That One Fateful Night

CPR Sure Does Come in Handy

Ash (age 18) had fought long and hard with his pokemon, and had reached the Elite 4. And Ash made sure that this time would be different, and he would win it all.

Turns out he was right. Ash and his pokemon battled their hardest, and were finally able to gain that long-awaited title of pokemon master.

But little did he know how much the title would interfere with his life. But before he began his duties as pokemon master, he had some time to relax, to give him and his pokemon a well deserved rest.

So Ash decided to take a vacation with all his friends to Cinnabar Island, to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf. But this trip was also something special for him. At the Hoenn league championships, he had finally realized that there was a girl he loved.

A girl who traveled across continents just to see him battle. The girl he couldn't stop thinking about. The girl who ever since she fished him out of the water on his tenth birthday, was his best friend. Misty Waterflower. Ever since they had to say goodbye after the Mirage Kingdom, Ash hadn't really been himself. But seeing her cheering from the sidelines, made him happier then anyone else in the world could make him.

So Ash had to make this trip count, and he had just an idea on how to make it special.

Misty was just packing up her things in her room.

"Sigh A whole summer away from the Cerulean Gym. Ever since coming back, this place has felt like home to me again. But I get to go see Ash!" she said with excitement.

And on the inside, she too felt that something about this trip would be special.

Her three sisters came in, just as she finished packing.

"Hey Misty, you ready to go? Your boyfriend is waiting for you outside!"

"Ash is here?"

"Yeah he's been waiting for 20 minutes."

"Oh God oh God, what am I going to wear?"

Misty rummaged through her closet, and picked out the best outfit she could find.

She gave all her sisters a hug, and told them goodbye.

But as she was leaving out the front door, Misty had to make that all-important comment. "Ash is not my boyfriend! He's a boy, and a friend, but that's it. Bye."

"Sure…….just friends…." The three sisters then began to laugh.

"Hey Ash," Misty said softly as she tried to hide her blushing cheeks.

But before she could say another word, Ash wrapped her in a loving embrace, and Misty could just make out a few stray tears in his eyes.

"Misty…it's so great to see you again" he said with a cheerful smile as he wiped back a tear.

And for a moment Misty just let him hold on to her, because that's all that she wanted, but she knew now wasn't the time yet.

Ash let go, as he escorted her to the passenger side of the car.

"After you, madam," as he opened the door.

"Oh why thank you sir," she said with a giggle.

"Well Mist, I only got about 30 minutes to get to the airport."

"Hehe, sorry. It took me awhile to pack."

"And you always thought I was slow."

"Well you still are." They both let out a laugh.

"It's good to be able to get away from the media. Ever since I won, it's been reporters and press conferences non-stop. It'll be good to finally relax with the old gang."

"Yeah. I haven't seen you since you won."

"You know there are gonna be other people besides me there, ok?"

"Yeah I know…..Who else did you invite?"

"Brock of course, Tracey, Gary, and May."

"No Max?"

"May made me promise not to invite him. Said he's all super-macho now that he's a pokemon trainer."

"Awww hahaha!"

The rest of the ride was in silence, but it didn't matter if they talked or not. For to each other, just being in each other's presence was enough.

"Well here we are Mist," he said as he pulled up to Cerulean International Airport.


Ash checked his watch, and a shocked look spread over his face.

"Aww dammit! Our flight leaves in 10 minutes!"

He shoved his baggage towards the lady at check-in, and he took Misty's hand, running as fast as he could to find the gate.

"Here…..we….are…..Misty…." He looked about ready to pass out.

He then noticed that the whole time he had been holding her hand. He immediately let go, a blush spreading across his face.

"Dammit Ash! Don't you get it? Sigh Hopefully he will over this trip."

"Tickets sir?" the lady asked politely.

"Oh yes, sorry ma'am." Ash handed the lady two tickets, and Misty followed him close behind.

"Well Mist, looks like we get to sit next to each other."

"Alright, sounds good. Hoping to save me from psycho sitting next to me?"

"No I….I…"

"Hehe, just playing. You need to lighten up a bit, Mr. Pokemon Master."

"Yeah I have been kind of stressed lately."

"Yeah you look really tired, have you been getting your sleep?"

"Uhhh…no not really. I haven't had a good night's sleep in a long time, so I'm sorry if I may fall asleep on you."

"No that's ok. You need to sleep."

"You sure Mist?"

"Yeah go ahead. I'll be here when you wake up."

Ash settled in as he whispered, "And you always will be….."

