This is the second version. The first version is sort of messed up, so I did away with it and recreated it again. Now there will probably be less mistakes and errors. Enjoy!

Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak, Nintendo. Godzillaand otherKaijusbelong to Toho. I own neither of them. If I do, you'll never see Pokemon franchise the same ever again. Keep in mind that ALL the Pokemon characters I use are from the manga "Pokemon Special", which is ultra popular in Japan.

It was a dark night; a lone ship is out on Sea Route 40…


"There's something on the radar," says a sailor. "It looks like something big," The sailor gets his binoculars and looks out the window. He sees spikes rising from the sea and zooming towards them. "There's something going to hit us!" he screams. "Steer away fast!"

Too late… The spikes collide into the ship with a strong impact and cuts through the ship like a buzz saw! All the sailors scream in fear and shouts for help, but there was no hope. The ship breaks in half and explodes as the spikes cut through it and continues moving towards land.

On top of Olivine Lighthouse, Jasmine looks out the window, for she thought she saw some explosion. "An explosion… A ship must've exploded… Poor crews…" she says to herself sadly. She walks to Amphy the Ampharos, who always uses its bright tail to light the lighthouse and guide ships, and pats her. "Don't worry," she says calmly to her. "It's not your fault. We don't know that those poor men out there need help. May some of them survive…"

She gets up and looks at the clock. "It's 11:30 PM already. I better go get some sleep," she says. "Good night, Amphy!"

As she approaches the steps leading down, the lighthouse becomes to shake, but then it stopped. "What was that?!" she wonders. Then she notices that she can't see anything outside the window. The stars and the moon which was visible just now isn't visible now, just plain blackness, which seems to be moving…

She goes to the window and looks out. She observes the blackness, but then she discovers something shocking—a big angry eye. She screams out in fear, then there was a loud roar and the lighthouse starts shaking violently. She quickly runs to Amphy and puts her back into her Pokeball, and then she quickly rushes down the stairs.

Once outside, she looks back at the lighthouse. A gigantic dinosaur-like monsterabout 100 meterstallis destroying the lighthouse! Pieces of the lighthouse fall down and Jasmine runs for her life towards the city.

The gigantic monster roars out loudly, and then it starts stomping towards Olivine City.



Chapter 1: vs. Godzilla

In a seaside bar, the bartender feels an earthquake. "An earthquake in this region?" the bartender wonders. Suddenly, a long tail swipes the bar, totally demolishing it. The bartender, who survived the collapsed bar, rises from the ruins. "What… was… that…?"

Jasmine quickly runs into Olivine City. "Everyone!" she shouts out. "Run for you lives! A giant unknown Pokemon is attacking the city!" Everyone looks toward the direction she points and they all saw Godzilla coming towards the city, so they all scream and runs off.

Godzilla stomps into the city, crushing every building that gets in its way. All the citizens run for their lives, screaming their head off. The policemen all showed the direction for the citizens to escape. One guy tries to run back to his house, but one police stops him. "Run for you life! Don't run back into your house!" the police tell him.

"But my safe is inside!" the man replies to the police. "There's lots of money inside!"

"Your life is more important! Run now!"

Godzilla approaches and crushes the man's house. "NOOOO!!!!!" the man screams. "MY BEAUTIFUL HOUSE AND MONEY!!!!!!!!!"

Jasmine has never seen a city get destroyed so badly since the earthquake in Ecruteak City. It was a very terrible sight. Being the city's gym leader, Jasmine believes she has to protect the people here. She takes out her Pokeball and calls out both her Magneton. "Use Thunder attack on that giant monster!" she orders her Magneton.

Both the Magneton blasts a huge thunderbolt into the sky. The thunderbolt shoots back down from the sky and zaps Godzilla. Godzilla roars and turns its attention to the Magneton, and then it starts to move towards them. The two Magneton constantly blast Godzilla with electric attacks, but the giant kaiju won't stop coming.

"Move back!" she calls to her Magneton. The Magneton moves backward while continuing to shoot electric beams at Godzilla. Godzilla turns around and swings its massive tail, whipping the two Magneton. Both the Magneton fall to the ground and their outer covering cracks open. "Oh no!" Jasmine gasps. She quickly puts them back into her Pokeballs. When she looks up, she sees Godzilla's giant foot coming down towards her! There is no escape now; she closes her eyes in fear, waiting for the foot to crush her. Just then, something zooms toward her and pulls her away from the foot. Jasmine opens her eyes and looks up. She is rescued by Silver, who is holding onto his Murkrow. "Hold tight!" he tells her.

