Burning Flames

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Chap1 Girl in the Mirror

Morning sunlight burst through the window making Seto Kaiba wake to annoying brightness instead of an irritating alarm clock. Throwing his leg over the side of his bed he frowned. He didn't know how he was going to tell his little brother Mokuba about the meeting he had to go to. Seto before promised to take Mokuba to the arcade, but then got an urgent message yesterday about a meeting today. He headed to his bathroom, and picked his toothbrush up and began to brush his teeth.

Looking in his closet he brought out his clothes. Once he had gotten dressed he headed to his mirror to check for little flaws. He looked in the mirror smoothing out his hair. Seto thought he was seeing things because along with his reflection he saw a girl wearing a white dress, and a white bonnet. She had a depressing look on her face. The girl had long golden hair falling onto her shoulders. Kaiba had never seen such a girl before, but then again Mokuba always brought home random friends like Yugi, and his strange buddies.

" Little girl it isn't polite to enter someone's room without permission," he scorned.

The girl didn't answer she just kept standing there the same dull look on her face. Seto left his reflection to tell the girl to leave, but there was no girl there. Shrugging Kaiba turned back to his reflection, and there was the girl again this time she was sitting in his chair.

" Little girl please get out of my chair," Kaiba demanded turning to the girl, but she wasn't there.

Seto began to feel paranoia as he looked from the mirror to his chair. In the mirror the girl was there, but when he looked in his room the girl wasn't. A beeping sound filled the room indicating he had twenty minutes left before he had to leave. He looked in the mirror one more time and the girl wasn't there in the mirror reflection. He began to think he didn't have time to think about what was going on, so he picked up his briefcase giving his room one long look then he shut his door.

In the kitchen he picked up his mug of steamy coffee and he went out the front door. Once he was in the limo Mokuba turned to look at him.

" Big brother what was taking you so long?" he asked.

" You should know," he replied, " tell your friend to stay out of my room."

" Big brother," he said giving Seto a quizzical look, " my friend wasn't over this morning."

" Yes she was," he debated, " she was pestering me. Where is she anyway?"

" I don't know who you are talking about," Mokuba raised an eyebrow,

" Seto I had no friend over. The doorbell didn't ring at all this morning."

Seto thought about what Mokuba said. It was true he didn't hear any annoying silence shattering bell ring out through out the whole house. He was still thinking about what he saw when Mokuba left. He forgot to tell him about his meeting today. Finally Kaiba got to his High School he had five minutes before he was late. He headed inside rushing to his locker.

He felt a sharp pain in his chest. Looking down he noticed Joey on the floor. Seto began to grin. What a way to raise his spirits by decreasing someone else's.

" Mutt," Kaiba sighed, " you need to pay attention to where you are going."

" Shut up Kaiba," he growled, " I 'm not having a good day."

" I'm sorry," Seto smirked, " did the dog catchers throw you in the dog pound again?"

" What did ya say?" he asked.

" Nothing I was just wondering if your bad day had to do with you being thrown in the pound again."

" No!" Joey yelled, " It doesn't."

A loud buzzing sound filled the halls. Seto was late. He was angry that the mutt had to stop him from making it to homeroom on time.

" Thank you for making me late," he spat.

" You're welcome jerk," Joey snarled walking around Seto.

Seto ignored Joey's snide remark and headed to homeroom. When he entered Mr. Saki's homeroom class everyone stared.

" Mr.Kaiba thank you for joining us," Mr. Saki grinned.

" I wouldn't be here if it wasn't a requirement," Kaiba smirked, his comment receiving snickers from others.

" Mr. Kaiba,"

The bell rang before Mr. Saki could finish his statement. Kaiba picked up his suitcase leaving the classroom.

" Hello," a voice spoke behind him.

Seto ignored the sound and kept walking.

" Um excuse me?" the voice spoke again.

Kaiba stopped walking and turned to see a girl standing there. She had brown hair that was in a ponytail. Her blue eyes sparkled looking at him. She was an average height for a girl.

" Yes," Seto answered.

" I was wondering," she began, " if you would go to the turnaround dance with me."

The turnaround dance was a school dance when the girls asked the boys out. Instead of the usual boy asking the girl. The boys got to wait for to be asked out instead of sweating it out asking a girl they knew was going to say no. It was an interesting process of course for the boys who hated to ask girls out, and would rather be asked out their selves.

" I don't have time to waste dancing around in the gymnasium with some girl who clearly doesn't like me, but my appearance," he stated.

The girl's eyes were still sparkling like she didn't understand what he said.

" Meaning, no I won't go with you," he simply answered.

The girl's blue eyes filled with tears, and she pathetically attempted to blink them away. The girl raised her hand and whacked Kaiba across the face.

" You are so hurtful," she cried and ran off.

Everyone in the hall glared at Kaiba whispering mean things like "Jerk", " loser" or his favorite " meanie". He touched his face where the girl slapped him. He would have to remember to talk to the principle about her, but he didn't even know the girl's name.

He sat down in his desk in Geometry. Looking around the room he saw Yugi and his gang, but this didn't interest him.

" Okay class open your books to page 554," she instructed.

Kaiba opened his book waiting for instructions.

" Do problems 90 through 100,"

Getting to work Kaiba heard laughing on the left. He could hear Joey's conversation with his friends clearly.

" I bet she would have asked me out if it wasn't for Marik," Joey grunted, " He scared the girl away."

" I didn't do anything," he argued.

