Ami's Sempai Chapter 3

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Ranma lay in a daze on Ami's floor. She had propped up his head with a pillow and made him as comfortable as possible after pouring some hot water on him.

"What am I doing in your room?" Ranma asked. His head was racked with pain.

"You had Mr. Saotome by his Gi and you were about to beat him down

When you passed out." Ami told him.

Ranma sat up and put his hand on the back of his head. "The last thing I remember was holding that idiot of a father of mine by his Gi and was going to pummel him when….."

Ranma's eyes bugged out. "How did I know he was my father? I got my memories back!"

Ami looked at him stupefied (If that's possible for her), "What do you mean you got your memories back?"

"I remember everything!" Ranma exclaimed. "I remember my dad, the baka panda downstairs, but I don't really know who the others are. Although that young girl in the blue dress looks a lot like you." He said with a one. "I even remember how I lost my memory." Ranma exclaimed happily.

"How didyou lose your memories anyway?" Ami asked curiously.

"Well…." Ranma said trying to think where he should begin his tale. "It was about one year after I met you and I left the city to continue my training. My old man had the crazy idea that Jusenkyo would be a great place to train. The guide there tried to explain to pops that training there was not a good idea, but pops won't listen to anybody except that old geezer he calls master. We started training, hopping from bamboo pole to bamboo pole, trying to beat each other. We trained for about an hour when I landed a kick in pops face. He fell into one of the pools. He shot out of the pond and… well; he caught me off guard and knocked me into one of the pools. I landed head first in the pool. When I hit my head, I hit this weird looking stick. It was green with a really weird symbol on it. After I hit it I felt my body change."

Ami put her hand on her chin in thought. The stick he described……It can't be though could it? A Henshin stick….

Ranma sat up and put his hand on Ami's shoulder.

Ami's train of thought was immediately broken by Ranma's touch.

Ami turned and put her on his shoulder. "You remember me now?" She said with a passionate yet hopeful tone.

"Yes" said Ranma. "I do remember you. Why don't we continue from where we left off?"

Ami smiled. Memories of her and Ranma flooded her mind. She then blushed. Intimate memories of her and Ranma worked their way into her thoughts. She reached for Ranma's hand. He reached for hers. Ranma pulled Ami in for a kiss. Their lips met………..

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Ranma screamed in agony.

Ranma's body was hit with a sudden jolt of agonizing pain. His stomach wrenched. He clasped it and fell forward. Memories that weren't his began to surface. Bad memories. Memories of killing, memories of death. Dark energy began to fill his body. He reached out toward Ami. Another jolt of pain hit him. His heart crystal appeared.

Ami started scanning the room in a panic.

"If Ranma's heart crystal appeared," Ami thought out loud. "Then a youma must be nearby!"

She darted to her window. Nothing.

She was baffled. Her Mercury computer was picking up large amounts of negative energy.

Ranma let out another scream.

Ami was about to call the others when Genma burst through the door.

"What's going on?" Genma bellowed.

Another jolt hit him. Ranma managed to mutter, "It's the old man with the dark, perverted aura. He's says he come to claim what is his." Ranma then clasped his chest in pain.

His body began to glow with a dark black energy. His pure heart crystal turned black in his chest. Ranma's body rose into the air, his eyes pure red. A bright flash of dark energy sent them back into the wall. A second heart crystal appeared, just before Ranma vanished and shot fourth from his chest onto the floor

Ami saw Ranma's second heart crystal as it fell. She was baffled at the thought of a human, even slightly abnormal, having two heart crystals.

Ami peeled herself off the wall. She immediately scanned the room.

Ranma was missing.

She looked around. Genma, Soun, and the others were now standing looking around for Ranma.

"He's gone." Ami stated.

Genma looked at Ami with a very serious yet very concerned look on his face. "What I have feared has finally happened. The master has claimed him," Genma said.


Soun passed out and fell to the ground.

Ami stared at Genma questionably. "She was about to ask what the old man had to do with any of this when she spotted Ranma's second heart crystal on the floor.

"What's that?" Genma asked.

"Its a pure heart crystal." Ami responded in a flat emotionless tone.

"What's a pure hear crystal?" asked Genma curiously.

"It's what houses ones soul in the body." Ami responded flatly.

The chilling silence fell over the room. Several moments passed before any spoke. As Genma opened his mouth to speak, Ami reached out to touch the crystal. The crystal reacted to Ami's touch in a way that she had never seen. It rose into the air until it was even with Ami's face. It hovered in front of her face for several moments. It then took the shape of a 16 year old girl, rose farther into the air and disappeared with a flash of scarlet light.

