Long ago...when the pyramids were still young, a mighty pharaoh ruled over Egypt with fair rule and judgement over the land. With many followers with powers unimaginable control the darkness within the shadows. When the war erupted against the pharaoh and his high priest, there was another story to add along that was with this story. One of pharaoh's own flesh and blood.

His daughter, the princess. She who was curse with even greater power than those of the shadows combine with darkness. Others too, curse on beings and people but all sharing light with one Ka. A love between a cursed one and one of noble blood, the pharaoh's daughter that was long ago. Now the past is being reawaken once again through items carrying the souls of ancient spirits. Though thought to be only seven as the legend speak, what if there was one more millennium item but carried the princess's soul along with a cursed one as well?




Egyptian Myth

Chapter One

It was a day to remember as only Tohru Honda would only ever think that she would be having such a time when she was in class that Friday afternoon. She sat still,staring ahead at the school chalkboard where the teacher had written in the middle of the day when it was almost over. 'History project' underlined twice for heavy meaning to everyone.

"This is due by next Wednesday." The sensei said and a lot of moans, groans and cries of 'Oh man, and on a three day weekend too!' The teacher glared at everyone in the room. "Look just be grateful, at least get some information, have it type up and present it to the class with full report. Got that? And this will be like a very important to your grades, so get cracking! And follow these type to get for them." A lot of kids started writing down what the sensei was saying the paper should be, how big type, style, etc.

Tohru was a little concerned on what she should write on.

Mother, what do you think I should write, history is so complicated at time but I must work hard to keep getting good grades for you. When the bell rang, everybody exited, school was over. Kyo Sohma, who had barely paid any attention to what sensei said, just snorted and walked out of the room along with Yuki who was busy setting papers in for the next meeting as the president in their school. Tohru later met up with Hana and Uo outside in the schoolyard. They talked a bit before Tohru had to leave for her job. The three-day weekend, Saturday thru Monday, was something that sadly couldn't be spent together as Hana had to babysit her brother Megumi while her folks were away on business and Uo was going to a motorbike show in Tokyo and stay overnight.

"So what are you guys doing your projects on?" Tohru asked rather curious. Uo looked like she was thinking but she had a wild smirk on her face, "Oh I was thinking to do mine on Japanese Woman's gang history. There some interesting details and stories and moi as one once part of that life, I think I like to share that with the class."

Hana just stared blankly, "I want mine on nothing fancy, but I heard of the Witch Trial back in America in the 17th century and heard some interesting things on the rumors and myths that was share along with the woman trial as witches and ways of telling if they were one." Tohru and Uo stared silently at her. "Tohru what are you planning to do yours on?"

"Eh, I-I don't know, I have been trying to figure out an interesting topic but I feel that some are too much or too difficult."

"Maybe you can ask the prince for help?" Uo said as Kyo came up to them, him grumbling under his breath when he heard the word 'prince' meaning rat-boy Yuki. "Oy, neko you have something in mind for your project?"

"What's it to you Yankee and why should it be any of your business! And don't call me 'Neko'!" He shouted at her. Tohru and Hana stood still as they watched the show before Tohru's watch beeped, saying it was time to head to work. "Epp! I have to go now, I'll see you later at home Kyo-kun!" She said hurryingly as she waved to them and dashed off. Kyo turned and was about to say something when he saw she already left. Uo knocked him on the head. "Ow what was that for?!" Baka neko, he really doesn't get it, these Sohma boys, god... She sighed as she went and ignored him with Hana walking alongside. "Hey why in the hell did you hit me!"



Tohru worked diligently in the building as she made certain to have everything done before coming home. Even though Momiji, the little blond bunny who went to the same school as she and Kyo and Sohma-kun did along with Haru, had been sick with a cold and by Hatori-san's order, had to stay in bed for a week.

Oh well, he needs to rest himself up because colds make the Sohma's weak and turned then into the animals of the zodiac curse they had. She probably go and see him later and try to cheer the bunny up with some hello and cook chicken noodle soup. When she finished at around eight, she got her things and was ready to go home. Usually, Yuki or Kyo or both would come by and pick her up but since it was getting late, she headed on home herself, unaware of what danger laid for young girls who wandered by themselves. Two years, living with Shigure, Yuki and Kyo and knowing of the secret was of very importance to her as she knew that others wouldn't understand well like herself. She wished there was a way to help them all.

Tohru walked down the street, seeing the clouds get cloudy and darker then a light drizzle falling. She used her case as a umbrella over her head as she walked through the pouring rain. Oh I should have brought an umbrella or at least called Shigure at the house to asked him to come by or something, sighing she walked steadily onwards as the rain started to fall in sleet and became harder to see. Through blinded eyes, she could make out darkened signs and empty street as she made to cross one of them.
Unfortunely, as she was crossing over, a black car looming in the distance, came closer but the driverdriving throughthe drizzling rain, couldn't see the young girl crossing but was able to try and slow when he did. But the road was too slippery and with the brakes slamming and Tohru lifting her head saw it before being knocked backwards by the front bumper and falling two feet across from it. Tohru laid still and unable to breath as the hit had taken an impact on her and she started to feel darkness surround her. Before Tohru gave in, she saw a man stepping out and then another from back, a woman, dressed in white coming out and speaking rapidly to the person, driver, in a strange language and that was all Tohru saw before darkness engulfed her.