Hey guys! I know it's been a long time. But I lost this chapter a while ago and only had time to redo it las week. It's not my best but you'll be the judge of that.This is the end, butI have to say thatI had a great time writing a romance between Jason and Trini so you'll be seeing more of me soon... I hope you enjoy this. Until next time!

Part 5

I've proven that I can live without him. I finished high school at the top of my class and I got into a prestigious university. But the fact that my life hasn't fallen apart without him, doesn't mean my heart hasn't suffer.

I walk around the city and sometimes forget he's not around. I'll see a guy with his haircut and brown hair and almost run to him, thinking he might be back. When I go out to buy groceries I'll always buy extra guacamole and chips in the hopes that some night he'll materialize in the middle of my apartment to watch some old movies, like we used to.

But those are just dreams… I know he's not coming back. I place my hand on the necklace and hold on to the pendant in the form of a broken heart. I know he's thinking about me, the connection is still there and I doubt it'll ever go away.

She's thinking about me. I know she is. Well at least I hope she is, because I can't seem to take her out of my head.


Life as a Power Ranger proved to be even more difficult as it used to be the second time around. Everything in Angel Grove was different and the fact that I hardly knew the rangers was making things even more difficult. Tommy fell head over heels for Kat, but I still think he has unresolved issues with Kimberly that they need to work out before he actually commits his life to another. With the others it was difficult at fist, but soon we became close friends too.

Love is an unpredictable thing. And so is life. I'm still coming to this spot in the park to remember my best friend, first and only love. Does she think about me? Or has she found someone else? Someone who can give her everything that I couldn't give, because I was such a coward…

His train of thought was broken when a sweet voice broke the silence.

"Hey Jason, what are you doing here all alone?"

"Kim, I didn't see you there."

"Of course you didn't, your body was here but your mind was thousands of miles away. Can I join you?"


The petite girl smiled and sat next to him on the grass. His hand was closed around the necklace and pendant. He never wore it, afraid he might lose it in one of the fights. Kimberly noticed his closed fist and sighed.

"You are still in love."

"What?" He looked back at her then.

"You are still in love with her. You don't have to tell me anything it wasn't a question. I've noticed the way you sometimes zoom out and get this far away look in your eyes, sometimes your eyes get misty and you have to hold back. Is this where you come to think about her?"


"What happened?"

He kept looking out to the lake, but bowed his head at her question. Feeling like she was intruding, Kim tried to fix it. "Sorry, don't answer that. It was very pretentious of me to assume you might want to talk about it with me, being as I'm her best friend an all. I'm worried about you. I thought you might want someone to talk to. I… sorry, I'll leave you alone now."

During her long speech, Jason was looking down. But when he felt her stand up he looked up and smiled in between tears. He grabbed her hand and motion for her to sit down. A frown drew itself above Kim's brow. She'd seen Tommy cry before, but for some reason she couldn't imagine Jason doing so with such sentiment.

She offered him her white and pink handkerchief. He took it and dried the tears away.

"You are also my friend."

She smiled softly and sat down next to him. "We are always friends."

"I miss her so much. Her huge heart, the way she cares about her friends and does everything in her power to help them. How she'll do anything for the people she loves, even if it is giving up on love and staying behind."

"Did she know?"

"What? What a wonderful person she is?"

"No. That you love her so much and that you did the same thing because of your loyalty to Zordon."

"She knows this was my duty. And yes, she knows I love her, but we both know that we can't be together."

"Why not? Believe me you won't be the first long distance couple. And besides, you have your communicator. You could drop by every once in a while to see her."

"It's not that easy. We've had a couple of problems down the road and this was the right thing to do. You of all people should understand."

"I should, shouldn't I." She droped her head and sighed. "And somehow, I still don't. Things between Tommy and me were complicated. I did what I had to do to let him free."

"I did the same."

"It's not the same. Tommy and I... he was falling for Kat. I knew it, I saw it. And even though we could have stayed together. It wouldn't have been fair to anyone involved. Who is helping the fact that you and Trini are apart?"