"Did he just say what I think he said?" But when she looked over, he was already asleep.

"Leave it to Ash to fall asleep in less than five seconds."

Misty began reading a magazine, but she kept looking back to Ash. She was happy a just watching him sleep. Ash began to turn a little, and his head became rested on her shoulder.

"Ash…Ash….oh alright" she pleaded softly nudged his head a little bit.

But honestly, she didn't mind at all. She felt his breath constantly against her neck, which distracted her so much she couldn't concentrate on reading. She finally gave in and decided to sleep.

"You win Ash." She rested her head near his, as she was instantly lulled into sleep.


He sat straight up, scared half to death. "Huh what's wrong! Fire, plane explode?"

"No you dummy, we're in Cinnabar. You slept the whole trip," she said with a giggle.

"Oh I'm sorry Mist."

"Nah I didn't mind. You actually looked kinda cute sleeping," she said with a smile as she saw Ash instantly go red.

"Haha thanks," he added cheerfully. They were both silent as they walked out of the terminal, both knowing exactly what the comment meant.

They took a bus to the hotel, where they were instantly greeted with open arms.

"Ash, long time no see!" were spoken by May, Brock, Tracey, and Gary, his friends who he hadn't seen since the tournament.

After all the hellos were finished, Ash checked in, letting Misty know that he had bought her room, which was right next to his.

"Well guys, I'm gonna show Misty where the rooms are, and then I think I'll head off to bed," Ash said as he let out a yawn.

"Huh, but you just got here!" May said as she gave one of her puppy dog eyes.

"Yeah man, there are a LOT of girls here, you gotta come check em out!" Brock's eyes began to glaze over.

"Yeah these three jerks," said May, pointing to Tracey, Brock, and Gary, "have been going around hitting on every single girl that moves. But I've been able to keep them under control, thanks to your method Misty." She grabbed Brock's ear, and tugged on it.

"Dammit May! That ear's tender!"

"Aww tender my ass Brock."

Misty let out a laugh.

"Now that brings back a lot of memories. Hey Brock, is it as painful as mine were?" She began to slowly advance on him.

"Now they hurt just as much so don't come any closer!" Brock ran out of the hotel, but came across another pretty girl, and began making his moves.

"There he goes again. Misty, can I do this?"

"Sure May, be my guest."

She walked over, and grabbed on Brock's ear and tugged as hard as she could.

"Holy Shit!"

The girl he was talking to instantly walked away, and Brock began yelling at May.

"Hey Mist, want to go up to our rooms and unpack our stuff?"

"Yeah sounds good."

They both walked to the elevator as Ash helped Misty with her luggage.

"Well here are the rooms," he said flashing a smile as he swiped the keycard, opening the door.

"Oh Ash this is lovely! But wait a minute, what's up with this door over here?" she asked as she motioned the wooden door on the far wall.

"Well I could only book a suite, so we're both basically in the same room, except for that door," he said sheepishly, "Sorry about that, but all of us tried to get rooms near each other, and this was the only room left not only on this floor, but the whole hotel."

"No Ash, it's ok. Just don't try and sneak in here after dark." She gave him a wink, and they both had to laugh.

But Ash was wondering, wouldn't she think it'd be kinda weird how he booked the same room?

"Well Mist, I think I'm gonna hit the hay, that nap on the plane wasn't enough," he said as he eyes began to open and shut sleepily.

He lay down on the couch, and propped up a pillow behind his neck.

"Care to join me?" he asked as he flashed his irresistible chocolate brown eyes.

"Yeah a nap sounds good Ash. May and the others can wait until tomorrow," she said with a grin.

Misty lay down on the other side of the couch, her head on the opposite side of Ash's.

Realizing Ash had taken both pillows, she got up to get one. But Ash was already asleep, and the pillow was resting on his chest. Rather then disturb him, she decided to just use it where it was, and she placed her head center on the pillow. She could feel his chest move with each and every breath, which soon lulled her to sleep. But right as she was about to go out, she gave Ash a light kiss on his forehead.

"Sleep tight Ash." She hugged him tight, and then fell asleep.

Misty woke up that morning, but it didn't feel like she was on the couch. She looked around and saw that she was in her bed.

"How did I…Ash must have put me in while I was still sleeping," she said at the sudden realization.

Ash walked in with a bed and breakfast tray. Pancakes, sausages, orange juice, and it wasn't room service. Turns out Ash can cook after all.

