Long ago, in a world parallel to the one we know, there was nothing but terror and destruction. This was the Digital War, a great conflict where Human and Beast-type creatures known as Digimon were pitted against each other for supremacy. With heavy losses on all sides, there was little chance that such a thing as peace could exist…

Then came Lucemon. His powers were so immense, so extraordinary, many considered him a god, a savior for all. His power and influence put an end to the fighting, and the Digimon praised him for this. Lucemon then became so power-hungry, he cast away his innocent natures and tried to make the world his own. None had the strength to face him, and it seemed that all hope was lost. Then came a miracle. Ten Legendary Warriors, each wielding equally powerful elements, rose up and defeated Lucemon, sealing him away and restoring peace; for a time…

In order to maintain peace, three Celestial Guardian Digimon - Seraphimon, Ophanimon, and Cherubimon, were given the authorities Lucemon once had, as well as the elemental spirits of the Legendary Warriors after their passing. But this peace would not last, as internal struggles between the Human and Beasts, as well as the Guardians themselves, began to surface. Cherubimon, corrupted by his jealousy and the influence of an isolated Lucemon, betrayed the other Guardians. After critically wounding Seraphimon and capturing Ophanimon, he assumed control of the Digital World...

The spirits of the Legendary Warriors were once again awakened; five under the control of the evil Cherubimon; the others given to five humans from the other world. Through an incredible adventure, these humans were able to reunite the spirits, defeating Cherubimon. It was only after his death that the puppet master, Lucemon, returned. Through Cherubimon and his other minions, he was able to gather all the data necessary for his ultimate revival. Against all odds, facing the ultimate evil, the humans, harnessing the very essences of the Legendary Warriors, overcame Lucemon, destroying his evil once and for all…

Fifty years have passed since the day of Lucemon's demise. A new evil force has taken over the world, and once again the Legendary Warriors are needed. This time, the burden of liberating the planet of this evil falls into the hands of new heroes…


Digimon: Frontier Legacy

Chapter I: The Adventure Begins! Samuraimon's Burning Soul!


"Is all prepared?" Asked an elderly creature.

"Yes," another replied. "The messages have been sent, and hopefully they'll come."

"Good. Let us pray to the gods that our pleas will be answered…"


"Leo? Leo?"

"Up here, mom!" called a young boy, looking up from his video game.

"Have you finished your homework, yet?"

Leo looked over at the stack of books on his bed, untouched. "Uh, yeah, I'm right in the middle of it," he lied. While he would have gotten it done by now, he simply couldn't put his new game down.

"Alright, then. Dinner will be ready in a half hour."

"What're we having?"

"Your favorite! Bell-peppers and beef!"

Leo chuckled as his stomach groaned at the thought of such a spicy dish. He didn't mind, though; after all, it was his favorite food. "Sounds great!"

"Oh, Leo, could you stop by your uncle's shop to get a loaf of bread?"

"Sure thing," Leo replied, saving his game in the process. He rushed downstairs, getting on his white sneakers with red highlights as he went. "Be back in a few!"

Leo Vertua ran out the door into the busy streets. There was a light breeze, blowing through the 17-year-old's sandy brown hair. His bright green eyes looked at his familiar surroundings as he walked down to his uncle's bakery. He had an athletic build, easily seen by his tight muscles. He was wearing a dark red t-shirt with a black kanji for 'tiger' on it, as well as a loose pair of jeans.

Things had been going well for the boy. Classes were almost done for the year, and he was looking forward to a decent summer of doing nothing but relaxing. He knew that his mother wouldn't have any of that, wanting him to find a summer job and start supporting himself. Ah well, a guy could hope, couldn't he? While he did act a bit on the lazy side, he was no slouch when it came to sports. He had broken his school's record for best hitting average on its baseball team, after all. Besides that, Leo was just like any other kid his age; adventurous, daring, always finding himself in some kind of sticky situation.