"Both of us. She can find someone else, someone who deserves her and will love her."

"Why would she want someone else? She wants you, why can't you be that someone?"

"I've hurt her too much. I can't keep stringing her along, she has her own dreams."

"Oh come on Jason, cut the crap."

Neither of them could believe that those words had come out of her mouth. The blush was back on her face with a vengeance, it was now bright red.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, cut the 'if you love someone set them free' crap. If you love someone you fight for them and you do everything in your power to be with them."

"That would be too selfish of me."

"Who said love wasn't selfish? When you fall in love all you want is to be with that person. All you want is to hold them and tell them you love them and never let them go."

"Why didn't you do it?" His question was met with silence. "You didn't do it because we both know that kind of thing only happens in romance novels, Kim. Real life turns out different. I have to forget about her. That's the only way I know how to love her... from afar."

Jason stood up and turned to walk away. Kim sat with her legs up to her chest and her arms around her knees. She spoke loud so he could hear her, through her tears. "I still think is crap. And you should leave the martyr act for someone who doesn't faces death every day or it might come and bite you in the rear end. I didn't fight for Tommy, because I knew we weren't meant to be. I still love him as much as ever, but he doesn't love me that way anymore. You still have that kind of love waiting for you, don't waste it."


He was standing in the middle of a battlefield. He was fighting some ugly looking things Putty-like figures that were succeeding in their goal of hurting him. After a few side kicks and punches he was too tired to fight. He fell to his knees and grabbed his chest. He reached his hand toward her, but she couldn't reach him.


"No! Jason!"

She sat up in her bed. She was sweating and her heart beating fast in her chest. The recurrent nightmare was becoming more and more vivid. She grabbed the pendant again and closed her eyes as she placed a kiss on it. "Zordon, please protect him. I can't lose him."

A week later, she walked into her apartment after class and a loud palpitation made her stop on her tracks. Something was definitely wrong.

She walked to her bedroom and straight to her closet. She took out a small box from the back of the closet. She sat on her bed and opened the lid. A yellow communicator shone inside, along with a picture of the six Power Rangers with Zordon and Alpha 5.

Her hands were trembling as she took the communicator in her hands. She turned it on and dialed the signal.

He felt dizzy, his head was throbbing and his heart was racing a mile a second. The symptoms had been there for more than a week, but he had kept quiet. He still didn't know what was wrong, what he did know was that his friends needed him. The world needed him and he wasn't going to disappoint them.


Jason was crossing the park, on his way to Ernie's. He was running late to the meeting with his friends. Out of nowhere he was surrounded by cogs and tengas. There were too many of them for him alone, so he decided to morph into the Gold Ranger.

It was different he noticed, the powers seemed to be weak somehow. As he fought against the evil troops he began to lose control of his powers. He was about to face a couple of cogs with a back kick, when all of the sudden he demorphed. The move took him by surprise. Soon he morphed again and kept going. He felt the dizziness overtake him. But with the help of all the powers of good, he took care of all of them.

His heart was pounding on his chest, he felt dizzy and out of breath. He demorphed on his own and tried to make his way to the others.

Jason got to the Juice Bar, but he collapsed before he could say a word to his friends.

"Oh my God, Jason!" Kat stood from her place as she watched him fall to the floor.

"Hey bro!" Tommy ran to his best friend afraid of the worst.

Tanya screamed in horror and Adam held her protectively. Rocky was by Tommy as they made sure Jason was alright. Ernie came out when he heard the commotion and was paralyzed at the sight. The kid lying in the floor was the closest he had to a son.

"Is he…?" Tanya said in between sobs.

"No. He's breathing. He's unconscious, but he's breathing." Tommy said trying to keep his cool and not lose it like everyone else.

"I'll call an ambulance."

"No!" Tommy said to Ernie who was already picking up the phone.

"But, he's out like a light switch. He needs help."

