Ami's Sempai

By Essearth

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Chapter 1 Old Faces New

It was dark. The cave stank of rotting flesh, and corpses littered the ground.

There was scream, and all was silent. She kept walking. Stepping around the rotting corpses of dead youma. She stepped over the corpse of a gigantic black and red youma, with two huge ram-like horns. Just as she brought her other foot over the youma, it came alive. She screamed and drew her weapon and shot at the youma. The youma charged and she shot it in the head. It let out a loud deafening scream. And all went black. Two words appeared in the Dark………. GAME OVER! CONGRATULATIONS! NEW HIGH SCORE!

A glass-shattering scream was heard as Usagi jumped for joy. "I did it. I finally beat Sailor V."

Minako was standing behind her. " It took you long enough. You've been trying to beat it for the past 2 years."

Usagi frowned. "I would have beat it sooner if Ami didn't make me study all the time."

Ami looked away from her book. " Studying is better than video games. Studying can't rot your brain."

Usagi looked over at Ami. "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?"

Ami looked at Usagi. " It means if you spend more time studying than playing video games you might get better grades. Besides, studying is much more fun."

Everyone sweat dropped. Ami smiled picked up her book and bag and headed towards the door.

"I guess not everyone likes studying as much as I do." She said to herself.

Ami waved goodbye and headed home for some much needed (dare I say it) studying.

She was walking home as she usually did when she saw some one from her past. He was walking with his hands behind his head, looking back and forth at all the shops. He was wearing a red Chinese shirt, and black Chinese pants with black martial artist slippers. He had a shoulder length black pigtail tied with a piece of string. Ami stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes were fixed on him.

'It can't be him,' she thought to herself. 'I saw him get knocked off that cliff by that panda in China. He couldn't have survived that 200 foot drop even if he did land in that mysterious spring below." She continued to stare.

He came closer. Ami's heart began to race. The only man she had ever spent time with (that didn't involve studying or tutoring) and truly loved, also the same man who died 4 years ago was coming toward her. He was getting closer. She didn't know what to do. He was almost to her. She froze. Then it happened

BAM! Ranma, to busy looking for somewhere to eat didn't see the perplexed love struck girl he just plowed into. Ami looked up. There he was. The man who saved her life and won her heart. The man who suppose ably died four years ago was lying on top of her in a very provocative position. Her brain went into turbo mode.

Ami's brain: supposable dead lover in provocative position on top of body private parts in close proximity to each other. Ami blushed a bright red and promptly fainted. Ranma looked down at the unconscious body of Ami. He looked closer.

"Why does she look so familiar?" He thought to himself. "Its like I know I know her, but I just can't seem to remember."

Ranma studied her body from head to toe trying to jog his memory. Ranma reached down and put his hand on her softly on her cheek.

Ranma's brain: Image does not compute. Memory error. Please press control Alt Delete to reset and try new scan.

Ranma shook his head hard. "Why can't I remember!?" He shouted.

Ranma's shout plus the unconscious body of Ami lying at his feet was starting to draw a crowd. Ranma looked around. He saw a group of girls dressed in fukus running towards him. He noticed one in particular as she was running she tripped over her odangoes. Ranma instantly recognized her as Sailor Moon. Ranma had no clue what was happening. He looked down at Ami's body. He stared for a moment and then scooped her up in his arms and leapt to nearest roof and roof hopped away.

Usagi (Saliormoon) arrived on the scene. The youma that was attacking the people 1000 yards away from where Ami was lying was now facing Usagi and her friends. The youma let out a loud roar. Sailor moon struck her pose and began her speech:

"I am the warrior of love and justice and in the name of the Moon I will punish you." She struck her finishing pose.

The youma cocked an eye. " What a goofy ass pose and speech. I wonder who writes their scripts?"

Just then The Sailor Senshi launched their attacks.




The attacks hit their mark. The Youma was, needles to say, toast.

Sailor Mars called out to Sailor Moon. "Do it now Sailor Moon!"

Sailor Moon spun around at intense speeds and launched her attack. MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK!

Sailor Moon launched a giant 9-foot heart at the youma and dusted it. The battle was over. The pure heart crystal was returned to the owner's body and the Sailor Senshi disappeared into the shadows.

Ranma was still running over the rooftops of Juuban during the battle. In his arms was the unconscious body of Ami. Ranma was looking for a place to set her down when a warm liquid ran down his arm. He looked around. It wasn't raining. He looked down at Ami. It came from her. Ami had had apparently became excited and wet herself. Or so he assumed.

Ranma finally came to a stop in a park about a mile from Rei's shrine. He laid Ami's body on the bench in the park and started to walk away when a faint voice rose from the wind.


Ranma turned and looked in the direction of the voice. It was Ami's. She was conscious. Ranma walk over to the bench and kneeled down.

"Who are you?" he asked. "You seem so familiar but I can't seem to remember you."

Ami smiled and sat up. She looked at Ranma. "Did you bring me here?"

"Yes" Ranma said. " I bumped into by the arcade. I fell on top of you and you fainted."

She looked up at Ranma. "So why did you bring me here?"

"There was a youma." Ranma said with a serious look on his face. "The Sailor Senshi showed up and I had to get you out of there. You and I both know how much collateral damage they can cause."

Ami's smiled. "So you brought me hear to protect me."

Ranma put his hand on the back of his head and blushed. "Well, it seemed like the right thing to do at the time."