Ami remained quiet for several moments trying to figure out what just happened. Ami's thoughts were broken by the sound of Soun wakening up.

Ugh! Said Soun as he stood up and looked around evaluating the situation. He then spoke.

"Someone mind explaining why my old master just took my best friends son?"And could you also tell me why my head hurts?"

Genma sat down Indian style. "I shall try to explain." Genma said

He began after clearing his throat.

"It was about five years ago. Ranma and I were still on our training trip. We had stopped at a strange city. I had heard that there were martial arts training scrolls that could help Ranma in his training. One scroll in particular was labeled The Lost Hidden Power of Judite.

Judite is the most powerful and feared martial artist ever. Judite was said to be a giant of a man back then. Standing at a height of 6" 10 inches tall. He could level everything within a 5 mile radius with a single attack. The attack he uses was never taught to anyone but he did write down the exact specifications of the attack on a scroll. Judite was a very distant man. He had no disciples. One day a fellow martial artist challenged him. A monk with extraordinary powers. He had challenged him because one day earlier Judite had pillaged a large quantity of undergarments from a nearby village. Judite fought well and so did the monk. The battle lasted for 22 minutes. The monk almost succeeded in defeating Judite with the attack his order had perfected. The Fire Strike Attack. Judite used a barrier of pure black energy to block the attack after Judite blocked the attack; Judite retaliated with something that had been sleeping deep within him. A power that could level everything in a five-mile radius. The Power that was used to re-shape the Himalayas………….The power of Metaila.

"Excuse me", Ami interrupted, "but what does this Judite have to do with Ranma?"

"Everything." Genma Stated in a slightly annoyed tone.

You see, Soun and I had the same master. Our master was the meanest, most perverted old lecher ever created. His name…Happosai, the creator of anything goes martial arts.

You see we were his first student's since he developed the art. He hadn't really told us a whole lot about himself. He said he never really talked to men much. Women were a different story however. When we asked him to train us he agreed. On the first day of our training, he made a deal with us. If we completed his training, not only would he tell us of his past, but he would give us ultimate power. Naturally, we agreed. We trained and trained until we could train no more. The day finally came when we completed our training. On that day our master changed. He was no longer the master we had trained with. You see, on that day he did something that we never seen him do.

"Well" Ami exclaimed leaning in closer. "What de he do?

"Genma closed his eyes and spoke. "He Smiled."

Ami Face-faulted.

Genma looked at Ami perplexed. "What? What'd I say?"

Ami popped up from the floor. "HE SMILED! She yelled. THAT'S AL HE DID WAS SMILE!

"It wasn't an ordinary smile stated Genma.

"Huh?" responded Ami calming down a bit.

"His smile was not normal. It was full of evil and that's not all." Genma said the last part in a low disturbing tone

"What else happened that day?" asked Ami

"Our master told us of his past that day." Said Genma as he resumed his tale. "He told us stories that would make your puke. At the end of the story, he told us what his true name was. That moment is a moment that I will never forget. His real name is the most feared name among martial artists. Genma's tone dropped to a low demonic like voice. That name is……Judite. The room went silent for the third time in less than an hour.

Genma waited a few moments before resuming his story.

After we learned of his past we decided that it was best for humanity if he was sealed somewhere he couldn't escape. So Soun and I stuffed the old goat into a box of our dirty underwear and sealed him in a cave deep in the mountains of China."

Genma stood and started to pace.

He continued to pace for several moments.

Genma sat down and crossed his arms in thought. "We know he followed Ranma from China but what I can't figure out is how did he get out?"

Ami had an idea. She sat down and started typing away on her Mercury computer. She analyzed the readings she took before Ranma disappeared. The readings were baffling Ami. They read exactly the same as the ones of the last youma they fought, but yet they read totally different at the same time. It was as if his two heart crystals were divided between good and evil. Ami was about to say something when a thought stuck her. If he has, in fact, one pure evil heart crystal and one pure good, then maybe the evil one could be traced by doing a scan of the area for youma signatures.

Ami leapt to her feet. "I've got it!" she screamed.

Everyone turned and looked at Ami.

"What have you got?" Genma asked

"I know how we can find Ranma." She said cheerfully.

Genma looked at her unconvinced. "How do you propose we do that?"

Ami smiled. She pulled out her communicator. She was about to say she would call Sailor Mercury and have her use her computer to find Ranma when a thought struck her.

"If I call Sailor Mercury my communicator will go off and they'll know who I am."

Genma turned and faced Ami. "You said you knew how we can find my son?"

Ami put on a fake smile. "Of course." She said hesitantly "I hope I can pull this off without them finding out who I am." She said to herself.