"We'll take him. It'll be faster." Kat said as she and Rocky helped Tommy with Jason.

When they were sure that none was looking, they teleported to the Power Chamber.


"Calm down, Trini. If you don't take a deep breath and try to calm down I'm not going to be able to understand a word you are saying."

The young Asian was running around trying to pack her bag, she was crying so hard she was shaking. The brunette in the other side of the speaker phone was beginning to worry about the well being of her best friend.

"H- He's s-sick."

"Jason is sick? Sick how? I was with him not a couple of weeks ago and he was fine. Besides isn't he still the Gold..." Kimberly realized the mistake she was about to make and tried to fix it. "The Gold... medalist?"

In any other circumstance Trini might have laughed at her description of Jason. But things were too serious for her to laugh. The love of her life was dying… no, no he wasn't. She was on her way home to prevent it.

"The powers… they weren't compatible with the human body after all. If he doesn't, if he doesn't give them back…" She stopped in the middle of the room and vowed her head. "Kim, if he doesn't give them back he's going to…"

"Trini Kwan don't even say what I know you were about to say. Listen to me and listen well. Nothing is going to happen to him. You know father Z is never going to let that happen."

"I can't lose him Kimberly… I can't."

"Oh honey, you won't. He's going to be alright. He'll pull through, he's strong."

"I know he is. But I'm not sure I am."

"Oh that's it. Either you snap out of it or I myself will go and kick your pale little butt from France to Angel Grove in zero seconds flat. You love him, he needs you. You have to be strong and pull him back from wherever he is. This is your chance to show him how much you truly love him."

"I'm still scared."

"Breathe, honey… go and take care of him. Tell him how much you love him and how much you need him. Everything is going to be alright. I promise."

"God, I hope you are right. I love you, Kim."

"I love you too, honey. Call me as soon as you get a chance."

"I will. Bye."

As soon as the line went dead a yellow light appeared in the middle of the room.

"Ay- ay- ay- ay- ay."


"It's time to leave. He's getting worst." Alpha went straight to the point.

Trini took a deep breath and a sob escaped her lips. With a sigh she took her bag and turned to Alpha.

"Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."

"Let's go."

Alpha took Trini's hand and pushed a button in his chest panel. With that they disappeared in a mist of yellow light.


Three days and they didn't know a thing about Jason. They prayed nothing was wrong, but then again if something was, Zordon would have told them already wouldn't he?

Zordon had taken Jason into a secret room in the chamber a couple of hours after they got there and told them they couldn't see him until further notice. That was a bad thing. He was sure it was.

Pacing the length of the station Tommy let out a long sigh. A warm hand made its way to his shoulder and he closed his eyes. He thanked God for small miracles. He turned and opened his eyes to find his miracle staring deep into his soul.

"How are you doing?"

"Okay. It's him who I'm worried about."

"I'm worried too. But we have to have faith, Tommy. If something was wrong, Zordon would have told us already."

"He's in there you know. I asked him, I begged to see him. But he wouldn't let me."

"He must have his reasons."

"I know. But I also have my reasons, Kat. Jason is like my brother. Our bond is thicker than blood. If something happens to him…"

"Everything is going to be okay. I know Jason is going to be okay."

Inside the room Trini was cleaning the sweat of Jason's brow. He was still unconscious and she was even more worried than before.

The power transfer was made the same day. Forty-eight hours later and Jason hadn't woken up. Something was wrong, she knew something was wrong. Alpha was preparing another remedy of a weird root that he found in the deep end of the woods in Albany. Zordon was busy looking over the data of the last study he did on Jason's blood.

Sitting on the edge of the gurney, next to him Trini grabbed his hand on hers. "What's wrong? You are supposed to be back to normal already. I inspected the charts myself and there was no variable for error. You were supposed to be up and about two days ago."

She sighed and held his hand tightly. "I'm here, Jason. I'm here and I'm not letting you go this easily. You have to come back to me. I demand you to come back to me. Do you hear me?"

