her fears wrong, opening their eyes and smiling. The male went first, followed by the female.

"I'm Ranma Saotome."

"I'm Ranko Saotome."

Both answered for their final words before passing out to the dojo floor, smiling. "And we're sorry about this."

The newest weapon for the Dark Lord had just teleported to Earth, awaiting permission to attack. It had been told it had but one purpose above all else: to capture Subject Beta, kill if necessary. The Doctor had been very...adamant...about getting his new specimen.

It truly didn't give a damn, one way or the other. It was most interested in its secondary objective: if possible and resources permit after objective one is completed, it may eliminate Subject Group Alpha.

But the only person in Subject Group Alpha is cared about was the one who had...killed...him. He wanted to kill the girl known as Hotaru Tomoe. Her attack and awakening as Sailor Saturn had ruined its hopes for consuming this world.

Now, all it had left, was being some worthless cannon-fodder lackey for a new evil to attack and claim this world.

No, I will be more! I will dominate this world!

I will kill this Dark Lord!

But it had one mission first, and it would not be deterred.

If Sailor Saturn happened to be involved and die in its attempts to capture Subject Beta...who was he to disobey!

But for now, it waited. For some reason, the Dark Lord was shielding him from prying eyes, keeping him hidden even from the infernal Sailor Senshi. So he would wait.

He could do that. After all, he had waited millennia for Mistress 9 to bring him to this world.

What was a few more days to kill the bitches who kept him from it?


Ranma was rubbing his temples, trying to force away the migraine attacking him. "So let me get this straight, one last time." He pointed to Usa. "You are Usagi and Mamoru's daughter from the future, who—with the rest of the Senshi—got drunk—and me, high on catnip—which resulted in all the Senshi getting pregnant. You came back because you sent me out for something five minutes before you arrived here. And in a display of infinite paranoia and stupidity, jumped back into the past to yell at me?"

"Well, when you put it like that, I sound kind of stupid."

Ranma began to rub his temples again. Must...not...insult her. It would make life difficult for my...future self.

He turned his attention to the Neko Sailor Senshi. "And you guys came back in the past to train with me?"

They all answered as one. "Yes!"

"But why aren't you training with my future self?"

Neko Sailor Mars answered, while the rest looked...uncomfortable. "Well, you really don't have much time to train us. Our moms keep you real...busy, especially...her mom."

All the neko-girls shuddered at the sentence.

Though Ranma knew he shouldn't ask—even his danger senses were blaring at him to keep quiet, as if that would prevent the danger from coming—he had to ask. "Um, who are you referring to?"

The girls all looked nervous, before the pushed Neko Sailor Moon forward, mumbling for her to answer, as it was her responsibility as leader.

Pouting, but seeing no support, she broke and answered. "They are talking about the daughter you had with Sailor Sol."

Setsuna finally spoke, breaking her attention away from the green-furred child she would have with Ranma. "Um, there is no Sailor Sol. There never was."

Neko Moon shrank. "You made her to help her in battle with the Dark Lord. The problem is that a little more feral than the rest of us. Probably because both her parents were neko-humans."

Ranma paled...again. "Both...neko... But only I and Ranko are... Are you saying—"

His words were cut off by another flash of light, followed by a weight adding itself to his lap. "DADDY! THEY LEFT WITHOUT ME, DADDY!"

Ranma looked down at...Neo Neko Sailor Sol? "Um, is your mother, Ranko?"

The small bundle of red fur nodded her head in agreement, never releasing her Amazon-like glomp on her father. "Uh huh! She always said you were the only guy for her!"

Ranma's head was spinning. Not only had he apparently fathered eleven other kids with drunken women, but also, he had fathered one...with his own sister! Kami-sama, what did I do? TELL ME! Let me repent now! "So...this is it, right? No more nekos coming back to train with me?"

The neko children looked around. "I think this is it," said Neko Sailor Earth. "That is, of course, unless our brothers come back to train as well."

"BROTHERS!" was the response from all the adults in the room.

"Yeah!" said Sailor Neko Venus. "Our brothers become planetary knights. But they never told us if they decided to come back and train with you as well, Daddy."

As a large flash of light occurred, Ranma decided to use a Saotome Secret Attack.

He fainted...again.

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