Silver looks back at Godzilla. "What kind of a Pokemon is this…?" he wonders. Then he orders his Murkrow, "Blast him with Shadow Ball attack!" The Murkrow creates a black orb and then launches it at Godzilla. The black orb hits Godzilla, but it didn't effect the monster king whatsoever.

"Man… He's invincible…" Silver gasps. "I think we have to escape for now." His Murkrow flies off in the opposite direction, away from Godzilla. "Thanks for rescuing me," Jasmine thanks him. "That was nothing," Silver replies. Jasmine looks back down at her destroyed hometown, all those poor citizens running from the city in fear and panic, and the giant kaiju that is wrecking everything in sight. Nothing like this has ever happened…

Meanwhile, on an island somewhere out at sea, some big rocks shatter suddenly. When all the rocks are cleared out, a giant colorful egg appears in its place…

The next morning, in Pallet Town's lab, Professor Oak goes to the front door to get the daily morning newspaper. He reads it and reads the big headline on the front, which writes: Olivine City, Johto, attacked by gigantic unknown Pokemon.

Oak reads through the article with great interest, when suddenly his phone rings. He pushes a button on the phone and a screen shows up on it. Bill shows up on the screen and bursts out, "Professor! Did you see the newspaper this morning?!"

"I did," Oak tells him. "A giant Pokemon attacked Olivine City."

"A brand new Pokemon is discovered!" Bill exclaims with excitement. "I never thought I could live to see this day!"

"Hold your horses!" Oak calms him. "We cannot be sure if it's a Pokemon or not."

"Is there anyway to tell?" Bill asks.

"The Pokedex can tell," Oak explains. "If it is a new undiscovered Pokemon, then it will say, 'Unknown Pokemon'. But if it's not a Pokemon, it will say, 'Not a Pokemon'."

"I really can't wait to see it again!"

"I would be interested in observing it, but only from a safe distance," says Oak. "But what do we do if it attacks again?"

"That could be a problem, as that monster is freaking huge!"

Outside the lab, the three well-known trainers, Red, Green, and Blue are together talking about the news. "You both saw the news headline, right?" asks Red (Ash look-alike).

"I don't think it's hard to miss a headline that big," Green (Gary look-alike) tells him.

"It was terrible…" Blue says sadly. "Olivine City is pretty much destroyed and all those poor people are left homeless. What if that monster ever comes here?"

"Our Pokemon can defeat him for sure!" says Red. "If we can defeat the Mask of Ice, then this monster is definitely no problem!"

"But this thing is huge!" Blue tells him. "Mask of Ice is mere human. How can you compare him to this towering monster?"

Red thinks for a while, then says, "I believe with combined power, we can surely defeat it. Remember that Mask of Ice has icy powers and we still defeated him with the help from Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal? With all our Pokemon combined, we are unstoppable!"

"Don't get too cocky," Green tells Red. "If that monster is as strong as a legendary Pokemon, than it still won't be easy."

In Cherrygrove Town, Johto, Gold talks to Crystal about the news. "I saw the picture of that monster on today's news! It looks so cool!" he exclaims.

"I think it looks frightening," Crystal says.

"I bet I can catch it. I will be the ultimate Pokemon trainer if I do so!" Gold says with pride.

"How can you possibly catch something that big?!" she asks him. "Silver told us that all his Pokemon's attacks wouldn't scratch that monster at all!"

"If I can't, then maybe you can!" he points to her. "After all, you're the best Pokemon catcher around here and you're Oak's favorite assistant. Just find out that monster's weak point, kick your Pokeball towards it, and POOF! You caught it!"

"It's may be easy to say, but it's much harder to do," she tells him. "I have failed a couple of times, like when the time I tried to catch Suicune, it bursts out from the Pokeball and knocks me out."

"That's because you didn't weaken it,"

In the ruined Olivine City, special rescue forces are digging through the collapsed buildings, looking for survivors. The news reporter is reporting the events. "This is Olivine City after getting trampled by the massive Pokemon that attacked last night around 11:00 PM. The Pokemon totally flattened the city before it finally stomps back into the sea around 2:00 in the morning, where it was last seen. Many people escaped safely and nobody is severely wounded. We do not know if it will return again, but we will be prepared when it comes."

Oak turns off the TV. "I want to know more about that monster," he says. He thought for a while, and then he stands up and says, "I think I will go to Johto and investigate on it more."


Did you like it? Yeah, the beginning is quite similar to Godzilla 2000. I tell you, there will be more Kaijus coming up. And in case you didn't know, Kaiju means "giant monster". Majority of the monsters here will be 100 meters tall, just like the Heisei series. Even monsters from Showa or Millenium series will get their size increased.