Tears were falling down her face as she talked to him. Dropping his hand and turning to Zordon, Trini spoke again. "What's wrong Zordon? There has to be something you are not telling me."

"I won't lie, there is something wrong."

"What is it?"

"I don't know. I've gone over the data, twice. But everything seems to be okay. The procedure was supposed to be done and in twenty four hours he was supposed to be back to normal."

"Then what is it?"

"It has to be something other than the lost of the powers."

"I don't understand."

"It seems as if he didn't want to wake up."


It was late at night. Zordon and Alpha were long gone, but Trini was still perched by Jason's side. She'd been thinking about what Zordon had said and it didn't make any sense. Why wouldn't he want to wake up? He was a fighter. Jason wasn't afraid of anything.

She took her pendant and she knelt by his side.

"Jason, I know that you can hear me…"

There was no sign of recognition on his semblance.

"What do you want me to do?" A tear escaped her eyes and slid down her face. "Give me a sign… do something… say anything."

She caressed his cheek with her knuckles and slid her fingers through his hair. "Is it me? Is it my presence here that's so uncomfortable? If it's me I'll leave, I promise I'll leave and never come back. But wake up. If that's what it'll take for you to wake up… I'll do it."

He was inside some kind of fog. He couldn't see past his own nose… He walked toward a distant voice calling his name. At first her voice wasn't distinctive, but as he walked through the mist, he started to recognize the sweet melody of her voice. Trini was calling his name.


Was she crying? Why was she crying? He had to find her.

"Jason, I know that you can hear me…"

Yes, yes he could and he was going to find her. The sound of her voice was fading and he could hardly listen to her. Straining to here her, he caught her words.

"… I'll leave and never come back."

The words stopped his movement forward. She was leaving him. She had come to say goodbye. But why? He felt his chest constrict and his heart skipped a beat. Was this a nightmare?

She had her eyes closed but she felt his hand grip hers weakly.

"Jason? Jason, can you listen to me?"

His heart started to pound on his chest. She sat straighter and checked his pulse.

"Honey, you have to wake up… this is bad. Come on wake up."

His pulse went back to normal. She frowned.

If she had to leave, he'll let her. He loved her and if her happiness was away from him he wouldn't keep her. He loved her so much… but he had to let her go…

A tear slid between his closed lids. With her own tears flowing down her face Trini dried his face with her soft fingers.

Soon he was waking up. His head was moving side to side and he murmured in between sighs…

"Leave… Trini…let her go…"

Trini gasped at his words. He wanted her to go. It will be hard, but if that was what he wanted, she would do it.

She stood up and called Zordon. He materialized along with Alpha and asked her what was wrong. Trini died her tears away and motion toward Jason.

"He's waking up."

"That's wonderful news." Alpha went to him and started taking his vitals.

"I want you to transport me back to France and to please keep the secret that I was here. No one can know, not even Jason."

"But Trini…"

"No buts Zordon. Promise me you'll keep the secret."

"I will."

"Thank you." She walked back to Jason and caressed his face one last time. She placed a soft kiss on his lips. "I love you."

With that she disappeared out of the chamber.

He felt her near. Her soft and fresh smell surrounded his senses and drew him in. He couldn't see her, but he knew she was there. Eyes closed he outlined the contour of her delicate face. He felt her breath close to his lips and heard her whisper… "I love you". He closed the distance and joined his lips with hers.

Jason opened his eyes hoping to find her there, but instead he found Alpha's metal head hovering above him. "Trini…"

"Welcome back Jason."


He had come back from somewhere dark, cold and lonely place he never wanted to go back to. The main thing he already knew the minute he opened his eyes... he wasn't a ranger anymore. But how and why, he wasn't sure, because he couldn't remember what happened, but his friends had managed to filled him in.

Sitting by the lake, on his palce... on their place, he remember dreaming about her...