Just an average kid…

As he was about to enter the bakery, his cell phone started vibrating and beeping. He took it out and noticed that he had a new message. He opened the message section of his phone and saw it, but there was no subject or return address. What the heck, Leo thought. Normally he would have deleted the message right away, but something made him click on it. Suddenly, the screen went black, and light-blue letters filled it.

Leo Vertua. You have been chosen to aid us in our quest to save our world. Should you choose to accept it, you will gain powers unimaginable, and you will use them to purge our planet of the evil that controls it. This is your only chance to decide. Will you help us?

The message disappeared, replaced by a 'Yes' and a 'No.' Leo didn't know what to make of this strange e-mail. Is this some kind of a joke? Hey, maybe it's a new RPG or something. Well, like I have anything to lose. He moved the cursor over the 'Yes' and clicked on it. In a flash, new text appeared.

Excellent. You will not regret your decision. Please go to the nearest subway station and get into the first available elevator. Your train will be leaving at 5:15 sharp.

In an instant, the message was deleted.

"That was weird," Leo spoke out loud. He looked at his grandfather's old watch and saw the time: 5 pm.

"Ah crap!" He yelled. Now he had a big dilemma. First off, he had no idea what this message was all about, especially if it really was a big hoax. If he did go along with it, he'd have to make up some kind of excuse for missing dinner. However, if he didn't go along with it, he could be missing the possibly biggest event of his life!

Decisions, decisions…


Ten minutes later, Leo arrived at the subway station. He had called home on the way, explaining that he had a project to work on at his friend's house, and that he wouldn't be home for dinner. Luckily, his mother believed him, telling him to come home as soon as he was finished. As he hung up the phone, breathing a sigh of relief, the elevator next to him opened.

"Guess this would count as the first one available," Leo thought to himself. He stepped into the elevator, and as he was about to push a button, he realized something.

Wait a sec, what am I doing on an elevator? All the terminals are on this floor! I knew this was a big hoax! Cursing to himself, he began to walk off the elevator - until the doors closed by themselves. He cried out as the elevator suddenly plunged straight down, making Leo feel weightless. He looked at the floor symbols as the light went all the way to B6, and it continued well past that. What the heck? Is this thing busted or something?

The elevator came to a sudden stop as Leo felt his weight come back to him. The doors opened, revealing a single terminal. Now where am I? There was a train on the track, but only the coaches could be seen. By the look of the smoke and steam rising into the air, it looked like it was ready to pull out. Leo rushed over and hopped onto the last car, just as the train started moving. Man, talk about cutting it close. He entered the car, expecting to find no one else on board. However, there were four other passengers.

The first was a boy about Leo's age, and by the look of his face he was of American descent. He was 5'10" tall with an average build. He had red hair that seemed to be constantly windblown. He was wearing a blue sweatshirt, black pants, and black boots. He lifted up his pair of blue-tinted sunglasses, revealing a set of bright blue eyes. He looked at Leo without expression.

Leo looked over at the second passenger sitting next to the boy. He was clearly the youngest of the small group, maybe eight years old. He had yellowish-brown hair and green eyes. He was wearing a yellow shirt with black trimming, jeans, and black and yellow sneakers. He also had on a pair of headphones, and by the swaying of his head he was obviously listening to music, paying no attention to the new arrival.

The third, sitting on the other side of the coach, wasn't paying attention either. She had shoulder-length black hair, although almost all of it was dyed white. She was staring out the window into nothingness, although it was hard to tell because she had on a pair of sunglasses. She was wearing a black tank top, a dull, silver knee-length skirt, and black platform shoes. She also wore a silver chain necklace with a clear snowflake pendant.

The last appeared slightly younger than Leo, busily fiddling with a laptop. She had crimson red hair that fell over her right eye and went down to her waist. Her light brown eyes showed signs of uneasiness. She was wearing a white sleeveless shirt, beige shorts, and pink and white sneakers. She was also wearing a pair of thin glasses, as well as a bright blue bandana on her head. She looked up from her computer and gave a small smile. Leo nodded, smiling back.

