Burning Flames

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Chap7 The Letter

Seto stared at the letter that was in his hand. There was no possible way that two ghost could mail a letter to him.

" What does it say?" Joey asked.

The letter read:

Dear Kaiba,

We are sorry for causing trouble for you and your brother. We just wanted people to know about us. Now that everyone knows we will bug you no more.


Michael and Lily


P.s. There is a surprised for you in Mokuba's room.

" Surprise? Well they shouldn't have," Joey smiled.

" The surprise isn't for you it's for Kaiba," Yugi corrected him.

Kaiba went upstairs to Mokuba's room, but he didn't see anything out of the ordinary. He saw that the butlers and maids were no longer there. Mokuba was lying in bed with a bandage around his eyes.

" How are you Mokie?"

" Great big brother," he spoke clearly.

" Really?"

Mokuba climbed out of bed standing on his two feet. He looked better than before. Then Mokuba took his bandage off throwing it onto the floor.

" Big brother,"

" Yes,"

" I can see you," he grinned.

Seto Kaiba ran over to his brother embracing him in a huge hug.

" Hey Kaiba," Joey shouted, " Do think Lily and Michael did this?"

" I don't know, Joey," he answered while twirling his brother around.

" Kaiba look behind you," Yugi pointed.

Standing there was Lily and Michael. They were holding hands and smiling.

" Thank you Seto," they whispered disappearing into air.

" No, Thank you," he smiled, " Thank you."

What a great ending. Did you think that was too short? If so just tell me.