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Chapter 1

Hermonie sat on her bed in the Leaky Cauldron thinking. Tomorrow she would leave to go to Hogwarts for her 5th year, but with Voldmort back, she was a growing danger to Harry and the Order. She had kept her secret from everyone, even Dumbledore. None of them knew what she was, no one knew she was half vampire.

She had the ability to change from her human form to her vampire form at will, though if she had a choice she would never change into her vampire form, and never have to drink human blood. The worst part wasn't having to drink blood, the worst part was enjoying it. She lived a cursed life, she was forced to feed on human blood at least once a week to survive.

Her father had been a powerful vampire who had fallen in love with her mother. He had repented his evil ways for her and he had been one of the few to resist Voldmort. Hermonie had inherited his power, but if a stronger vampire came to serve Lord Voldmort, he could control her. That's how it worked, the more powerful vampires controlled the weaker ones, they always would. And she was in the perfect position to kill Harry and destroy the Order.

The only reason she still was going to Hogwarts was because she was hiding in plan sight. If she ran away, Voldmort might find out her secret and… she didn't want to think about what would happen then.


Harry and Ron walked up the stairs and into Hermonie's room. The three of them had decided to come to the Leaky Cauldron a week before term started to get all their books and be easy to reach if the Order needed them.

When Ron and Harry walked into Hermonie's room they were surprised to see her sitting on her bed staring off into space.

"Hermonie? You ok?" Ron asked going over to her and prodding her in the ribs.

"What?" Hermonie looked up startled, her eyes had a far away look in them. "I'm fine, just thinking."

"Don't you ever do anything else?" Ron asked prodding her in the ribs again.

"What do you mean? I read, do my homework, study, and um… What's so funny?" She asked. Both Ron and Harry were laughing.

"You just proved my point." Ron said.

Thereafter followed much thrashing. Hermonie's worries were forgotten for the moment. Right now she was too busy trying to hex Ron and Harry who had taken cover under the bed to worry about, shall we say, other issues.

Hermonie was joined in her Harry/Ron bashing by Fred and George. They came running up the stairs and proceeded to suggest countless punishments and tortures.

"You could try hanging them in a well."

"Or feeding them to pink fluffy kangaroos"

"Or have them sing a lullaby to a deaf, man-eating monkey."

"Or feeding them oysters."

"Oysters?" Hermonie asked.

"Nasty old things aren't they Fred?" George said.

"Aye, but not worst then salmon." Fred answered.

Fred made a quick exit then, as well he should. George was chasing him and hitting him repeatedly with a fish.
(Don't ask me how he got a fish, just use your imagination. Maybe one fell from the sky or something.)