Sitting down in an empty seat, Leo spoke up. "So, I guess you guys received that strange message, too?"

"Yeah, you might say that," the older boy replied. "I'm just hoping this isn't a waste of my time."

"Same here. By the way, I'm Leo, Leo Vertua." He extended his hand in greetings, which the other boy shook.

"Aaron James," he said. "Welcome aboard, I guess."

The girl with glasses spoke up, next. "I'm Asuka Izumi. It's nice to meet you." To Leo, her voice was soft and angelic.

Aaron looked at the boy next to him, who was absorbed into whatever music he was listening to. He tapped him on the shoulder, completely startling him. "Hey kid, aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

The kid took off his headphones, then looked up at the new arrival. "Oh, sorry, I'm Ryan Kanabara," he said, looking down to the floor embarrassingly.

Leo then glanced over at the other girl, who was still looking off into space. "Who's she?"

"No idea," Aaron replied. "I guess she was the first one here, but she hasn't said a word since I came in. Hey, aren't you going to introduce yourself and join our conversation?" He directed this to the girl in question.

The girl slowly turned her head to face who had spoken to her. She removed her sunglasses, revealing a pair of bluish-gray eyes. Leo and Aaron both felt sudden chills going down their spines, as if her essence was that of winter itself. Her message gotten across, she replaced her glasses and looked back out the window. "Okaaay," Aaron said softly, "I'll just leave you alone now."

"So where is this train taking us?" Ryan asked. "I know that note said to take this train, but it didn't mention anything about where it's headed."

"Don't worry too much about it," Leo replied. "I'm sure nothing weird is going to happen."

"Wow, you really mean it?"

Leo felt like he was sweating bullets. Naturally, he wasn't sure himself. "Uh, yeah, of course," he lied. "Would I steer you wrong?" He laughed out loud.

"Most likely," Aaron said jokingly.

Leo felt a vein pop in his head. "Hey, who asked you?" He angrily asked.

"I was just replying to what you said. I mean, come on, we hardly know each other, yet you're treating him as if you're his older brother. No need to overreact."

Leo felt another vein pop. "I'm not overreacting! And that's what enthusiasm is all about, ya hypocrite!"

"Come on guys," Asuka called, "fighting won't get us anywhere."

"Tell him that," Aaron replied, turning away. "I was simply stating my opinion. He's the one who broke out yelling."

Asuka turned back to her laptop. "Well, I don't think he wanted your opinion."

Leo looked at her in surprise. This was one of the few times anyone had ever stood up for him. He had no time to reflect on that, since the train suddenly shaking violently. "What's going on?" Leo asked, feeling his bones shaking along with the train.

"I don't know," Aaron replied. "Just hold on tight!"

Asuka screamed as the shaking continued, her laptop falling off of her lap and onto the floor. "Oh no, my report!" She was about to get up from her seat to retrieve it, but a sudden jerk forced her back down.

"Ah man, I'm scared!" Ryan cried. "I wanna go home!"

The other girl had long since come out of her trance as soon as the shaking began. She looked frightened, yet didn't speak out from it.

Just then, the car was filled with a bright light, which split into a rainbow of beautiful colors. Five beams struck the fives' pockets. They each removed the cell phones they had with them, and they stared in amazement as they transformed into strange new devices.

"What…what is this?" Leo asked quietly. The light vanished as quickly as it appeared, and everything suddenly went black…


The five awoke to find that the train had stopped, and the doors had opened. One by one, they cautiously stepped out into their new surroundings. They seemed to be in a large prestigious temple. It's onyx walls kept the room feeling dark and dank. Candles were lit, giving the room light. Several large and unusual statues lined the walls. They seemed to resemble humanoid creatures, yet it was unclear to the five what they were. The continued walking through the temple until they came to a large round table. Three beings in dark blue cloaks were seated there, and they all stared back at the newcomers.