" I was talking to Linda, and you had the nerve to ask me what our reading homework was," Joey grumbled, " and she asked you if it could wait. And you told her to be quiet, and threw a card to the floor chanting something and a dragon popped out and roared so loud it made her run all the way down the hallway backwards."

" She was rude," Marik smiled.

Kaiba decided their conversation was not amusing, and went back to the 99th problem. The bell rang and everyone rose from his or her desk.

" What you didn't finish is homework," she informed.

Kaiba sat in reading uninterested in what the teacher was saying. He was pleased when the bell rang for lunch. Getting up he headed to the lunchroom. Seating himself at a table he turned on his laptop. He worked through lunch. He went to chemistry then afterwards was glad when the school day was over. He got his things from his locker and headed outside where the limo was. He was ready to go to his meeting.

" To Kaiba corp. right away," he ordered his driver.

Mokuba sat at home doing his homework wondering where is brother was.

He heard a sound behind him. Whirling around he saw a girl with a white dress, and a white bonnet. She had a really depressed looking face. Golden hair fell onto her shoulders.

" Who are you?" he asked.

The girl didn't say anything she just slowly walked toward Mokuba one arm extended in front of her. Afraid Mokuba backed up as much as he could, but the girl just kept walking toward him.

Seto slowly opened the front door and stepped in. He called for Mokuba but there was no answer. Walking to his little brother's room he thought about his apology speech that he was going to recite to Mokuba for being out, so long. Opening Mokuba's door he saw him sitting at his desk.

" Mokuba," he called out.

There was no response so he went closer.

" Mokuba," he called out again.

He went up to Mokuba's chair, and spinned it around.

" Mokuba?" he asked.

The look on Mokuba's face was frightening. He was very pale, and his eyes were all white like they rolled back into his head showing nothing but the red veins. He didn't move. Kaiba was going to call an ambulance, but Mokuba turned his head.

" You must tell them," Mokuba demanded.

" Tell them what?" Kaiba asked scared about how his brother was acting, " who are they?"

" They must know her story," he yelled.

Seto out of pure fright shook his brother to snap him out of it. Mokuba's head tilted to the side, and blood began flowing out of his mouth.

" They must know," a voice said behind Kaiba.

He slowly turned around to face who said that. There was a boy standing there he had golden short hair. He had a sad look on his face. He was wearing blue overalls.

" Who are they?" Kaiba asked holding his brother now.

" It isn't fair," the boy whispered.

" What?" Kaiba asked.

The boy didn't answer he only looked at Kaiba. Kaiba felt the heat in the room rising. Kaiba looked around because he began to smell smoke. Mokuba's bed was on fire.

" We just want them to know," he said.

" Stop it!" Kaiba yelled.

Suddenly Mokuba burst into flames. Kaiba began to scream bloody murder as he dropped his brother. Running into the bathroom Kaiba found a bucket and poured water into it. When he threw the water at Mokuba it made the flames worse. The liquid smelled like oil.

" We just want them to know," the boy repeated.

Kaiba began to cough wildly as the smoke filled the room. He heard the sound of men at the door. Sadly Kaiba hit the floor in a quick faint.

" Sir wake up,"

Kaiba opened his eyes to see a nurse staring down at him.

" Where's my brother?" he panicked.

" Calm down Mr. Kaiba," the lady, said lightly pushing him back in bed.

Jumping out of bed he searched for Mokuba. He then saw him lying in bed covered in soot. He was hooked up to many machines.

" Mokuba," he frowned.

" Your brother is in bad condition," the doctor sighed, " he was terribly burned."

" Will he be okay?" Kaiba asked.

" His flesh was very close to being burned to the bone, but let's be thankful it didn't," the doctor frowned, " your brothers eyes deteriorated because of the flames, and he is going to be blind for all his life. His voice box was burned, so he will sound hoarse, and will have to use a wheel chair to get around."

Seto winced. This was really bad. He knew the outburst in fire had something to do with the boy and maybe the girl too, but why? Why did they do that?

" We will need to keep your brother overnight but you can go home," the doctor explained.

" I rather stay with my brother," Kaiba stated.

" Mr. Kaiba, we can't have you staying in the hospital, but you can visit tomorrow,"

Seto wanted to argue but he kept his voice shut.

" Bye Moki," he waved.

Kaiba stepped back into Mokuba's room. To see if he could find any answers. Sighing Seto sat in Mokuba's chair. There on the desk was a book or maybe it was a diary he didn't care which he just wanted to read it. Opening the book to the first page he found out it was a diary by the date on the page. He leaned back in the swivel chair; maybe this diary would give him the answer.

January 10th 1856

Dear diary,

Michael and I went to town today. It was greater than I thought it would be.

" This isn't going to help me," Kaiba sighed turning many pages.

Seto began to smile for the first time in his teenage life.

January 23rd 1856

Dear diary,

I don't know how it happened but today I was accused of being a witch. I don't understand it. I am not a witch I didn't do anything bad. Witches are evil. Mother said I shouldn't worry about it too much, but I'm afraid. Maria Johnson got accused of being a witch last year, and a week later was burned at the steak. I don't want that to happen to me. Father says he is going to talk some sense into the townspeople.

I hope so, because I can't bear to think that they might punish me for something I am not.

" This is what I was looking for," Kaiba smirked.

Flipping to the cover of a book Kaiba saw a name Lily Sumpter. He would have to look that up in the library tomorrow after he visited Mokuba. Putting down the diary Kaiba went to his room and fell asleep.

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