Chapter 11: Final Battle

Battra flies toward Godzilla and continuously blasts him with Prism Beam. Godzilla fires back Heat Beam at him, but Battra evades it. Battra charges into Godzilla and pushes him onto the ground, and then Battra aims for a nearby skyscraper and blasts it, causing it crumple into pieces and fall on top of Godzilla. Battra didn't stop there; he continues to shoot nearby buildings to make them all topple on top of the monster king. After several blasting, Godzilla is buried beneath a huge pile of rubble.

Battra flies close to the pile to inspect. Godzilla suddenly arises from the rubbles and grabs Battra by the wing and throws him onto the ground, followed by using his giant feet to stomp Battra on his back. Just then, Mecha Godzilla charges toward Godzilla and bashes him away. The impact is very powerful, so powerful that Godzilla was sent shooting across the city like a bullet.

The monster king gets back onto his feet. He is very angry, for he has never been hit by such powerful force in his life. He lets loose a powerful blast of Heat Beam and it hits MG real hard, sending the giant mech flying onto his back.

Yellow runs down from the building the trainers are on. "Where are you going?" Red asks her. "I'm going to help Mothra get up!" she replies. "She can't just lie there forever!"

"You'll kill yourself!" Silver calls out to her. "It's a total war down there!" Yellow didn't listen to him and she runs out the building and approaches Mothra. "Don't worry, Mothra," she says. "I will help you."

She puts her hand on Mothra's side and Mothra feels energy flowing through her body. "I have healing powers," Yellow tells her. "I am a special child born in Viridian City."

Mothra lets out a roar, as if she is saying thank you. The giant moth flaps its wings and takes off towards the battlefield.

The other trainers run down to her. "Way to go, Yellow!" says Red. "Your healing power is sure helpful!"

Mothra flies to the fallen Battra and lands in front of him and then emits a glowing light at him. The Cosmos starts to glow and begins singing. The trainers were in awe when they saw this.

Mottra continues to shine a bright light at Battra, but then they were interrupted when Anguirus approaches and lets out a challenging roar. Mothra takes off into the sky and fires Antenna Beam at the spiked monster. Anguirus gets up on his hind legs and grabs Mothra by her right wing and then bites into it. Mothra roars painfully while trying to struggle off Anguirus. Battra takes off from the ground and rams Anguirus in his belly, causing the spiked monster to fall on his back.

"Why is Battra helping Mothra?" Green asks. "Aren't they enemies?"

"Mothra was communicating with Battra just now," the Cosmos explains. "She tells him that if they don't defeat the monsters together, they will all die. So they decided to put away their differences while they team together against the monsters."

Mothra and Battra teams together and fires at Anguirus. Anguirus rolls over and gets back onto his legs. He stands up and swipes his claws around, trying to hit the giant insects. Mothra let loose thunderbolts from her wings and zaps Anguirus and Battra blasts him with Prism Beam.

While all these are going on, Godzilla and MG are having a close combat melee. Godzilla punches MG in the face and MG punches him back. With one hand, MG grabs Godzilla by his neck and uses the other hand to punch him rapidly in the stomach.

Ebirah approaches from behind and pinches Godzilla by his tail and King Ghidorah flies to the three monsters and gets bunched up with them. Godzilla starts to flash in a blue light, and then he let loose Nuclear Pulse, blasting the three monsters away from him. Godzilla first turns to King Ghidorah and fires Heat Beam at his middle head. The blast was so powerful that when it hit the middle head, the head rips apart from the body! Godzilla turns around and sees Ebirah jumping towards him, so he quickly lets loose Heat Beam at the giant lobster. The impact from the beam sends Ebirah flying backwards, ramming down several buildings in his way. The president of Silph Co. watches in horror as Ebirah crashes into his building, destroying it. This also marks the end of the president.

Godzilla next turns to Mecha Godzilla, who is trying to get up, but Godzilla wouldn't allow that, so he steps on the mechanical clone to prevent it from getting up.

Mothra and Battra are still battling Anguirus, and they are having no problem with it. The two giant insects constantly blasts Anguirus until he finally can't take it anymore and then fell onto his back. Battra uses his legs to pick up the fallen Anguirus and carries him into the sky. He flies above Godzilla, who is still trying to crush Mecha Godzilla, and drops Anguirus on top of him. Godzilla is pushed to the ground when Anguirus falls on him. MG gets back up and quickly backs off from the two. He turns around just in time to see the now two-headed King Ghidorah flying away, retreating from the battle.

MG wouldn't let his enemy escape, so he flew after KG. KG quickly flies for his life out onto the sea and MG is close behind his tail. MG fires a barrage of missiles and Maser Cannon, blasting the monster mercilessly. Finally, KG took to much damage and his wings are torn. The monster lets out one final roar before falling into the ocean with a huge splash.

Sarge and his men were watching the fight from the screen. They all got up and cheered when they saw King Ghidorah die.

Mecha Godzilla flies back into Saffron City to continue the fight. "That's one down. Three more to go," says Gold.

Godzilla lifts up Anguirus and throws him far away, flying straight into Mothra and smashing her to the ground. Ebirah pounces at Godzilla and grips onto his neck, trying to sever his head. Godzilla grabs the pincers and with his mighty strength, he tears off both of Ebirah's pincers. Ebirah falls to the ground and quickly scuttles off, but Godzilla grabs him by the tail and slams him against the ground. Finally, Godzilla throws Ebirah against some untouched buildings, and then he blasts Heat Beam at Ebirah, hitting the lobster on the underside. When hit, Ebirah explodes and his pieces flies everywhere. The giant lobster Ebirah is dead.

