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Mermaid Lagoon

When Emily awoke she saw only gray clouds hustling above her, with a few long stray hairs of ebony obstructing her view. She could not remember what had happened, but her head was throbbing and she could hear the faint sound of the surf.

Emily's eyelids felt like lead. Darkness began to overtake the young girl's blurred thoughts, until she was brought back to the world by a strange noise. At first she only heard gurgling and the gentle lapping of water against rocks, but soon Emily whispers and lullabies wafted into Emily's ringing ears. The air was filled with the enchanting songs as the voices crowded together, coming ever closer.

Despite her pain and blurred vision, Emily was able to sit up, never noticing the fortress of rock surrounding her, for she was only focused on the beautiful songs that came nearer. Crawling toward the water's edge, Emily saw only dark waters kissing the rock's edge. Emily saw her own dark eyes gazing back at her in wonderment and confusion.

Then, slowly, three slimy heads came from the dark waters. Mermaids. Emily could not believe her eyes and she crawled closer, forgetting her pain for a better look.

Chattering, the mermaids observed the girl as they surrounded her and Emily smiled as if in a dream. Beauty seemed to drown the mermaid's stagnant smell of fish and their glassy, dark eyes focused on her in an odd way. The mermaid's eyes were lovely, if indeed strange, and they were very fishlike, but much different. Emily's suddenly felt incredibly exhausted.

A gentle caress on her hand; the soft tug at her dress. Emily dipped her leg in the water first, letting the cold, scaly hands lead her forward as the mermaids whispered to her.

Easily seduced by the mermaids, Emily caught wind of their plan far too late. As if she has just woken from a terrible nightmare, Emily panicked and stiffened her back as her limbs struggled against the mermaid's locked grips. Feeling the water swallow her whole, Emily made one last vain attempt to save her life.

Pulling her right arm free, Emily reached up as if someone might take her hand, but all she saw was the gray sky as the mermaids pulled her down. Closing her eyes as salty water flowed into them, the child felt her fingers flex, begging for help. Emily took one last deep breath before a slithering webbed hand covered her rose-red lips…and she disappeared forever.