Holler Player!

I am back by popular demand : )

Well, I know ya'all want a sequel, but I don't want to give you one. . . Bohahaha : P

So, I'll throw you this bone for now. It is actually the original ending to The Poker Game, which I trashed because I thought it was to out of character for the way I had written earlier, but I still find it funny.

Rukia grinned at him, not all embarassed to be sitting on his floor in half her school uniform. Her attire consisted of one sock, a skirt, an unbuttoned blouse (he had allowed her to keep it on because she claimed she was cold), and her undershirt.

He, on the other hand, was down to his boxers. Humiliating, yes. But that wasn't why he was infuriated. That was more to do with the fact that he was practically naked while Rukia had yet to cross the line into "half-dressed". And then there was the fact that he was losing to a girl. Sure, it was Rukia, and she could be pretty sexless at times (although sitting there, staring at her legs stretched out on his carpet and watching her chest rise and fall in that thin blouse, he was forced to disagree), but still. It was the principal of the thing.

"Two pair," she said, laying out her cards.

Ichigo grinned at her, thankful that his luck had not yet run out. He still wasn't over the fact that he had--rather stupidly--dug him self into such an amazingly deep pit. He should have known that Rukia, would have a great poker face. "Full house."

Without even having to be asked, she leaned over and removed her other sock. God damnit, he thought, narrowing his eyes. Did she have to do it so . . . so fucking seductively? Then again, maybe some of his father's suspicions--or, more accurately, declarations--were true, and he was just reaching that age . . .

"Ichigo," Rukia said, leaning over to snap her fingers under the orange-haired teen's nose. "Hurry up, slowpoke, and look at your hand." Ichigo jumped and seemed to have a rather hard time picking up his cards. She grinned wickedly, realizing that she had never had so much fun in her life. Now she could understand why the girls in those books she had read to get an idea of what high school would be like enjoyed teasing boys so much.

And Ichigo looked so adorable when he blushed . . . .

Rukia peered at him over the top of her cards, one corner of her mouth twitching as she slowly showed him her hand.

"Royal flush."

Ichigo cursed himself for not wearing socks.