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School. School is a place where hell hides in the creaks of worn desks and the scratches on the wall. Hell seeps into the floors. I used to love school. School was a haven, a place of competition, of being the best. But I could no longer claim that prize. Right now the school is empty. Everyone else is chattering outside, trying to abstain from the entrapment of the school walls for as long as possible. But I cannot handle them. So I headed straight inside, letting the quiet shroud my brain, letting it ooze and place me in a meditated state.

I complicated our lives

By falling in love with him

I complicated our lives

Now I'm losing my only friend

I sit wordlessly at my desk. I didn't sleep, I couldn't sleep. All I could imagine was the way he looked at her, the way he touched her. I kept replying their kiss over and over in my weary brain. I couldn't let go of him. Not when he looked at me through the windows of the Candy Bar, I just…

He loves me, He loves me not

All I wanted was to be normal again. I had to be normal again. I had to find a way to become me and rid myself of his presence, of his ability to torture me. The classroom fills, people laughing away as they prepare for the day's lesson. I pretend to work on a paper, act distracted. I can't let them see me weakened and beat. My body tenses when he walks into the classroom. I don't even need to see him, I can just feel him. I keep working, writing as he sits down next to me, my hands trembling. I have to pretend that I am okay. I can feel his eyes watching me intensely and I choose to ignore it. I will not give in.

The morning is hard, I barely make it through. The break consisted of apologies from Libby and pitying looks from others. During lunch Libby sits with me, out on the steps of the school. I am quiet and let her babble on. I do not listen, but gaze without focus on the world before me.

"You know, Nick totally has a crush on you." Her words somewhat register in my mind.

"Really? That's nice…" Libby looks crestfallen. I know she was hoping for a reaction, a positive one. I knew she was trying, trying to make up for what had happened the other day.

"Yeah…someone told me that he's going to ask you out, to the movies." I keep quiet, not mentioning his efforts of care from before. The bell rings and we head back to class. Libby is quiet and upset and I realize that I need to make more of an effort on my part to rebuild our friendship.

"Hey Libby, what are you doing tomorrow night?" She turns to me and smiles.

"Well girl I ain't got no plans except to hang with you!" She frantically pulls out her phone and I watch her fingers text Sheen that she has to cancel. I grab the phone from her before she can finish, a feat in itself, as Libby is the champion text messenger.

"Don't cancel on Sheen, we can hangout on Thursday, is that okay?" She nods her head and I give her back her phone.

By the end of the day, I am the first one to leave. His presence is intoxicating, overwhelming and I just need to get out.

As I walk home, I begin to contemplate what it is I should do. What it is I can do to regain my self back. I decide I needed to be strong. I wasn't going to let him beat me. I wasn't going to let her get the best of me. I was going to do what I could, I was going reclaim my place as Cindy Vortex. I was going forget them and become me. I have to go back to who I was before the name Jimmy Neutron was in existence to my town. And before Jimmy Neutron…There was Nick Dean.

I started blurring the lines

Because I didn't care

I started crossing the line

Nick. The 'coolest' guy in school. The guy that all the girls wanted, and all the guys envied. Nick would be the one to help me get back on track, to reclaim everything I had lost. I use to spend hours fawning over him...

Cause you were never there

No where to turn,

No one to help,

It's almost like I don't even know myself

As I walk into my house, I formulate my plan. I'd have to start dating Nick and move beyond my current circle of friends. I had to forget Jimmy Neutron.

He loves me, He loves me not