Xander the Champion

By William Gilmor


Disclaimer I don't own Buffy or Angel or any characters there in if I did Spike would have been dead long ago.

This is a revamp of my earlier attempt of this story

Chapter 1 White Knight starts his quest.

Xander Harris sat in his office a legal pad in front of him. He was trying to write a letter to his friends back in Sunnydale friends that believed him to be dead. Xander threw his pen down "how the hell do you say what I need to say in a letter?" he asked. The phone rang and Xander sighed knowing that it would most likely mean it was time for a stealth mission back to the "Dale" for the love of his life Faith the Vampire Slayer. Xander picked up the phone and answered it "White Knight Investigations how can I help you?" "Champion the Dark Slayer has moved to the long-term care unit now is the time to get her." With that the phone went dead. "Sunnyhell here I come." Mumbled Xander as he got up and head to the garage to head for Sunnydale.

The trip to Sunnydale was uneventful no Scoobies sightings as Xander made his way to the hospital.

With a lock pick in hand Xander snuck into the hospital thru a service entrance as he made his way to Faith's room he froze and pulled himself into a corner and wrapped the darkness of the dim hallway around him as he saw Willow coming down the hall.

Willow sat down in Faith's room. Xander slid up next to the door and listened as Willow started to talk to Faith.

"Hi Faith its Willow again I guess your wondering why I keep coming back huh?"

Xander was wondering the same thing as he listened from the hallway.

"It's because I want to figure out what you did or what you had that made Xander love you when it should've been me he loved."

Xander felt his chest tighten as he held his breath at Willow's shocking declaration.

"I loved him so much I finally figured that out the night he slept with you I was going to tell Oz that it was over then next day and go to him and let him know that I loved him and wanted to be with him, But no you took him from me and I want to know why did he love you and not me." Tears running down her face as she thought about it.

Xander felt a stab at his heart his Willow loved him and it hurt him that he had hurt her by not being in love with her but rather he was in love with Faith.

Willow wiped her tears and got up and left the room and headed down the hall and disappeared.

Xander saw his chance and walked into the room and proceed to remove the IVs and wires from Faith as got ready to move her from the hospital and take her home to L.A. and help her get back on the right path. Finally freeing her Xander lifted her into his arms and started down to his car. As he got to the stairwell he heard a yell for him to stop he froze and looked at where the voice came from he turned and saw it was Willow.

Willow had come back to Faith's room once she calmed down as she came back she saw the room was empty. Panicked Willow ran out into the hall thinking that Faith was awake. At the end of the hall she saw a man carrying someone in his arms and she called for him to freeze, as he turned she was stunned as the man was Xander.

Xander looked Willow in the eye then bolted down the stairs. Willow ran after him hoping to find out what he was doing there and how was he alive. She saw the Gavrok spiders swarm him during the exchange at the warehouse where they traded her for the Gavrok box.

As Willow made it outside all she saw was a set of tail lights vanish in the darkness.

Willow didn't even remember leaving for Buffy's all she knew was that Buffy needed to know what happened.

Buffy was heading up to bed when a fanatic knocking

came from the front door, grabbing a stake from the end table Buffy head to the door and looked thru the peep hole and saw a shaking Willow at the door, dropping the stake Buffy flung open the door.

"Will what's wrong what happened?"

"Buffy Xander's alive."

Buffy stood there in shock then she passed out.

Xander carried Faith in to his apartment from the car. Laying her on his bed with all due care he moved over to a wall safe and opened withdrawing a black bag. Xander smiled at the sleeping Faith as he opened the bag and with drew a vial of golden liquid.

Xander walked over to Faith with a smile as he thought she's never seemed so beautiful or peaceful as she looked now. He reached down and cradled her head as he poured to gold liquid into mouth. Laying her back down Xander stood up and walked to the kitchen and started to cook up a breakfast feast for when Faith woke up. Just as Xander finished setting the table with the spread he cooked he heard a low moan coming from his bedroom and the sound of some one waking up. Xander smiled and finished setting the table and walked over to the bed room when he got there he saw Faith sitting on the edge of his bed looking at a picture on his night stand it was a picture of the whole Scooby gang taken my Dawn just after she arrived in Sunnydale it showed the whole gang except Cordy and each guy had his arms around a girl Angel had his arms around Buffy Oz was wrapped around Willow even Giles had his arms around Joyce. Faith was crying as she saw Xander had his arms wrapped around her and see was looking up it to his eyes. "I miss you Xan I let B stick me with that knife so I could be with you but I guess I fucked that up too."

"I'm kinda glad you did fuck that up Faith."

Faith spun around as she heard him speak.

"No you can't be here your dead I saw you die." She whispered as she shut her eyes trying to will him away.

Xander walked over to her and cupped her face as he knelt now to her level. "I've very real Faith I'm not a demon, ghost or a bloodsucker. I'm just Xander the guy who fell in love with you." Faith opened her eyes and saw that Xander was tearing up as he looked at her. In his eyes all she saw was love. "You're my Xan?" she asked her eyes so full of hope that she was really sitting next to the man she fell in love with. "I've been your Xan since I first laid eyes on you." The look of hope in her eyes changed to one of love as she leaned into him as kissed him for all she was worth. She didn't care that she didn't know where she was or that she had killed a man but right now she had the man she loved back and all was right with her world and everything else could wait she had her Xander back and god help anyone or anything that tried to get between them. Xander picked her and laid her on the bed the breakfast forgotten slowly the pair removed each others clothes as the made love to each other. Everything else would wait right now he was with the woman he loved and all was right with his world.