"Ash you didn't have to…"

"No I felt like it. Besides, you slept a long time, so I thought you'd be hungry when you woke up."

"Aww thanks Ash. You REALLY didn't have to do all this."

"Like I said, I WANTED TO. Well you go eat, I'm gonna take a shower. We're meeting the gang down at the beach in an hour and a half."

"Alright." She took a bite of the pancakes. She yelled as Ash was stepping into the bathroom, "Hey Ash, where'd you learn to cook so good?"


"Makes sense. He's a good cook."

Misty turned on the TV to drown out the sound of the shower running, to keep the thoughts out of her head. (LOL) She finished her food, and cleaned off the dishes. She went to go take a shower in the other bathroom.

Ash got out, and heard Misty singing in the shower. Misty could always sing really well, and just hearing her made his day, but he never told her that.

"Aww crap," said Misty getting out of the shower, "forgot my bikini. Hey Ash?"

"Yeah what is it?"

"Can you get that bikini with the bubbles on it and hand it to me?" She opened the door just a crack, so she good get a hand through.

Ash looked on her bed, and saw the bikini. He grabbed it, and walked over to the bathroom, and shut his eyes as he handed the bikini to her.

"Thanks Ash." She was just able to make out the serious blush spread across his face, and she couldn't help but laugh.

"Well I'm ready to go Ash." She stepped out of the bathroom, and gave a pose to show off her suit.

Well Ash took immediate notice. It hadn't really occurred to him until now, but Misty had grown into a lovely and beautiful young lady, in more ways than one he might add.

"Wow Mist, you look great," he said dumbfounded. He had always thought Misty was pretty…but never….hot. But now Ash was finding it hard not to.

"No need to drool Ash." She gave a laugh as she noticed his eyes were straying to certain areas.

He noticed his jaw was hanging down, so he immediately shut it and stared at the ground.

"Ready to go to the beach?" she asked innocently.

"Yeah," Ash replied, still staring at the ground.

They both walked in silence. Luckily, their hotel was right on beachfront property, so as they exited the lobby, the signhts and sounds of the ocean lay before them.

"Hey Ash, Misty, over here!" a girl shouted from the beach.

They could recognize May's shout from a mile away, and they spotted her near the water.

"Hey May," Ash and Misty both said in unison.

"Come on down guys, the water's great!" May said as she splashed some water around.

"Hey May, where are Brock, Gary, and Tracey?" said a puzzled Ash.

"Oh Gary and Tracey went out with some girls, and Brock should be around here some…where…." The sand underneath her began to move, as she struck an innocent smile.

"Get the fuck off me!" Brock yelled from under the mounds of sand.

"Oh Brock, I didn't know you were buried in the sand!" She gave an evil grin, and stepped on him again.

"Dammit May, one of these days I'll….hey who's she?" He unearthed himself from the sand and ran off, hitting on yet another random girl.

"Hey Ash, up for a swim?" Misty asked beaming, as she always loved going in the water.

"Yeah sure Mist."

As the two waded into the water, May called out to them. "Hey guys, I'm gonna get something to eat, I'll be back in a bit."


Misty plunged into the crystal clear ocean depths, just enjoying the feeling of the water all around her body, flowing and free. She always felt at home in the water, and it would be expected, seeing as how she was a Waterflower.

She saw Ash's form swim away a bit, until, she saw his legs flailing and his body being pulled further and further away from the coast.

"Ash! Oh no oh no, he's caught in a riptide! Where are the fucking life guards! Hey you over there, get help fast, he's gonna need it!" Misty yelled at a young man as he swam back to shore as fast.

Misty swam out to Ash as quickly as she could. She knew she was risking her own life by swimming into that riptide, but what life could she live without Ash?

She saw his body floating under the surface of the water. He was unconscious. Risking it all, she dove under and wrapped her arms tightly around him.

Just at that moment, the man she had called out for help came on a small motorboat, and rushed them to the shore.

She laid Ash on the sand, as an ambulance's siren was heard.

"Come on Ash, wake up." She checked for a pulse. Thank God yes. But his chest wasn't rising. He needed air fast. So Misty did the only thing to save his life.

She tilted his head back, opened up his mouth, and pressed her lips against his, as she blew fresh air into his mouth. A breath, then a compression. Finally, Ash coughed up water, and was able to breath. He opened his eyes, and stared directly into Misty's. As Misty saw his eyes began to close from exhaustion, she heard him say a short, but quick statement, which made that all worthwhile.

"Misty…..I love you."

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