"Ah, you've arrived at last, oh saviors of our world," said one of the beings.

"Alright, who are you?" Aaron asked. "Why did you bring us here?"

"All will be explained in due time. As for who we are, we are the Sacred Three. We are the ones who watch over this world and see to it that it is protected from all evils. Tell me, children, are you familiar with the Digital World?"

"Oh, sure," Ryan replied. "We know all about it, right?" The others, except for the white-haired girl, nodded in agreement.

"Excellent," the second being said. "At least the message of the first Warriors was spread to your world. In that case, I'm sure you're all aware of what occurred here fifty years ago?"

"Yeah," Leo replied, "the Legendary Warriors defeated Lucemon. So what?"

"Sadly, evil never rests," said the third being. "When one evil is defeated, there is always another to rise up to power and take its place. This evil also carries the powers of the legendary elements, and it is using them to bring chaos and destruction to our once beautiful home."

"But what about the Legendary Warriors?" Asuka asked. "Couldn't they take this thing down?"

"Unfortunately, this being has powers beyond that of even Lucemon. They stood their ground and fought to the last Digimon, but they were overwhelmed by the sheer force of this new power. It left no survivors."

"Swell," Aaron said. "If they couldn't defeat it, then what can?"

"That's where the five of you come in," said the first being. "When the Legendary Warriors were defeated, their Spirits would have normally been absorbed by this evil. But thanks to our intervention, they were instead scattered across the planet. They now lay dormant, waiting for their new owners."

"Once the spirits have been found," the second being added, "they will be transformed into stronger versions of themselves, and they will empower you with strengths the previous Warriors only wish they had. When all the spirits have been gathered, there will be more than enough power to stop this great evil once and for all."

"You have all been selected as the new Spirit bearers," said the third being. "The Spirits cannot simply be given to anyone. They must be chosen by the Spirits themselves to become the new bearers. We chose the five of you because we feel you have the best chance of reclaiming the Spirits for the greater good of this world."

"Okay, so let me get this straight," Leo interrupted. "You want us to find the spirits for you in order to save the world?"


"But what can we do? What's so special about us? Why can't the original bearers come and reclaim them?"

"Sadly, the Spirits will no longer recognize their original bearers. Their memories were destroyed along with their bodies. And as for your being chosen, as mentioned, we feel you have the best chance of finding and becoming the new Legendary Warriors."

"Unfortunately," the second being said, "we can't force people to do what we want them to do. It is the choice of the chosen whether or not they will bear this great quest. So we ask you again, will you help us?"

There was silence for quite a while, until Leo made up his mind. "I'll do it, if it means bringing peace back to this world."

"I'll go, too," Aaron said next. "Like I have anything better to do with my time."

"Me, too," Asuka agreed.

"Me, three!" Ryan yelled enthusiastically.

"It's going to be dangerous," Leo said to him. "Think you're up to it?"

"Of course! I've got you guys to help me!" The bullet-sized sweat seemed to return to Leo.

"What about you?" The third being asked the white-haired teen.

She looked at the being and replied, "sure. It's not like I have anywhere else to go."

"Brilliant!" The beings all happily yelled simultaneously, jumping up and down. "The Warriors have accepted their quest! The Digital World is in capable hands!"

"Okay, enough celebrating," Aaron said. "Where do we begin?" The beings stopped jumping around, sitting down as if nothing had happened.

The first replied, "obviously, you must start by finding the Spirits. We have someone here who will help you on your way." He snapped his fingers, and a panel opened up in the middle of the table. A lift appeared, and on it was an unusual mechanical being.

It looked like a computer with long arms and stubby legs. A small black half-spherical head popped out from the top of the computer, its big yellow eyes coming online. It beeped for a few seconds, then said, "oh my, what is it?" He spoke with a strong British accent.