So many things had happend in so little time, that he had to put his thoughts in order. There were so many things he wanted to do with his life. Places he wanted to see, people he had to meet, things to learn... a woman to love. He smiled as he remembered their first kiss, the day that changed it all.

"You know that I care about you and that I would do anything for you, right?"

"I know, but sometimes I need a little reminder."

His hand brushes her hair back and a shiver ran all over her. He takes a step closer. "I'll do anything for you, Trini Kwan."

"Why?" She asks nervously.

He leans his head closer. "Because I love you."

I think I loved her since before I knew what love was. We've always been a part of the other.

"Jason, please don't…"

He stepped closer and ran the back of his hand over her cheeks.

"Don't what? Don't think about you everyday? Don't feel like my heart is breaking every time I see you with him? Don't get the urge to kiss you or hold you?"

That need to be close to her had been overwhelming, sometimes it scared him.

"I'm so sorry I hurt you."

"And so you keep saying." She lifted her head off her knees and looked down at him.

"It's the truth."

"I know."

"I have to do this."

"I know that too."

"I love you."

"I love you."

"Then why aren't we together?"

"I don't know."

Cleaning his tears he stood from his place and took the pendant on his hand. "Why didn't I take the chance? Was I really that scared? Scared enough, to loose her forever?"

"You should leave the martyr act for someone who doesn't faces death every day or it might come and bite you in the rear end..."

Kimberly was right. I could have died. I could have lost the only chance I ever had to be happy. But I won't do it again.

"Why can't we just move forward?"

A tear escaped her eyes and her bottom lip trembled. "Because maybe we are just not meant to be."

"You are wrong, Trini. We are meant to be together and I'm going to prove it to you."


It was raining buckets when she decided to head back home. Her life had gone back to it's boring normal self, so she decided to go to a small café, that served the best double latte she had ever tasted, to distract herself for a while. After returning to France, Trini had decided it had been enough. That night she cried for the last time. She had been walking through life as half a person for too long and it was time to start living her life to the fullest, even if her heart was still half empty.

She crossed the street and headed for her apartment. Her trench yellow trench coat fell to her knees and it covered her from the cold drops of rain. She kept walking fast until she reached the steps that lead to her flat.

Not noticing the young man sitting on the steps until he stood and blocked her way.

"Pardon, excuse moi." She looked up and found his brown eyes locked in hers. "J-Jason."

"Hi." He smiled shyly at her. "Come on."

He tugged at her hand, but she didn't move. Her black hair was sticking to her face and her eyes where unreadable.

Watching her reaction, he realized that something was definitely wrong. Things were going to be more difficult than he originaly thought.

"Where are we going?"

"We need to talk."

"We don't have anything to talk about."

"We need to talk about us."

That definitely got her attention. She looked up and in her brown eyes the confusion was evident.

"There's nothing else to say. There's no us."

"Please don't say that, Trini. You know that's not true."

Rain was still coming down on them, but neither took a step away. After what seemed like a lifetime ago, they were looking at each other again. A million things were running inside her head. He was healthy, alive and standing right in front of her. But why was he?

"Jason, what do you want to talk about? I thought everything between us was said and done. You said we couldn't be together, I've accepted that. What else is there to say?"

He ran his hands over his hair and sighed. He was still holding onto her hand. Almost desperate, Jason pushed a button in his communicator and they were transported out of there.

They arrived at Angel Grove Park when the sun was about to rise. At first Trini was shocked that he do that in an open place, but more that he still could do it after losing his powers and not been a ranger anymore. She steped out of his reach and ran her hands over her face. She placed the strands of hair, that it was now dry, behind her ears.

"Why did you do that? Are you crazy? Someone might have seen us..."

"No one saw us."

"How do you know? What if someone was lurking in the shodows?"

"Stop trying to change the subject, Trini."

"I'm not trying to change the subject. It's just that you just did a very irrisponsible thing. You should know better than that. You are a Pow..."

She realized her mistake, but it was too late a shadow dropped over his eyes.