Anguirus bites onto Mothra's left wing while she uses electric attacks to zap him, but Anguirus just would not let go. Battra flies to help Mothra by shooting Anguirus. The spiked monster lets go of Mothra and lunges at Battra, but Battra backs off and Anguirus slams onto the ground.

Godzilla begins walking towards those three when MG flies toward him and grabs him, lifting him into the sky. MG flies high into the sky while Godzilla tries to struggle off, and then MG lets go of Godzilla and the monster king falls down onto the earth with a huge slam.

Sarge decides that it is now the best time to use Absolute Zero Cannon, so he takes out the remote and gets it ready. MG lands in front of the fallen Godzilla. Its chest opens and begins charging up for a shot. Godzilla quickly opens his eyes and fires Heat Beam straight in Mecha Godzilla's face. When hit, MG falls over and fires his Absolute Zero Cannon. The shot did not go to waste, for while Anguirus is struggling with Battra and Mothra, the icy shot hits Anguirus, freezing him in ice. Within a few seconds, the frozen Anguirus shatters into trillion of pieces.

"Awesome!" exclaims Red. "Only Godzilla is left!"

"Mothra, Battra!" Misty shouts out. "You can do it!"

"You too, Mecha Godzilla!" shouts Blue. "Get up and fight Godzilla!"

Firing the cannon had taken lots of Mecha Godzilla's energy, and the giant mech is now out of power.

Godzilla approaches Mothra and Battra to fight them. Mothra begins scattering damaging powders at Godzilla while zapping with electricity. Battra flies around Godzilla and constantly blasts him. The trainers keep on cheering for Mothra and Battra to win. The giant insects repeat the attacks over again and again, until Godzilla can't take the hits anymore. He lost his balace and collapse onto the ground.

The trainers were shouting with joy when they saw this, even the people in KRAPF HQ are overjoyed.

Mothra and Battra decide to carry Godzilla to somewhere far away, so they latch onto Godzilla to carry him into the sky. Mothra grabs hold of the tail and Battra holds to the upper part of Godzilla's body. Doing this was a mistake for Battra though, because it allows Godzilla to bite Battra in the neck. They two insects flap their wings and eventually lifted Godzilla into the sky and flies off into the distance.

"Let's follow them!" insists Green. The trainers call out their flying Pokemon and quickly follow the monsters. When they all left, Mecha Godzilla slowly gets back up. The mech is now very weak, but it will not rest until it accomplishes its mission. MG flies into the sky and goes after them.

Mothra and Battra carry Godzilla out above the sea. Battra is in critical condition as Godzilla is biting his neck. "Battra is gonna die!" says Crystal with a worried face.

Godzilla continues to dig his teeth into Battra's flesh, causing the giant insect to bleed. Alas, the loss of blood is too great for Battra and his power is fading. Suddenly, the sound of jet engine is heard. The trainers turn to see MG flying towards the monsters. Mothra quickly lets go of Godzilla's tail just as MG charges straight into Godzilla. When hit, Godzilla, Battra, and MG all fall into the ocean with a huge splash, followed by an explosion, signaling the end of Mecha Godzilla.

When the people of KRAPF HQ saw this, they were all shocked. A powerful fighting machine they have built is destroyed.

Mothra flies around the area where they fell, creating a glowing ring around it to mark the grave of Battra. After a few seconds, the glowing ring disappears.

The trainers are still on their flying Pokemon. "This is the end," says Green. "Mothra finally won!" shouts Gold with joy. "Now we have no more worries about giant monsters attacking!" But Crystal has a sad face, she says, "Battra died a hero, didn't he?"

"He deserves to die anyway," says Silver. "If he is still alive, he would attack Mothra afterwards."

After a long while…

A huge group of people is gathering in front of Mothra. "You have done so much for us!" Sarge says to the Cosmos. "How could we ever thank you?"

"You don't have to thank us," says the Cosmos. "It is Mothra's job to protect the humans."

Red steps up and asks, "Where are you going now?"

"We will be returning to Infant Island. We will stay there until danger arises."

Crystal crouches down in front of the Cosmos and says, "Please do not remember us, okay? It would be great if you can come back again."

"We are not sure if we'll ever meet again, but we will never forget your kindness towards us."

After everyone said their farewells, the two Cosmos turns into a spark of light and disappears into Mothra's antennas. The giant moth then takes off into the sky and flies into the distance, with everyone waving good-bye after her.

Crystal looks into the sky. "Thank you so much," she thought. "I will never forget these events."

And so, everyone returned to their hometowns and went back to their everyday lives.

Deep under the sea, there lies the dead body of Battra and Godzilla and the remnants of Mecha Godzilla. Suddenly, Godzilla's dorsal spikes begin flashing and he opens his eyes. Godzilla gets back up and lets out a loud roar. He opens his mouth and fires Heat Beam in every direction. The king of monsters is still alive…


This is the end of the story. I really hope you have enjoyed it. Does the end part look anticlimactic? If you are wondering if there will be a sequel, then you are right. I have already worked out a sequel and it will probably be posted within a few days. Happy waiting!