Ami smiled. "Thank you for saving me, now I must go, I have studying to do."

Ami stood up to leave and realized something. Her panties were wet, and there was a wet spot on her school fuku. She blushed a bright red. Ranma looked down at her fuku. He looked away when he saw the reason she was blushing.

He then stood up. "You know if you want I could give you lift?"

Ami looked around. I probably should be walking across town like this. It would be to embarrassing. Ami looked toward the street. "I don't see your car?" she stated. "If you don't have a car how did we get here from across town?"

Ranma scratched the back of his head. "I kind of carried you." He said with a sheepish grin."

Ami looked up at him with a perplexed look. "I hardly think you could carry me all the way here from downtown Juban at this time of day and make it here as fast as we did."

Ranma looked confused "How do you know how fast we got here"? He asked.

Ami gave her 'I will explain' look that she usually gives Usagi to Ranma.

"It was exactly 5:00 when I came out of the arcade. You hit me fives minuets later. My watch says 5:20 now. There is no way some one can get across town to this park by walking in 15 minutes. Ranma stared Ami in the eye.

"There is one way." Ranma said a matter of fatly. Ami looked Ranma dead in eye and with a curious look.

"What way is that?" she said. Ranma looked at her with mischievous grin.

"This way" He then scooped Ami up in his arms and shot to the roofs.

Ranma bounced roof-to-roof, heading towards the direction of where they collided. He reached the roof of the building just above where they collided. He then set Ami gingerly down on her feet. She stumbled a little bit then fell back into Ranma arms. She looked up into his face.

"I see. You took a short cut." Ami said still disoriented from Ranma's full speed roof hop.

Ranma then look down to the street below then looked at Ami. Ami was standing on the edge of the roof looking down. Ranma walked up behind her. He put his hand on her shoulder and went to ask her if she wanted a lift home when the edge of the roof she was standing on gave way. Ami's began a free-fall plummeting towards the ground.

Ranma immediately took action. He jumped off the roof and caught Ami his arms. He then landed on the ground with ease. Ami's heart was racing. She had just fell three stories and was still alive. She also seems to be floating above the ground. She looked up to she Ranma's face smiling back at her.

"So decided to take a dive I take it?" He asked chuckling.

Ami's couldn't help but laugh at Ranma's little joke. Ranma and Ami stood there for about three minutes just staring into each other's eyes. Ranma trying to figure out why she was so familiar and Ami trying to figure out how Ranma could have jumped off of a three-story building and no break a single bone.

After another few minutes of staring, Ranma turned to Ami's who was now sitting on the sidewalk thinking. "My offer to take you home still stands."

Ami turned to Ranma. "I'd like that."

Ranma scooped up Ami into is arms and leapt up to the roof of a near by building and started roof hopping toward Ami's house. After about 5 minutes of roof hopping, Ranma stopped. Ami looked up at him. Ranma's head was was turning side to side like he was looking for something.

"What's wrong?" Ami asked.

"Um, I probably should have asked this before we started but could you tell me where you live?"

Ami's burst out giggling. She pointed down the road to the end of the street. "See that one there? "

Yeah" Ranma said.

"That's my house."

Ranma looked towards Ami's house. "I sense something evil is near."

Ami perked up. "What?"

Just as those words left her mouth, A sawed off old man appeared out of nowhere and landed squarely on Ami's chest.

"Sweeto!" The old man screamed.

Ami screamed.

Ranma drove his fist into the geezer's head flattening him into the rooftop. The old geezer growled.

"How dare you! How dare you strike the Master and creator of anything goes Martial Arts."

At these words Ranma's brain cleared for a moment allowing a small amount of memories in. Memories of his training. It also unlocked a vault in Ranma's mind containing one memory in particular. The Neko Ken training. A memory of a bald man in glasses wearing a white gi tieing meats around him and throwing him into a pit of cats. This caused Ranma to drop Ami right on her butt, fall to the ground, and start rolling around on the rooftop holding his head. The old geezer was no longer angry seeing as how he had apparently scared the shit out of his opponent.

"Smart boy." was all the old man said.

He then tried to reach under Ami's fuku for a quick feel. Ami performed an instant transformation into Sailor Mercury. This resulted in the old geezer getting launched into lower earth orbit by Sailor Mercury (Ami). Ami de-transformed and ran to Ranma's side. He was holding his head repeating the phrase, THE FAT BALD MAN WILL PAY. Ami's spent the next few minutes trying to calm Ranma repeating the phrase

"Ranma calm down it's alright." Ami Succeeded.

Ranma regained his composure and finally stood up after rolling around on the roof for 5 minutes.

When Ami tried to ask Ranma what happened all he said was a really bad memory of his martial arts training came back. When she asked what the memory was, all he would say was the word "cats." Ranma finally dropped Ami off at home 45 minutes after the incident occurred. Ami walked to her front door, turned around, and waved goodbye to Ranma. Ranma waved back and hoped on the nearest roof and head off into the night. Ami wondered in her head as she walked into her house how she was going to explain being so late to her mother. It wouldn't be too hard though. After all she's a genius right? Ami took a deep breath.

"Mom I'm home!" Ami called

"Ami dear, how was your day?" Ami's mom said as she watched her daughter head up stairs with the look of love on her face.


"Yes Mom?"

"Who was that handsome young man who brought you home, and why is there a wet spot on your dress?"