If Only… You Were Back

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Chapter Ten

Rikku raced ahead and walked up the plank onto the airship. Lulu wasn't far behind. Kimahri and Wakka walked out after, with Wakka carrying a sleeping Tidus. The group met together in the deck. Rikku hugged her dad. "You have bad timing, daddy." She said.

Rikku's brother walked up to Rikku and hit her on the head. "And you have no timing at all." Rikku stuck her tongue out at him. Brother stuck out his tongue too.

"Settle down you two." Cid looked at Rikku's friends. "Planning a party, Rikku?"

Rikku smiled sweetly to Cid. "Not a party. Just a little detour."

"We're making a detour anyway."

Rikku tilted her head. "Why?"

"Miss High Summoner demands to be taken to Bevelle." Rikku frowned and storm towards the door then stop.

"Where is she?" Asked the blonde without turning around.

"In one of the cabins, I think. Where are you going?"

"To finished what we started." Rikku ran through the door and Lulu followed behind.

"Rikku, stop right now. This is stupid, one of you is going to get hurt." Said Lulu from the other side of the door.

"Yeah. Her." Came Rikku's snappy reply.

Cid shrugged his shoulders then looked over at the unconscious Tidus. "How'd he get back?" Asked the man.

"Long story." Said Wakka as he headed out and to one of the spare cabins. Kimahri followed Wakka out.

"I hope Rikku wins." Said the Ronso.

"She will. She's an Al Bhed. Course she will."

Wakka found an empty cabin and put Tidus on the bed. Wakka and Kimahri followed shouting and found the room Rikku, Lulu and Yuna were in. Rikku and Yuna were circling each other, both wishing to hurt the other.

Yuna lunged for Rikku. Rikku waited till Yuna was almost at her before she side-stepped out of the way and let Yuna hit her head off the wall and fall to the floor. Rikku smiled and dusted off her hands. "All done." She said proudly. Lulu shook her head at her lover's antics. Rikku smirked at Lulu. "I think I deserve a prize for my win."

Rikku kissed Lulu's neck and started to nibble at it. "Umm… Rikku?" Lulu said, looking straight at Wakka. Rikku lifted her head up. Lulu nodded her head towards Wakka. Rikku turned and saw Wakka and Kimahri.

"Aww, you guys spoilt my fun." Rikku pouted. Lulu hugged her girlfriend from behind. "But I'm sure Lulu will make it up to me." Rikku smirked looking back at Lulu. Wakka walked up to Rikku and ruffled her hair.

"You don't like losing do you?" Rikku smiled and shook her head.

"Well done, Rikku." Kimahri said in his gruff voice. The Ronso smiled one of his rare weird looking smiles.

"Did I miss the party?" The group turned and saw Tidus leaning again the doorframe with a huge grin on his face.

"Tidus." Whispered Wakka. Tidus ran straight to Wakka and hugged him tight. Wakka hugged the blonde back.

"I missed you." Tidus said as he buried his head in Wakka's strong chest. "I can't believe I couldn't remember who you were. And I can't believe I lost my virginity to her."

"You did?" Asked Wakka.

Tidus moved back to look Wakka in the eyes. He nodded meekly. "Shamefully, yeah. I really wanted you to be my first."

Wakka smirked. "Well technically I can still be your first." Tidus blushed and nodded. Rikku coughed loudly.

"Sorry to break up the reunion." Said Rikku. "But Tidus, we're going on a trip round Spira after we drop of princess here," Rikku jerked her thumb at Yuna lying on the floor, "to Bevelle."

"Cool. It'll be good to see Spira after two years." Tidus smiled and hugged Wakka tightly. Never wanting to let go.

In Bikanel Island Wakka and Tidus were sitting in the sand enjoying the sun. Wakka was lying on his back with his hands behind his head. Tidus was lying in between Wakka's legs and resting on Wakka's chest, eyes closed. "Spira has changed so much."

"Yeah. It has." Sighed Wakka.

"Hey lovebirds!" Shouted Rikku. Wakka trying to move but with Tidus on top of him it was a bit hard.

"Hey!" Wakka called back not exactly knowing were Rikku was. Rikku and Lulu and two other men appeared in Wakka's vision.

"Stuck?" Asked Rikku.

Wakka smiled. "A bit." Wakka lifted Tidus's head up to face him. "Wake up sleepy." Tidus kept his eyes closed and buried his face into Wakka's chest.

"Too comfy." Mumbled Tidus. Wakka chuckled and tickled Tidus exposed sides. Tidus started giggling then started laughing. "Cheater!" Tidus moved back out of Wakka's reach and pouted. Wakka sat up and kissed Tidus lightly. Rikku coughed lightly. The couple turned to face her.

"We're going back home!" she announced.

"Are you coming back with us?" Asked Tidus. Rikku smiled and nodded happily.

"Dad said as long as I remember to write I can stay with you guys in Besaid." Wakka stood up and helped Tidus to his feet. "I'd like to introduce you to two people." Rikku pointed to the two men. "This is Gippal." Rikku pointed to a tall blonde with an eye patch and one green eye. "And Baralai." Next she pointed to a silver haired man with dark tanned skin and dark brown eyes. The two men were holding hands. "We were telling them about you and they wanted to meet you."

"(Sexy blonde.)" Said Gippal.

"Gippal!" Said Baralai.

"(Don't worry, baby. You're still hotter.)" Gippal licked his lips. "(But the blonde is sexy.)"

"(Thanks.)" Said Tidus. Gippal froze for a second. He scratched the back of his head.

"(I wasn't expecting that.)" Everyone laughed at Gippal apart from Wakka, who had not understood anything that had been said. He tapped Tidus's shoulder. Tidus turned to Wakka.

"Yes, babe?"

"When we get home, you are so teaching me Al Bhed." Tidus smiled and nodded.

"(He doesn't know Al Bhed?)" Asked Gippal. Tidus shook his head. "(Well then, I think you have a very sexy boyfriend.)" Said Gippal to Tidus.

"(You have a sexy boyfriend too.)" Said Tidus.

Gippal smirked. "(I'm thinking foursome?)"

Tidus took Wakka's hand in his own, intertwining they're fingers. "(I don't like sharing.)" Gippal laughed and Baralai lightly punched his shameless lover. The whole group walked back to the Al Bhed Home.

Tidus and Wakka walked back close together glad that everything was sorted and they would be going home. Together.

The End

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