Chapter 12

Ron retreated to the back of the group, he had to think. The other man had said that he and Hermione were 'one mind' what did that mean. It was definitely possible that Hermione was doing this out of her own free will, maybe the vampire part of her was truly evil and she was no longer able to control it, but she had said that if Voldemort had found out he might be able to control her. His thoughts were interrupted by a body being launched on top of him, it was Fred.

George rushed over, "He's just unconscious." Ron told him before getting up and facing Hermione. She could have killed Fred but she didn't, that made him sure that she was being controlled.


Hermione fought them, dodging spells and kicking out and tearing at them with her claws, Fred came at her, and she grabbed his throat, 'No!' she thought as her grip tightened and his air began to cut off, she tried to let him go but she wasn't strong enough. She looked into his face and for a moment she thought he was Ron, seeing Ron's face gave her a burst of energy and she threw Fred away from her.

He landed on the on top of Ron several yards away. Time seemed to slow down as Ron stood up and turned toward her, he looked at her and by his gaze she knew he understood what was being done to her. Her body prepared for the next attack and she tried to resist, but she had used too much energy to save Fred and now there was no way she could fight back. She tried to tell him with her eyes, slightly pleading with him to back away, but he didn't.


Ron looked at Hermione, there was pain in her eyes, she seemed to be asking him to back away, but he refused. She was his friend and he wasn't going to let anyone control her.

"Stay away." He told the other members, never taking his gaze off of Hermione as she crouched down in an attack position. "Hermione listen to me, I know he's stronger, but that doesn't matter, you're only half vampire, he can only control half of you. You're part human, you have a heart and a soul, all he has is an empty existence. You also have friends, people who care about you, you can't let him take it all away. I care about you so no matter what I won't leave you behind, I won't let him have you, and if worst comes to worst, I won't let you die alone either." Ron spoke the last part in a softer voice so that she alone could hear his words.

Ron had meant every word he had spoken, his feelings for Hermione went deeper that just friendship, he didn't care if she was half vampire, he didn't care that she had lied to him for years, he loved her for who she was. He loved her for being her.

And then Hermione lunged, she pushed him to the ground and raised her fist to deliver a crushing blow to his head, but before she could bring down her fist Ron spoke, "Hermione, lets show that bastard that the heart can overcome the mind." Then he kissed her.


Harry opened his eyes to find that he was chained to a wall somewhere. He looked around and saw something he never wanted to see again. Harry could handle Voldemort, but not this.

A few feet away from him Voldemort was sleeping in a chair. A happy, childish smile was spread across his face and he looked, Harry shuttered at what he was about to think, Voldemort looked like an innocent little baby dreaming about the zoo, or some other place of fun. Harry gasped in horror as he saw the full extreme of this nightmare, Voldemort had a stuffed teddy bear clutched to his chest.

Harry shut his eyes and tried to shut out the horror, but that became impossible as Voldemort let out a loud giggle.

"I want a bunny mommy, you said I could get any pet." Then Voldemort fell silent for a few seconds seemingly listing to a reply before starting to talk again. "No I no want snakes, they scary mommy, I want bunny." He said pouting.

Voldemort rolled over and Harry's wand fell out of his pocket, Harry's chain was just long enough to allow him to reach the wand and pick it up. He used his wand to unchain himself from the wall, thankful for something to keep him distracted from Voldemort.

He relief was short lived however as it took little time to complete the task. Turning his back to Voldemort, Harry crept over to the door and started to pull it open.

"Not so fast." A voice said from behind him and Harry sighed with relief, the voice was filled with Voldemort's usual mance and cruelty, no longer sweet and childlike.

Turning back around Harry faced the Dark Lord in all his glory.


As Ron kissed her, Hermione felt strength rush into her. Ron had shown her the gateway to her heart, a power Necant did not posses. The shield broke around her as she forced Necant from her mind.


Necant was having trouble holding his own in his shield. Unfortunately for him, Dumbledore was in his shield and that made matters a little complicated. To make matters worse, the stupid half blood was fighting his control in an attempt to spare her friend. She had already diverted herself from killing one of the red hared boys and was currently facing another, Ron. Necant was just starting to get the upper hand when something happened.

He screamed as a bolt of pure love shot through him. He was a being of evil and as such he could not stand feelings other the evil ones he possessed. Necant tried to force the goodness from his body but she was there.

Hermione stood like a flaming pillar of doom in his mind's eye. She was reaching out to touch him and he tried to run away, but the confines of his mind were at her control and he found the walls shrinking around him. Soon he had nowhere left to run, and as he turned a flaming hand reached out and rapped around his throat.

Necant turned to dust with one last perching cry that hung in the air, unwilling to follow its maker to the grave.


Harry sent the killing curse at Voldemort, not really expecting it to hit. The two of them had been dueling for about twenty minuets without any hits. But as Voldemort prepared to move a shriek reached their ears, and Voldemort lost his concentration. Voldemort stayed still a second too long and Harry's spell ht him squarely in the chest. Sending him flying back and killing him instantly. Once Voldemort had survived the very same curse, but after his resurrection he had not yet regained his full power.

And so it was that Voldemort died, his death caused by the Necant, the vampire who was his most loyal follower.


Several days later Ron was sitting alone in the Gryfindor common room. The other students had gone to visit Hogsmead, Harry was still at the Ministry of magic, answering questions, and Hermione had gone missing after the battle.

Ron sighed as the door swung open, expecting to see a student who had changed their mind about going to Hogsmead, but it wasn't.

Hermione stepped through the doorway and turned to face him.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered looking down, I didn't mean for any of it to happen. Ron walked over to her and lifted her face so she was looking directly at him. "It wasn't your fault." He told her before gently kissing her. Ron waited for Hermione to back away, but instead she returned the kiss.

For the first time in her life, Hermione was able to forget what she was as she returned Ron's kiss, lost in the joy of the moment.

The End