Xander the Champion Part 2

Willow smiled as she felt Xander kissing her neck.

"I knew you'd find me Wills you're my Willow my hero. I've been such a fool why in the world was I ever interested in Buffy or that bitch Cordy or even that slut Faith. You should've been my first." Willow moaned as Xander started to work his way down her body.

Willow sat up with a start at the knocking on the door. Who ever it was had just pissed her off royally she was having one of her favorite Xander dreams and it was just getting to the best part.

"What?" she cried as she opened the door.

At the door was a Vampire. "You the lady offering a reward for info on the Slayer in town? Cause if so I got some pictures here you might be interested in."

He said as he pulled out a picture that showed Faith and Xander.

"My Xander." Willow whispered as she caressed the image. "Where is he?"

"He's a PI lady I'm working on the location for you I'll let you know as soon as I have it for you." With that the vamp was gone.

Willow smiled and closed the door. "Now where was I? Oh that's right." Willow lay back down on her bed cast a spell and an illusion of Xander picked up where her dream left off as she drifted back to sleep.

Xander sat at the bar with Faith watching the woman about to leave the woman was in fact a digger demon that had killed the woman. Xander turned and nodded to Dru who was waiting at the door to track the demon. Xander looked down at the Blonde at the end of the bar who seemed to be checking him out Xander rested his hand on Faith's arm to keep her attention as Faith was snarling at the blonde. "Hey baby you are the only girl I'm interested in. Besides she's not checking me out she's a cop" Xander smiled as he leaned in and kissed Faith's cheek.

Faith smiled as Xander had once again showed her that he loved her and knew her well enough to know her fears.

Xander stood up and took Faith's hand pulling her up. "Come on baby we have some work to do before I treat you to a nice dinner and a few movies at home then a nice massage. So you can relax baby."

Faith giggled at the images in her head before it hit her a few weeks with Xander had turned her from a hard ass bad girl to a giddy school girl who was with her first real boyfriend and god help her she loved it.

Xander and Faith head to the exit Xander made sure to note the blonde cop from the bar was following them at a discreet distance.

Dru watched the Digger demon from the fire escape as Xander and Faith entered the alley where the demon was about to kill a guy she picked up. Xander winked in the darkness Dru saw it with her Vampire senses and dropped down and tackled the woman.

Xander and Faith ran up to the Digger as is burst thru the woman and jumped at Faith. Faith flipped back as it flew over her catching it with the knife hidden in her boot. As the wounded demon tried to escape Xander lit a flare and dropped it on the demon watched it burn.

Xander walked over to where Dru had put the whammy on the Digger's next victim and sent him home. The former body of the Digger turned to dust.

Xander Faith and Dru stood in the alley awaiting the cop who had been watching them. They were smiling as Kate Lockley entered the alley weapon drawn. Dru pulled a small camera from her pocket it held pictures of the guy kissing the Digger. "Hello Detective." Smiled Xander as Kate advanced on the trio. "Who are you?" asked the Detective as she kept her gun on the trio.

"We are private investigators Detective." Smiled Faith as she triggered the knife in her boot to retract hiding it from the Detective who advanced on them.

"Your PIs what are you doing here then?" Asked Kate.

"Trailing a man to get some pictures that he is cheating for his wife and her divorce case." Piped in Dru as she held up the camera she had in her hand.

"Show me your license." Demeaned the Detective.

Xander slowly reached in to his Jacket and pulled out the license he had for White Knight Investigations.

"We are White Knight Investigations." Said Faith with no small amount of pride.

Kate nodded as she put her gun away. "I'm sorry but we have been tracking several disappearances from this club and you seemed like the most likely target we've had in weeks."

Xander smiled at the detective. "No problem Detective. We'll stay out of the way and good luck catching who ever is behind it. And if you need us give us a call." Smiled Xander as he passed her a card that Cordy had made up that just came in that morning. "If you need us we'll be around." A noise behind her caused Kate to turn around. As she turned back to thank the trio she found the alley was empty. Kate was stunned that the trio managed to disappear from right in front of her. Kate looked down at the card in her hand to make sure she really had it. Kate saw a chess knight on the card a phone number and an address. "I may just have to check up on these knights. If for no other reason then to find out how in the hell they did that."

