Chapter Seven

Tohru made it back to the museum but she was too busy thinking of something, trying to figure what was going on with herself.

'What's happening to me? Why did one moment I'm talking normally then the next I'm not and don't even remember what I've said? I don't know what was going on but Yugi-kun was looking at me strangely.'

And there was something about that puzzle around his neck. Why did she seem so drawn to it so and why had she heard a voice that sounded exactly from…her dream?

She was so confused that she was uncertain if she would ever get a clue to what was happening to her.

She made her way to the front desk and asked for the books Isuzu was lending her. The woman bent under and took the stack under and handed to her.

"There you are, Isuzu said you can take your time with these. Some are longer than others and they tend to trail on the certain histories of the ancient civilization and the pharaohs that once lived in those times."

"Arigato, tell Isuzu that I said thanks." She took the books in her arms and started carrying them along with the bag holding her purchase from the gameshop.

The books were heavy and she wondered if she would make it to the station before the books would fall out of her arms due to their heaviness.

Just as she was heading out the door, someone opened it and she took a sideway glimpse to thank them.

But when she did, the stranger, a man wearing a tan robe and his face nearly covered up with the scarf around and turban.

All but his blue eyes were the only one she could see.

Those eyes, those strange soulless eyes that stared down at her.

As if directly in her soul.

She blinked and was about to speak but the person had already left and she turned to see where he went but he was gone.

Disappeared into thin air.

Strange was how she thought in her mind as she exited the museum with the confused look on her face and on the ride home on the train. First her trip to the museum, strange dream, now a stranger with soulless eyes that she was thinking now she seen twice.

Something strange was going on and she seem to be the only person left out on knowing what it was.

She stared outside the window, watching as she left Domino town and watched the sun set, making the city look to be on fire.

So beautiful, and she would be back here tomorrow again. She did promise Yugi-kun and she never back out on a promise. Beside something about him was strangely drawing her and she thought he was very kind to her and should pay back that gratitude.

She was lost in thought for the rest of the ride until it reached her stop.

Inside the bracelet, the spirit of the ancient item wandered restless within her long resting place, walking about the many rooms of the labyrinth that locked many secrets in which she could not even open.

Many that she wished she would not in truth. Why, she was not too sure.

She sat quietly on one of the many steps and looked around her, staring amiss the hanging door and ceiling above.

Too long had she been asleep and never at full peace, knowing that somewhere, in time she did not know, that she would be called forth again from her forever slumber.

She could feel it rising within the air, stirring her and the 'other' within this imprisonment as she felt the presence of other spirits awaken and already aware of what was happening.

And she had met him…the pharaoh….


She remembered little of him, almost nothing, only that she knew him once eons ago and he was a part of the destiny she was to fulfill.

The only thing was she didn't know exactly what it was. But something told her she would find out pretty soon.

She heard the growling of the creature stirring and went up the stairs to stare at the great being lying behind it's large prison suspended in the air.

It was a large golden cage decorated with hieroglyphs along the bars. The confide of this prison was large enough to hold the most powerful of all monster that only she once had to hold in her last life.

A godly being that once raided the great sands of Egypt, destroyed nearly a whole civilization before her untimely demise.

The glowering red eyes stared at her and snarled behind its prison.

When shall we let her know…. I grow weary of this game.

She stared at her life-long companion. She too wanted to let herself be reveal to whomever had found them and released from their dark imprisonment.

The person, her Hikari, as she saw within the catacomb of darkness was young, a mere child in her case. But then she found that the pharaoh had possessed the young boy and with her teaching, she could give this girl understanding of what was to happen.

Soon, I promise, Bastet…I shall see her soon and let her know what is it that she must understand, we must have patient dear Goddess.

Bastet snarled then turned within her room, the large soft padding of her claws clicking the stone inside echoed in the wall.

Make certain that it is tonight…
I can feel my body slowly dying and merging within our new body as we speak. And when I'm inside her, you know what will happen. She and I will become one and the only way out would be through death and after…

just like you and me…

She heard the goddess speak no more and knew the great cat would be resting until the end when what she spoke was true.

Time was of the essence and she would have to hurry in order to make preparation to begin. She would have to see to it that their new host understand what she was become a part of a game.

A game that depended on them to win in order to save the world from evil and fulfill their long last destinies like before.

The spirit felt the cat goddess draining and soon all their souls would merged into one body.

The spirits becoming one with the Hikari.

Tohru return to the house in time before she could start dinner. She walked through the door, expecting to see Shigure, Yuki-kun or Kyo but to her surprise, they weren't.

'Wonder where they could have gone off to?' She went up stairs and headed to her room to placed the books and the bag with the cards on the desk.

She was about to leave it and headed for the kitchen when she saw a note scrawled in cursive writing beside her mother's frame.

She plucked it out and looked at it. It was in Shigure's handwriting.

Dear Ever-Sweet Flower,

Had to go with Mii-chan to renew contract.

Yuki gone off to Hatori's for his monthly check-up

and Kyo, if he's there or if he ran because Kagura was coming over today will be with you, my best guess check the roof and see.

Tell him not to break the house while I'm out. Thank you sweet flower...

Da Jane


Oh and please tell us how your visit to the museum was when we come home at nine, usual time for dinner.

Be most intriguing conversation with everyone I think.

Tohru looked over at the small clock sitting on the desk and saw that she had plenty of time before she could start cooking.

Perhaps she could start on her history report. There were lots of books to read on and she hoped that she could find what she needed through them by what Isuzu provided her with.