She walked to the edge of the room, turned and faced the group. "I may have a way of finding Ranma." She said matter-of-factly. "I friend of mine specializes in things like this and I am sure she will help."

Genma put his hand to his chin in thought. He stood in place for several seconds then whipped around and faced Ami.

"Although I do not think we should bring others into this, I have decided to go with your idea. However, let me tell you exactly how all of this started.

Genma continued his story where he had left off.

"Our master," He glanced at Soun, "Judite, told us one other thing on that day. He told us that he was not from earth but from the moon. He said her was from a time when an entire kingdom existed up there. He said he was given power in return for the betrayal of his queen. He told us of a great battle between the one he served and his queen. In the end his queen won and she used the last of her powers to send her daughter and the rest of the senshi to earth. He said that his powers stripped from him at the end of the battle and he was cast on to the earth by the powers of his queen. When he woke he was but a shell of his former self. He told me my first born son was to be his servant. He promised me my son would have power beyond my wildest dreams."

Ami began to think. "I take it you told Ranma about this?"

Genma sighed. "Yes I did. But Ranma would not believe my master had such powers."

Ami rose from the floor. "So what caused your master to come after Ranma then?"

Genma began to think. "Ranma has never met our master. They have never fought. I can only conclude that our master has determined that Ranma wouldn't become his servant willingly; therefore he took him against his will. I'm afraid that is the only logical explanation."

Ami moved to the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Ami's mother

"I'm going to get Sailor Mercury. She'll find him before anything happens. I promise."

Ami left the room.

Ami ran down the stairs and out the front door. She darted behind a bush and pulled out her henshin stick.

With a cry of "Mercury Star Power MAKE UP!" Ami's body was engulfed in blue light and she was lifted off the ground. Her clothes disappeared and were replaced with a white leotard and blue fuku with a big blue bow on her chest. The light show subsided and she floated back to the ground. She turned on her Mercury computer and began scanning the city for Ranma. She picked up a large quantity of dark energy coming from the other side of Juban Park. She decides that would be a good place to start and headed off towards the park.

Meanwhile in a warehouse on the other side of town, Judite sat meditating in a circle of power with Ranma suspended in the air shrouded in dark energy which was slowly manifesting itself into his body. After several minuets, Ranma's eyes took on a devilish red glow. Judite stopped meditating and Ranma floated slowly to the ground. Ranma remained on the ground for several minuets before standing. He the stood and turned towards Judite and bowed. Silence fell over the room.

Ranma then looked up at Judite and spoke. "I am ready to serve you my master."

Judite just smiled evilly and said "excellent."


10 minuets later near Juban park Ami bumped into Usagi.

Usagi was doing her usual thing. Hanging off of her boyfriend while staring up at him saying things like, "OH MAMO-CHAN!" in sweet voices. She had seen Ami running toward her. Ami was paying more attention to her computer than where she was going and plowed right into Usagi and Mamoru. Mamoru looked up to see not Usagi lying on his chest, but Ami instead. At this point, Mamoru was not at all mad. He actually liked having someone other than the dumpling head on his chest. Unfortunately, Usagi didn't.

"AMI-CHAN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY MAMORU!" She looked as if she was going to blow.

Ami pushed herself off Mamoru and stood up. "I am sorry for running into you. I was so focused on my computer I didn't see you." Ami said apologetically.

Marmora looked down at Ami. "It's ok. Usagi knocks me over all the time. I'm used to it."

Usagi blushed in embarrassment.

"By the way, why were you running in the first place?" Mamoru inquired.

Ami lead Usagi and Mamoru to a nearby bench and told them the whole story.

"That's awful!" Usagi exclaimed. "Well I guess we better start looking for him."

"Right." said Mamoru

Before Mamoru and Usagi rushed off to transform, Ami stopped them.

"Excuse me" Ami said "but what did you mean by we?"

"Were going to help you look." exclaimed Usagi cheerfully.

"I don't want you guy's to end your date on my account." Ami said

"Its really ok Ami." replied Mamoru "You're a friend in need and as Usagi always says we have to help our friends that need it and you need it. And besides, I was getting kind of bored anyway."

With those last words Usagi broke into tears. "WHAAAA! Mamo-chan thinks I'm boring!"

Mamoru spent the next five minuets comforting Usagi and reassuring her she's not boring.

A few minutes later after Usagi and Mamoru transformed, they headed off on there search.

"Thank you very much." Ami replied politely while jogging alongside Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon. "I really do appreciate this."

With that, Usagi and Mamoru joined the search for Ranma.

End Chapter 3

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