"That was so much fun." laughed Faith as the trio entered the office laughing at the look on Kate's face as they disappeared into the darkness. Xander smiled at his girlfriend she was becoming fun loving and enjoying their work the darkness of her past was fading away. Xander headed down to the apartment and pulled out cooler and smiled as he set an ice cream cake on the table before calling to Faith and Dru. "Girls could you come down here for a minute." Called the smirking Xander. Faith and Dru came down the stairs sounding like a herd of elephants. "What's up Boytoy?" Xander smiled as he moved away from the table to reveal the cake and three colorfully wrapped gift boxes on the table.

Faith started to tear up as it hit her what this was.

Xander walked over to her and hugged her before planting a light kiss on her forehead. "Happy Birthday Faith." Faith looked at Xander with tears in her eyes. This was the first time anyone had cared enough to even remember her birthday let alone get her a cake and presents. "I figured a small party with the three of us tonight and tomorrow Doyle Cordy and us are gonna go out to dinner to celebrate." Faith hugged Xander for all she was worth her first real boyfriend had given her many things that she treasured her Sais the special Boots the clothes she wore a home a job but now she realized he had given her something truly magical and truly wonderful he had given her a family and she something that she always wanted. For the first time in her life Faith had a Home. Faith blew out the candles on the cake and smiled. "My wish is already come true I have a family and I have a home." She whispered as Xander pulled her into a hug and Xander ran his finger down her face and placed it on her lips. "You'll always have a home here my Dark Slayer you belong here now." Xander leaned in and placed a feather light kiss on her lips and smiled at her.

"Your Dark Slayer Boytoy?" Faith asked with a smirk.

"That's right Faith you're my Dark Slayer and I think that someday you'll be the mother of my children too." Xander froze as his thoughts slipped out.

Faith and Dru eyes went wide as saucers

"Boytoy you want be to be the mother of your kids?"

Faith stammered out not believing what she heard.

Xander gave a smile and took her hand and sat down at the table.

"Faith I can't imagine anyone else having my kids. I've loved you from the moment I saw you I know that when you turn 25 the Slayer essence is past to another. After that day we will both be free to do what ever we want and what I want it to raise a family with you." Xander turned to Drusilla. " Just imagine a bright sunny day in the park our kids playing with the dog and Auntie Dru as we enjoy a picnic." Dru smiled as tears filled her eyes. "Kitten you want me there?" Xander smiled at her. "Of course princess your part of our family." Faith and Dru quickly wrapped themselves around Xander in the biggest hug they could muster Xander in the span of 5 minutes had given them both their greatest dreams. Faith had secretly wanted to have kids she wanted to be able to have a little girl to love so she could have the family she never had as a girl and her Boytoy was offering her that. Dru wanted to be human and Xander had told her not only did he think she would become human again but also that he wanted her to be part of his Family. The trio ends up spending the night joking and enjoying the feel of a real Family. The night ended with Xander and Faith making love and for the first time in her life Faith found that she was happy with her life as she slept in her true loves arms. Dru slept in her bed visions of dark hair children asking her. "Auntie Dru how did mommy and daddy meet?" and she felt pure happiness at the images of her new family enjoying being together.

Buffy watched with a silent glee as Oz drove away heading for a club tour with the Dingoes because he had the gem of Amara he was going to deliver it to Cordy per Whistler's instructions so the Powers' Champion the new vamp with a soul. It also met that soon they would find Xander. Buffy giggled a bit at the look on Xander's face when she showed up to take him home where he belonged. Buffy almost skipped back to her house. Not noticing Whistler standing behind a tree not 15 ft from her. Whistler just rubbed his head as he saw the Slayer. "Boy is she in for a rude awakening once she finds out about our boy." Whistler almost pitied the Slayer but not quite making it as he remembered the last time they met. A smile crossed his face as he disappeared.

Kate Lockley stood in front of the building the police files listed as offices of White Knight Investigations. She was filled with a weird feeling that once she stepped thru the door of this building her life would never be the same. At the same time she felt that she would never meet anyone else like the three from the alley.