"Let see…" She sat down and took one of the few slim books there was in that pile.

The title was caption, "Ancient Myths and Legend of Egyptian Gods."

She opened the beginning and started to read on the many different kinds of deities there were during the ancient era.

The gods and goddesses were described to being half-human and half-animal, having the power to either give good fertility for the land and women to the punishing single hand of the wicked.

She read about the story on Osiris, Isis, Set and Horus.

The story telling how Osiris was once ruler of Egypt and then killed by his own brother, Seth and his body hacked into pieces. Isis, Osiris's wife found them and brought them back together and then had a child named Horus.

"Strange how this could be happening if the man was dead and a single piece was missing for her to have the child." But as she read on, she found herself more and more enchanted by the tale and love the end where Horus avenged his father's murder and becoming the new king and Seth as god of storm.

She did feel bad that Seth didn't have a good relationship with his brother but she felt more sorry for Horus because of the lost of his father.

She read more and more about the gods, learning about Anubis, Thoth, Sobek, Nut, Neith, and so the list went on and on and the more she learned on them, the more fascinated she was by these wonderous beings. She was amazed and astounded that the people of that time believed in so many.

She had finished reading on Nephthys, the wife to Seth and mother to Anubis, a half-jackal person and guardian of the dead, and had turned to the next page.

What she saw surprised her and made the breath in her chest cease and made her almost drop the book.

A picture of a woman with the head of a cat but strangely had the features still of a beautiful woman stared directly at her through the photograph. But that was not it, beside the picture was a statue. A statue she thought looked vaguely familiar.

She read what was underneath the two pictures.

In early times Bast (written as 'Bastet' by scribes in later times) was a goddess with the head of a lion or a desert sand-cat and was regarded as mother of Mahes, a lion-headed god…usually depicted as a cat, or as a woman with the head of a cat or lion.

She was also connected to Hathor, Sekhmet, Tefnut, Atum (her father) and Mut. Also was believed to be a daughter of Ra (the left eye).

It was only in the New Kingdom that she gained the head of a house cat and became a much more 'friendly' goddess, though she was still depicted as a lion-headed woman to show her war-like side.

"The cat-goddess was originally worshipped in the form of a lioness. By 1000BC Bastet's guise had transformed into that of a benevolent cat. Her popularity became widespread throughout Egypt, and she was often depicted in works of art as a deity possessing the body of a woman with the head of a cat...

In later Egyptian theology she took on the appearance of a cat-headed hawk, emphasizing the spirituality of the cat and symbolizing the soaring immortal soul"

"Kyo might be surprised by this new." She said out loud as she continued to read and turn to the next page to find out more on Bast.

…Bast is often holding a sistrum, a percussion instrument with a wooden or metal frame fitted with loose strips of metal and disks that jingle when shaken. Cat images adorn many sistra and in ancient Egypt the annual festival at Bubastis was a wildly joyful affair with singing, dancing, shouting, rattling, drumming and plenty of food and drink for all.

Bast the Cat Goddess has been associated with pleasure, music & dancing for millenia. A Moon Goddess.

Becoming protecter of the home and family.

Goddess of love and joy and festivals.

However in the beginning, she was started off as a lioness goddess. Bast was a warrior goddess and would destroy great civilization, letting the rivers flow red with blood.

Bast went to nubia to destroy. She was then in isolation for a while.

Until she returned around 1000 bc a much nicer goddess she then took on the form to which she is commonly known Cat Goddess.

The many stories told of this goddess were lost unknown through the history when the Egypt was nearly destroyed and all its knowledge was almost lost.

'How interesting', she thought but as she looked at the picture closely, but just as she was staring intensely at the cat-like eyes, suddenly her body started to feel pain.

Hot unspeakable pain as it started at the stomach then spreading everywhere, knives carving in and out, opening wounds unseen but still could feel blood flowing from the cuts.

She felt her body go hot then cold, then on fire again and ice once more.

God what was happening, what was going on? She clutched her stomach and bend over, feeling like she was ready to throw up.

Quickly she got out of the chair and ran straight to the bathroom. She heaved but little came out, some bile and then only saliva and she held onto the bowl with shaking hands. She looked in the water and saw for maybe a second that it looked dark red.

Like it was blood.

Blood…but when she blinked, she saw only brown masses and green pieces of food from the vegetables she ate from lunch.

What was going on with her seriously?

She pressed down on the lever and watched as it flushed down. She then stood up, waiting for her body to give a relapse but none came.

She walked slowly back to the desk and then decided maybe she had enough reading for one day. But as she close the book she looked over at the other stuff and saw herself picking up the bag and pouring the contents out.

"Might as well see what these were." She picked up one booster pack and ripped it open, scattering the cards on the table.

Bastet roared within her prison.

The pain, the unspeakable pain. It was too much! She wanted to claw and yanked the cage open, she wanted to release her wrath on this ungodly torture.

Why why did she have to feel this from within herself.

The spirit senses the goddess's pain. She was dying so fast and would be reborn inside the vessel in a matter of seconds all too soon.

She would have to hope that notbefore she had a chance to speak with their Hikari.

Please hang on, just a few more hours until it's time Bastet… She continue to hear the demon-like screech coming from the cage then stopped.

Bastet was still alive, but barely. She would only hope to speak with their new guardian before their host becomes prey to their goddess's uncontrollable power.

It would most definitely be tonight just like the dream before, she would introduce herself and tell the Hikari what she was going to be.

'Let me pray to Isis that I will not be too late…'