Buffy was sitting at the kitchen table holding a cup of hot chocolate as she steady herself as it seemed her world had fallen apart. First her sister slayer had gone bad then her best friend and shoulder to cry on when things got bad had been killed saving the life of her near useless watcher Wesley and she had almost killed Faith to get the slayer's blood she needed to cure Angel and after everything that had happened to stop the Mayor from completing his accession she finally had excepted that Xander was gone and there was nothing she could do about it. Then Willow shows up and tells her not only is Xander alive he has taken Faith. Dawn was sitting at the other end of the table she was fuming that Willow hadn't stopped Xander she was still in love him and her crush had grown when she found out that Xander had come back she was convinced that he had come back because of see had spent every night wishing on every star and anything she could find to bring her Xander back so they could be together. Willow was upset that Xander hadn't come to her after all they had been thru. Joyce was in shock that the young man she considered the son she never had was some how alive after the nights of crying she had witnessed with both Dawn and Buffy. A knock on the door startled the girls out of there brooding. Willow got up and opened the door and let in Giles Angel and Oz.

"What's the big Emergency" asked Angel as he saw the dark expressions on the girls faces. Joyce spoke up as Angel's question made Buffy and dawn start crying again. "Xander is apparently alive Willow saw him at the Hospital tonight when she visited Faith tonight and Xander has taken Faith.

The male Scoobies looked at Joyce as if she grew a second head. The implications hit them and hit them hard not only was Xander alive but it seemed that he had the rouge slayer and for Giles that did not go over well because the Xander they knew would never just abandon them but if something had control of him and had Faith then the Scoobies were in major trouble. "Are we sure it Xander and not something else?" interjected Giles. "Giles how can you say that?" screamed Dawn. "Dawn I'm sorry to say this but Giles maybe right." Dawn turned to Buffy a look of pure betrayal on her face. "All I'm saying is we all saw the bugs things swarm him when he saved Wussley. We tried to get him but there was almost nothing left of him just some pieces of his clothes and some bits of bone. For all we know this could be some demon that looks like him to mess with us. Remember what we found out about Faith that she was in love with Xander and that she was not part of any of the Mayor's plans after the trade off because of how devastated she was when Xan was killed." Joyce stood up and hugged Dawn. "Buffy I think we need to know one way or another if it really is Xander. If for no other reason then to make sure some demon does disgrace his memory." Willow nodded. "Mrs. Summers is right there is no way I'm letting some demon walk around with my Xander's face. And if it really is my Xander I'm gonna kill him for putting us thru all this."

Faith smiled as she laid in bed next to her Xander a plate of reheated pancakes sat on the nightstand next to her as she ate some. "Xan where are we and how did we get here and how did you survive those bugs things?" Xander kissed her shoulder as sat up.

"Well baby it's a long story that started the night Angel was sent to hell. You see I was visited by the Power's that Be they told me that they had selected Angel to be a Champion for them but he lost the chance when he slept with Buffy you see they told him about the clause in the curse. He ignored it and because he did he is now on his own in trying to find his redemption. If he hadn't he would've had the chance to become human again but he fucked it up and lost the chance." "You mean Fang let Angelus loose just so he could get his wick wet with B?"

"Yep that's pretty much what happened. The Powers told me this and that Buffy would be unable to keep Angelus from sending the world to hell if she knew Willow was trying the soul curse again. So I lied and let Buffy send him to hell instead. The Powers saw this as act of a White Knight a protector one who saw that there are things more important the someone's happiness if it means the world is in trouble. A lesson both Buffy and Angel failed to learn. So they told me I was there knew Champion and in order to prepare for my new life I would have to fake my death so I could be trained to be their Champion and so they could give me the powers I would need . So the plan was originally for me to die at during the battle with the Mayor, But when we happened and things when bad for you I told them that I wanted you with me and that if Angel was given a chance to redeem himself for killing so many I wanted you to have the same chance. So they agreed and we set up. My death in front of everyone in order to shock you into staying out of the Mayor's plans until we could bring you here. But after the Mayor had Angel poisoned and all that stuff with Buffy we had to wait till you were transfer in the hospital to get you and you know the rest."

Faith was in awe not only did Xander love and care for her, he believed that she could still be good. He even when to bat for her with the Powers that Be. That move then anything was enough to make her try to be good because the man she loved believed in her. She would be damned if she let him down. But for now they would sleep and in the morning White Knight Investigations would open for business and tomorrow night Faith the Vampire Slayer was back and she has something to prove. Xander smiled as Faith snuggled against him and fell asleep he knew things in his life just changed and he would be an idiot if he thought life would be easier but he knew it was gonna be on hell of a ride. One that he and Faith would be on together. Just before closing his eyes Xander cast a last look over to the wall safe know that tucked safely inside was a gold engagement ring he had bought for Faith something he planned on using a bit down the road when the were both ready for it. Until then he was content just to have her back.