If Only… You Were Back

Me: Yo! And welcome to the story. This is a sequel to 'If Only… I Had Told You'. I hope you enjoy.

Tidus: Am I even in this story?

Me: Yeah and no. There's a sphere of you. I can't give anything away yet.

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Chapter One

Wakka's POV

I can't believe how long it has been. Two years. So much has change since the death of Sin. The whole of Spira, apart from our little group, were rejoicing. We on the other hand weren't. Yeah we were happy there was on Sin, but in the process we lost two dear friends, one maybe more than a friend.

Everyone has changed, a bit. Lulu hasn't changed much, still stoic and sarcastic. Rikku had left to work with her dad as a mechanic. She comes back a lot saying that she misses us all. Yuna stayed with us, and so did Kimhari. Kimhari hasn't changed at all. He still doesn't talk much and follows Yuna around. Yuna has changed a lot. Every time I see her, her style of clothes are becoming more and more like Rikku's. That's if I see her. She doesn't talk to me much, but I guess that is to be expected. I mean if I was in her shoes I guess I would be upset too but I wouldn't have completely ignored them.

Just like today. Yuna, Lulu and Rikku left this morning to go to the Farplane to see Tidus. Rikku and Lulu asked me if I wanted to go and I was going to say 'yeah' when I saw Yuna glaring at me. I declined and they left. So now I'm walking around the Island, by myself. It's Blitzball season so the Aurochs were away too. I would have liked to go with them. I went last year and saw Tidus, it would have been nice to see his face again. I might go on my own. Like last year. I miss him. I miss having a guy friend, even if my feeling were more than that. Kimhari is okay as a friend but he isn't as cheery as Tidus was. Was. Oh Shiva I miss him.

I think I should change the subject before I hurt myself too much.

Author POV

Wakka walked along the beach deep in thought. He stopped when he got to the harbour. He narrowed his eyes at something that seemed out of place. Under the wooden harbour was a dark thing. He walked closer and stopped when he realised it saw a body. A human body. Wakka moved closer and pulled the body into the sunlight. He looked the body up and down amazed. It looks so much like a blonde friend of his, but something was out of place.

Then he noticed. 'Breasts? Tidus doesn't have breasts.' Thought Wakka as covered that particular part of the blonde's anatomy. He checked to see if the person was alive and was happy when he found a pulse. 'How can this be?' Wakka lift up the body and carried it back to the town. "Who are you?" Wakka said to the sleeping form. The short journey back to the village was uneventful apart from the thoughts running through a certain redheads mind. The form looked exactly like Tidus but a girl. The clothes she wore were the same but seemed bigger. Which was probably due to the fact that girl Tidus was very thin, almost unhealthy thin. She seemed too light. Wakka walked into the village but stopped when a blonde person stood in front of him smiling.

"Hey." Smiled Rikku brightly.

Wakka smiled back. "Welcome back. I thought you would have been away longer."

Rikku shook her head. "Nope. We found quite a few things when we were away and couldn't wait to tell you… well Lulu and me anyway." Rikku said the last part sadly.

"It's okay. I know Yuna hates me." Wakka smiled.

Rikku gave Wakka a quizzical look. "How can you smile know that she hates you?"

"Because I don't want there to be any bad feelings between us." Wakka sighed. "I know she hates me but I don't hate her. I just want her to know that."

Rikku smiled at him. "You're a very forgiving person Wakka. But you don't have to be. You're allowed to be as upset as the rest of us."

"I do get upset I just don't like getting fussed over about it."

Rikku shrugged. "Oh well." Rikku noticed the bundle in Wakka's arms. She looked up at Wakka, her eyes wide in surprise. "It that?"

"It's not Tidus. Last time I check Tidus was a male."

Rikku looked closer. "Oh I see. Did Tidus ever mention a twin sister?"

"No. Anyway what were you saying about you found a few things while you were away."

"Oh yeah. Tidus wasn't there. When we went into the Farplane Yuna tried to see Tidus and he didn't show. Lulu and me tried it to and it didn't work. Then guess what? When we got out of the Farplane I tripped up on a sphere and guess who's sphere is was? Yeah it was Tidus's." Rikku stopped and got her breath back. Wakka shook his head at her, smiling.

"A lot Tidus around today. I guess this female look-a-like could tell us a lot when she wakes up."

The pair walked the rest of the journey in a comfortable silence. When they reached the village Rikku waited outside Wakka's hut as he put the Tidus look-a-like on his bed. He came out and they walked over to Yuna's hut. Yuna and Lulu were sitting on Yuna's bed and Rikku sat beside them. Wakka sat in front of Rikku on the floor with his legs crossed. When everyone was ready they all watched the sphere.

The sphere started a Tidus was sitting in a bathroom, perched on the bathtub. He looked into the camera. "Hey guys." He waved. "I never thought I would be going this but I just I should. When you get this I'll be gone so I guess I should clear a few things up." Tidus stood up and moved the camera and he sat on the floor, crossed legged. "I'm going to say a bit about each of you, but I'm not sure who to start with." Tidus lifted a finger to his lips then lowered it again. "Kimhari. To be honest I was a bit scared of you when we first met, but you were always there to protect us. You were always so quiet. I want to thank you for everything. Lulu. I was a bit scared when I met you too, but that was just because I had never seen anyone wear clothes and make-up so dark. You helped me whenever I needed advice. And I'm grateful for every bit of help you've given me."

Tidus smiled. "Rikku. Do you remember the first time we met? I was so glad that someone could understand me. And then when you joined our little guardian group. You always cheered everyone up. Always smiling and being yourself." Tidus's smile faded and he looked slightly upset. "I know about Auron. I know he's an unsent and that he's going to leave us. I hope I get to say my goodbye to him." Tidus turned away from the camera. "Yuna, I'm so sorry about leading you on. I really didn't mean anything when I kissed you. I just… I don't know what to do when people get upset. So I did the only thing that I thought of." Tidus looked back at the screen. "I'm sorry. I'm in love with someone else." Tidus smiled slightly. "Wakka. I-" There was a knock at the door and Tidus turned to the side. "Yes?"

"It's Wakka. You okay, man?" Came Wakka's worried voice.

"I'm fine. I was just getting a shower."

"Okay. We've found Sin and we're almost at it."

"Okay. I'll be out soon. Just drying up."

"Okay, man."

Tidus still faced the door with a look of longing in his clear blue eyes. "If only I could tell you the truth, Wakka. Well I guess that's why I'm making this sphere." Tidus turned back to the camera. "I love you Wakka, more than anything. I would have liked to say it to you in person but I'm too afraid of rejection. And I'm not that sure how Spira acts towards people like me. I do like girls too but not so much after I meet you, Wakka. You were so friendly to me when we first meet. And all those times we had to share a bed, I was so happy that I was so close to you. But then I got sad again because I knew I couldn't really have you.

If we were in my Zanarkand then we wouldn't have to worry what other people think about as. No one would really mind. But my Zanarkand and myself are just dreams. Dreams that will be lost forever." Tidus smiled slightly. "I'll miss you all." The camera clicked off. And everyone one sat in silence for a while.

Rikku, not really liking all the silence, coughed. "Well that was interesting."

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