"We have our new Chosen, of course," the second being replied. "Children, meet Archivamon. He is-"

"The most versatile and up-to-date walking archive in the world!" Archivamon cut in. "I am fluent in all known forms of communication, and I know everything about the Digital World, from places to inhabitants to even foreign delicacies!"

"Guess ham is included," Leo whispered to Aaron, and they both snickered at the quiet remark.

Steam suddenly shot out from Archivamon's 'ears.' "I also have advanced hearing, you jokers." Leo and Aaron sweat-dropped.

"He will be your guide on your journey," the third being said, hoping that the walking computer wouldn't butt in again. "He will help you locate the Spirits, and he can identify and Digimon you may come across. Your quest begins immediately." The giant doors behind the group opened. "Go now, and free the Digital World of the evil!"

"Come along, children," Archivamon said, "the sooner we get going, the sooner we can begin." With that, the group exited the temple and went out to begin their quest…



Darkness as far as the eye can see. It felt empty, yet the being called it home. His form was hidden in the shadows. This was the evil the Sacred Three spoke of, the Dark Force.

He sighed as he sensed something. "I feel a presence," he said in a deep, dark voice. "So, the new Legendary Warriors have been chosen. I was wondering when those three helpless buffoons would send the message. They may think they received their saviors, but I'm about to blow out their candle of hope." He picked up a small black deck and fanned out the cards. He chose one of the cards and gave it essence. The being on the card was given physical form, and it kneeled before its satanic creator.

"What is your bidding, my master?" It asked.

"The new Legendary Warriors have arrived. Seek them out and kill them."

"Yes, my master." The creature disappeared into the shadows.

"Now," the Dark Force said, "let's see if they actually have what it takes to bear this burden." He chuckled quietly to himself.


"Alrighty!" Leo shouted. "Where do we start?"

Archivamon activated his tracking programs. "We don't have to go very far," he replied. "The first spirit should be somewhere down there." He pointed to a smoky canyon not too far from the temple.

"Boy, whoever hid the spirits must be pretty nice to leave a spirit close by," Ryan commented.

"Or, it could be a trap," said Aaron.

"God, must you put down everything we say?" Leo asked.

"Like I said, I'm only stating what I'm thinking."

"Well I'm thinking that you're nuts!"

Asuka stepped in between the two arguing boys. "Oh, not again! Can't we all just get along?"

"Knowing those two," the other girl replied, sighing, "not likely."

Before anyone could react to the girl speaking again, they were interrupted by a sudden whistling, and by the lowering in tone, it was getting closer quickly.

"Incoming!" Ryan yelled, pointing at a fireball in the sky. The group jumped out of the way as the fireball hit the ground where they were standing, creating an explosion and a small crater.

"Where the hell did that come from?" Leo asked. Just then, they heard laughing above them. They looked up to see a new Digimon. This one was a seven-foot-tall humanoid, and it seemed to be made completely of hellfire. The red, orange, and yellow flames licked the ground he was standing on. His dark-blue eyes stared at the group mockingly as he formed a fireball in his outstretched right hand.

"What is that?" Asuka asked worryingly.

Archivamon scanned the Digimon and brought up its profile on his screen. "He's called Meramon, a Fire Digimon at the Champion Level. If his Fireball and Roaring Flame attacks don't burn you to a crisp, his fiery temper most certainly will."

"Got that right," Meramon called, his mouth appearing to be sewn up with black stitches. "I've been sent here to extinguish you all. Prepare for a broil! Fireball!" He tossed the fireball in his hand as if it were a baseball.

"Run for it!" Aaron yelled. The group escaped the second attack and ran toward the canyon. Meramon gave chase.

"Hurry!" Archivamon gasped, lagging behind the rest of the group. "Into the canyon! We've got to find that spirit if we want to stop this living inferno!"