"I'm not a... I'm not one of them anymore." He turned away so she couldn't see his watering eyes.

He doesn't know I was there. Zordon kept his promise... "I, Jason... are you alright?"

"I am now. But I wasn't then. Trey's powers weren't compatible with me after all. I was morphing into action everyday, fighting the bad guys without realizing that my own powers were killing me a little every time." His voice was hoarse as he spoke.

Trini stood there immobile, not sure what to do or what to say. Should she confess that she knew all this, that she was there?

Before she had time to make a decision, he turned toward her and she was shocked speechless. His eyes were filled with tears.

"I almost died."

"Jason..." She took a step closer to him, but he raced his hands to stop her.

"I was unconscious for three days. I didn't know what was happening to me. I was lost in this maze in side myself. I couldn't get out, not until I heard your voice."


"You talked to me and I followed the sound of your voice out of there... but when I was about to reach you... you said goodbye."

Their eyes met again. This time saying everything without a world.

"I decided to let you go."

"You told me to..." She said in a heave.

"I thought that's what you wanted."

"I didn't."

"I know."

They walked to their spot and stood over looking the lake in silence for a while.

"I love you, Trini."

She looked up at him at his quiet admission. "I love you too, Jason. That was never our problem."

"Then what was? Why couldn't we make it work?"

"Because sometimes love is not enough."

"Maybe it is... if we love each other enough to try and make it work."

"What do you mean?"

"I want to make it work with you. I think it's time."

"Jason we are in two different worlds right now, even though you are not part of the group anymore... you have goals that you want to reach. I've made a life in France, my classes are going really good and I'm about to start work as an intern..."

"So that's it? We can't make it work because we are too busy? That sounds like bull to me."

She looked at him shocked at his bold expression. "I don't think that's the appropriate way to settle this, Jason."

"Then what is? Saying, you are right Trini? Letting you walk away from my life? Because if that is the appropriate way, I won't do it."

"Jason, we've tried this already and it hasn't work. What makes you think it will now?"

"Damn it, Trini! Don't you get it yet? There are no warranties. The only thing I can promise you is that I love you and I'll do everything in my power to make it work with you. I almost died, we almost lost our chance to be together... I won't let that happen again. I won't let you run away from me."

We can't run away from our own heart. Zordon's words from so long ago came crashing back to her.

"I'm not running."

"Yes you are. And I know you are scared, because I am too. But if we don't live this now, we'll regret it forever."

The sun was coming out on the horizon and the light was reflecting off the water.

"I was so scared you were going to die... I promised myself that if you made it that I wouldn't let you push me away again. But when you spoke... I thought you wanted me to leave. So I did. My heartbroke, but I promised myself that it was the last time. Jason, I can't have my heartbroken by you again. I won't resist." Her hand was on the pendant hanging from her necklace.

Her candid confession made his heart ache. She had been there with him... he reached his pocket and took out the necklace out and walked behind her. He placed the necklace on her and turned her around to face him.

"Your heart in complete now as is mine. Because we are together."

He leaned in and kissed her softly as if tasting the waters. But when he realized that she wasn't going to pull away, he deepened the kiss.


They sat on the grass together. She was resting her back on his chest as he nibbled light kisses along her neck.

"Do you realize that it's been five years since that day?" She said over looking the lake. "Everything changed that day."

"Um-hum..." He never stopped his ministrations.

She giggled when he found a tickilish spot. "Jason. Stop that."

"So you are ticklish right here?" He said as he kissed her there again.

She shriek again and tried to stand up. But he tighten his hold on her. "Where do you think you are going?"

"Nowhere. There's no other place I'd rather be."

"How about home?"

"Okay, you convinced me. That sounds much better."

They stood up and held each other's hands.

"Happy anniversary Mr. Scott."

"Happy anniversary Dr. Kwan- Scott."

They walked out of Angel Grove Park hand in hand, their happiness evident to everyone who looked at them.

There wasn't a doubt that life had it's own way of working out...

The End.