In The Wrong Lane

Disclaimer: I don't own Jimmy lol!

Authors Note: Inspired by Tatu's album "200km/H in the wrong lane" I am aware that their songs represent lesbianism, however I thought a different interpretation could be used.

This fic takes place around the episode "Stranded" (FAVOURITE episode EVER)

It has a different take to it though, different ending etc. So it kind of follows it in the first chapter, but I promise you it changes.

All the things she said all the things she said…

Running through my head

Running through my head

Running through my head…

I couldn't comprehend her words. Not right now. Not when the sunlight was reflecting so elegantly against her features, broadening those daring green eyes, which had narrowed over the course of our argument.

All the things she said all the things she said

Running through my head

Running through my head

Running through my head…

"The equator is an invisible line Cindy! You can't see it!"

"Yes you can Nerdtron!"

"No you can't Vortex! Look I'll prove it to you!"

This is not enough…

Of course, I asked Sheen and Carl to come along. And Cindy wanted Libby there, because it's plainly obvious to her that an unbiased opinion was needed. So as the hover car buckled nervously under the strained weight, and the thoughts of skipping school erased from young minds, we set off into impending daylight and threatening dusk.

During this time, aside from driving, my eyes would every so often glance at the centre of light. But she could not feel my eyes watching her. The warm sun licked my skin as the exact co-ordinates were in place. Swirling my hand across the water, once again I proved Cindy wrong.

"See, the exact co-ordinates of the Equator, and there is no line." Casted upon her face was defeat, yet she struggled, grasping onto that once of dignity she never really had.

"No see its there!" She pointed across the ocean, however it was plainly obvious she had lost. Still, the urge to humour her sprung from the pits of my stomach.

"I don't see anything Cindy."

"You're not looking in the right direction Nerdtron." She strained her torso across the side of the car. "It's right there." At this point, both of our bodies were leaning dangerously, but at that moment, all that matter was how close she was to me.

"Guys…be careful you might fall out!" Libby warned us, her shrill yet mellow tone ringing throughout the air. And was that a look of admiration Sheen?

As fate would have it, she slipped and fell, but not before my hand was able to grasp the heaven that was hers.

And then, the voices were calling out to us as I tumbled into the shimmers below. Gone were our friends, just us left treading the open waters.

Off in the distance we spotted land, so taking strength we swam those open waters to salvation, and destruction.

I'm in serious shit

I feel totally lost

"What are we going to do Neutron?! This is all your fault!" She cried, falling against the sand and standing again.

"We have to be rational Cindy, our lives depend on it." At this point, her brave facade had fallen, leaving a scared little girl. Babblings about lessons and schools and 4:30s rang through the air, but the most important thing was of course, finding water.

If I'm asking for help, its only because…

So we trampled on, through that thick jungle with the snakes after us and hopeless hearts beating deep inside our souls. It was at that point, when we jumped into that spring, our salvation, I discovered a wonderful and painful feeling.

Being with you, has opened my eyes…

I felt something other than hatred for that Cindy Vortex. And somehow, I liked it.

Could I ever believe, such a perfect surprise?

So that's what had driven me to open oyster after oyster, looking for that special grain of sand created into the wonderful jewel. And it was when the sun was setting on the tropical horizon, crackling fires and smoke rising into the sky that we awkwardly managed some sort of a rather deep conversation.

I keep asking myself, wondering how

I keep closing my eyes but I can't block you out…

"You know Jimmy…I've actually had a good time hanging with you…" Her face had obtained the essence of a tropical burn.

"Well Cind- Wait, did you just call me Jimmy?"

"That is your name isn't it?" She blinked, shifting away.

"Well yes but…never mind." It occurred to me now that there really wasn't anything wrong with her calling me Jimmy, and I felt almost sorry and apologetic for reacting the way I did. I scooted closer, gathering courage. She turned those haunting green eyes towards me.

"Well…If I could be stranded on an island with one person, it would be you." I felt a warm smile creeping across my face.

"I have a present for you Cindy." Her face lit up.

"For me? Out here?" Reaching behind my back, I pulled the oyster from before.

"For you." I handed that fragile rock to her, and was amused by the way her face fell.

"A lovely…" I moved even closer. With the gentlest of a whisper stirring the hair tucked away behind her ear, her eyes lit up in wonderment.

"Open it…"

"Oh Jimmy it's beautiful!" The pearl reflected the fading fires across the ocean. Closing that box again, she slipped her hand into mine, and our heads leaned against each other, content in life for once.

Wanna fly to a place where it's just you and me

Nobody else so we can be free

In the truest sense of clichés, nothing lasts forever. Our beloved friends found us, saved us and we left that blessed island.

I'm all mixed up, feeling cornered and rushed

They say it's my fault but I want her too much

Cindy was quiet on the way home, with occasional comments to questions. They had not seen her begging me as we left, wanting to stay in peace and solitude. No school, just us. Before we left, I ran back into the jungle to grab my shirt (of course in all the excitement I had almost forgotten it.) That was when I saw the heart on a tree, the initials C and J. But no leap of romance jumped from my boggled mind. For the slashes along that tree were deep, and fresh, with a hint of red stains. And I knew, things wouldn't be the same.

Wanna fly her away, where the sun and the rain

Come in over my face, wash away all the shame…

It hadn't dawned on her the way we must be when we returned. Not on the island. However, it stirred the thoughts within my own mind. And soon enough, they were engraved in hers.

When they stop and stare, don't worry me

Cause I'm feeling for her, what she's feeling for me

We stepped off the hover car, not even a glance was given my way. But I know what we both want, we can't have. Not now.

I can try to pretend, I can try to forget

But it's driving me mad, going out of my head…

It was at that point she pulled me aside, away from them (being lost at sea had our parents frantic). She didn't say anything, but placed some unknown object into my hand and walked away.

All the things she said

All the things she said

Running through my head

Running through my head

Running through my head…

MusicSpirit: So...that's the first chapter. It follows the context of that episode, but things will take a different leap. Don't you worry!