As the group got to the bottom of the canyon, Meramon took a big leap in the air and landed before them. "You can't escape my blaze! Roaring Flame!" He took a deep breath and exhaled a stream of intensely hot fire. Everyone ducked, then scattered to find cover amongst the many rocks and boulders.

"Come on!" Leo said, shaking Archivamon. "Where is that spirit? You should know!"

"I can only detect the energies of the spirits!" The walking archive replied. "I can't pinpoint their exact locations!"

"Damn it, you're a real help!" Leo said angrily. "What are we supposed to do, now?"

"You can burn!" Meramon replied, tossing a Fireball at the boulder Leo and Archivamon were hiding behind. It exploded into millions of fragments, and the two fled. "That's right! Run like little Lopmon!" Meramon laughed, tossing more and more Fireballs. Pretty soon the entire canyon was filled with fire.

"This is nuts!" Aaron called out, ducking another flamethrower. "How are we supposed to fight him without any kind of power?"

Meramon laughed out loud. "That's the idea! You can't fight back! You'd never take the heat at the start of your hopeless quest, so that's why I was chosen to put you through the broiler!" Movement caught his eye, and he turned to see Asuka running away. Grinning, he tossed a Fireball at her, and it exploded behind her. She screamed as she fell to the hot ground.

"Oh no!" Archivamon shouted out. "Someone stop him!"

"Ah," Meramon sighed satisfyingly, "the first victim of my barbeque. It's been nice knowing you!" He inhaled, preparing to use his Roaring Flame again.

"Hold it!" Meramon turned around to see Leo standing behind him. "Leave her alone, you sad excuse for a matchstick! If you want to get to her you'll have to go through me!"

"Leo..." Asuka spoke quietly.

"Oh, is that right," Meramon said sarcastically. "And what are you going to do about it, you little piece of charcoal?"

"You're trying to put fear into our hearts with your hot attacks and your ridiculous puns, but it isn't working on me! Your strength is no match for my determination. I may not have any power, but I can at least stand up to you!"

"I've had enough of your insanity!" Meramon yelled. "Roaring Flame!" He sent his fiery breath attack straight at Leo. He was immediately engulfed.

"LEO!" Cried Asuka.

"He's toast!" Aaron yelled.

Meramon ended his attack to see that the spot where the 'little charcoal' once stood was now filled with flame. "Not talking or standing up to anyone now, are you?" He laughed. Suddenly, he saw energy spraying from within the flames. The fire was extinguished, and Leo was still standing, not a single scratch of burn on him, as if the attack didn't even happen. "What? How can that be? You should be more roasted than a marshmallow!"

Just then, a bright light came out of the ground and floated next to Leo. The boy heard a beeping coming from his new device. He pulled it out, and the light instantly entered the device. The Kanji for 'Fire' appeared on the screen. "It is time," a distant voice said. Fractal Code surrounded Leo.


The Fractal Code vanished, revealing a new being of great power. He was wearing a gi decorated by red, orange, and yellow flame designs. He wore bright gauntlets, as well as leg and shoulder armor, all shining red. His helmet was a deeper shade of red, a gold crest with short horns adorning it. A strange mask was on his face, leaving his eyes and mouth exposed. On his black belt was a scabbard, containing a long sword. The new being looked up, his bright green eyes burning with a passion.

"Oh my," Archivamon gasped. "Leo's become the new Warrior of Fire!"

"Amazing," Ryan commented.

"Incredible," Asuka said to herself.

"Meramon," Samuraimon spoke, his voice filled with determination, "it's about time I extinguish your fire!"

"You think you can stop me?" Meramon retorted. "Don't make me laugh! You may have changed shape, but you're still nothing but a piece of used charcoal to me!"

"Think so, huh?" The new Knight of Fire asked, taking a fighting stance. "You want some? Come and get it, you two-timing torch."

Meramon's anger fueled the fire that made up his body. "That's IT!"

He charged in, with a flurry of punches, his fists flaming hot. Samuraimon dodged the jabs and swings with ease, letting his opponent come in closer and closer. When Meramon threw a head-on punch, the Knight of Fire stopped moving, grabbing the fist in his outstretched hand. Before the Fire Digimon could react, Samuraimon gave a chop to his arm, then another to his neck. As Meramon jerked back from the attack, he was hit again, this time by a roundhouse kick.

Meramon stumbled backwards on spaghetti legs, but regained his balance. His temper reaching new heights, he began to throw fireballs at the Knight of Fire. Samuraimon stood his ground, dodging the fireballs aimed at his legs and deflecting the rest with his gauntlets. Meramon grew even more angry, taking a deep breath and sending out another Roaring Flame. Samuraimon quickly drew his blade the held it up in front of him. The blade cut right through the fire, splitting it down the middle.

"Are you finished blowing smoke yet?" Samuraimon asked.

The Fire Digimon roared out in total rage as he charged.

"Guess not," the Knight of Fire said. In an instant, he was dashing towards his foe. Just as quickly, he had drawn his blade. "Sword of Salamandra!" With incredible speed, he slashed twice diagonally. Meramon screamed as his fiery body was cut open two ways. Black blood fell to the ground, melting the sand, as he stepped back in dread and terror.

"No escape for you. Incendiary Stream!" Samuraimon released a stream of fire from the palm of his free hand. The attack engulfed Meramon, and one could barely hear his screams. When the flames disappeared, the Fire Digimon's body was replaced by a black shadow surrounded by Fractal Code.

"Stay out of the kitchen if you can't take the heat," Samuraimon said. He pulled out his device and pushed a button. Energy spewed out of the device. "Time to put you out of your burning misery. Fractal Code, Digitize!" The Code around Meramon was absorbed by the device, and the Digimon's silhouette disappeared.


The card's picture of Meramon suddenly went black. The Dark Force looked at the card disappointedly. With a single thought, he set the card ablaze, sighing in the process.

"Well now," he said, "I suppose they have potential, after all. But it will only take them so far. Their hopeless journey has only just begun, and soon they will all bow down before me. Just you wait!" He laughed out loud.


The battle over with, Samuraimon de-Digivolved back to his old self. The rest of the group rushed over to greet their friend.

Asuka jumped in and gave Leo a big hug. "You did it! You saved us all!"

Leo's face became redder than a turnip. "Uh…it was nothing, really."

"Seriously, that was cooler beyond cool!" Ryan said. "You're my hero!"

"Uh, thanks?"

Aaron slapped Leo on the back. "I don't know how you did it, but you did good."

"Not bad," the other girl said, "considering who the spirit chose."

"Speaking of which," Leo said, "I don't think you introduced yourself. If we're going to be a team, we'll need to know each other if we want to function properly."

"Fine," she replied. "If you really want to know, my name is Natalya Sphaera. Just call me Snow, though."

"Excellent work!" Archivamon congratulated. "We have found our first spirit! If finding the first was such a cinch, he rest of them should be easy pickings!"

"You've got to be kidding me!" Leo said. "I mean, we almost got killed today!"

"So?" Archivamon replied. Leo facefell. "Come now, with the spirit of Fire in our posession, we'll have plenty of firepower to find the others." He chuckled at his own joke.

"God, I thought I was the one who makes the puns around here," Leo said to himself. The others nodded.

"Well, what are we waiting for? I feel the energies of another spirit coming from that direction!" He pointed to the east.

"Alright then, let's go!" Leo yelled. "Our quest has just gotten started!" The rest of the group, except for Snow of course, gave a cheer as they headed in the direction of the next Spirit…

To be continued…


The search for the next spirit leads the Chosen into a dark forest. Little do they realize that they are being tailed. Can they surpass the dangers thrown at them and claim the spirit?

Next time: The Strength of a Hurricane! Dragoonmon's Dragon Fist!