That One Fateful Night

Losing it All

"We the jury find the defendant…innocent on all charges."

At that moment Ash erupted with happiness. He embraced Professor Oak as his friends jumped over the partition, wrapping them all in a bone-crunching hug.

"Ash…" Misty said with tears of joy in her eyes. She wrapped him up in her own loving arms and kissed him, long, deep, and romantic, despite the hundreds of onlookers watching their every move.

Camera flashes went off at the million-dollar shot.

They broke off slowly, Ash still holding her close.

"So Mist, what do you say we go home and start planning that wedding?" he said with a huge grin on his face.

"Oh Ash!" she exclaimed as she kissed him again.

Brock and Tracey gave embarrassed looks as they walked out of the courthouse.

Gary's curses could be heard from what felt like miles away, but he was the least of the group's worries at the moment. Ash was innocent.

"Hey guys let's all head back to my place and my mom can…." Ash paused when he realized what he had been saying. He had no mom at home to fix him all of his favorite meals.

Despite the joy of the trial, the harshness of reality sunk in.

"What's the matter Ash? Did something happen to Delia?" Professor Oak asked.

"She was…taken by Team Rocket," he said solemnly. Quickly clearing the gloomy look from his face, he added, "Speaking of which, Mewtwo did you find her?"

"Yes Ash…I found her," Mewtwo said very quietly.

"Why do you sound so…what happened to her!" Ash exclaimed.

"Let us all return to your house, and then I will tell you. I will teleport us all now," the powerful pokemon said as he surrounded the group in an aura of blue light, and in an instant, they were gone.

As Gary watched them depart, he pulled a cell phone and dialed an unknown number.

"They know?" a dark voice questioned on the other line.

"Yes that dreadful mutant cat will tell them shortly, should I begin the second phase?" Gary asked.

"Yes. Begin the operation and you can take it from there. I'm counting on you Gary. I can't come back until this is done," the mystery man replied.

"Yes sir, but when are you going to hold up your end of the bargain?" he asked in a slightly fearful voice.

"Oh you won't have to worry about that. Just see to it that your job gets done," the man answered gruffly as the line went dead.

"Damn I just want this deal to be done with," Gary sighed as he walked away.

The group appeared in front of the familiar red-roofed house as Mewtwo released them from his psychic control.

"So Mewtwo," Ash began slowly, "what was it about my mom that you couldn't tell me until we got home?"

"Let's….go inside first," he said, unable to look at Ash.

The group followed Mewtwo as he opened the door and led everyone into the warm house.

"You might all want to take a seat for this one," Mewtwo announced gravely.

"Geez come on Mewtwo, you make it sound as if someone died!" Tracey said jokingly.

When Mewtwo did not laugh, everyone realized the severity of the situation.

"Mewtwo, what happened with my mom?" Ash pleaded in an increasingly distressed voice.

"Ash your mom…was killed by Team Rocket," Mewtwo responded. A single tear could be seen rolling down his cheek.

Ash sat in shock, not even moving.

"No…no way! Mrs. Ketchum can't be dead!" Brock and Tracey shouted in unison.

"It's…its true. Ash…I'm sorry…I couldn't save her in time," Mewtwo said as he stared at the floor dejectedly.

"Oh Ash…" Misty said with tears in her eyes as she went over and tried to console her best friend.

"I…I can't believe it," he stuttered as huge tears began to well up.

He tried as hard as he could to fight them off; he had to look strong in front of Misty, as she had always done in front of him.

But it was no use. The tears flowed long and hard as he cried into Misty's shoulder. All she could do was hold him, trying to make him feel even just a little bit better.

"Ash…" she softly whispered. She wanted to say everything would be okay, but it was his mother, his only parent left. (yeah yeah his dad MIGHT be alive, but he's dead in this one ok?) It would be a long time before he'd be okay, if ever. But she knew that this would probably change him, and as he had tried to commit suicide before, she didn't like the options he might take. Although this time she was with him, so she hoped she would be able to help him through such a hard time. She held him close, trying her hardest to ease the pain, even though she knew she could never replace his mother's love.

"I can't believe it…Mewtwo you gotta be kidding!" Ash burst out.

"I wish I was…I retrieved her from the base, but if you wish to see her, I can bring her out," Mewtwo said solemnly.

"Yes, please let us see her!" Ash said distressingly.

Mewtwo came out of an adjacent room, carrying Mrs. Ketchum in his psychic field. He lay her down gently on the couch, where everyone could get a good view of her.

"No…" they all gasped in harmony.

Her body was covered in countless lacerations, and dried blood stained her shirt and pants. A look of fear was in her eyes, as her lips remained tightly pursed. Dozens of dark bruises dotted her skin, and one of her eyes was black.

"Mom…" Ash choked.

Tears continued to stream down his cheeks as he again buried his face in Misty's shoulder.

"I'm sorry Ash…" she said softly kissing him on the forehead.

Mewtwo had already contacted the ambulance as sirens could be heard coming from outside.

Brock answered the door, showing the attendants to Mrs. Ketchum's body.

They said they would bring her to the mortuary and prepare for a funeral.

Brock thanked them and headed back inside, collapsing on the couch.

"Tracey…what are we going to do?" Brock said misty eyed.

"I don't know man, I don't know. If we feel bad, imagine how Ash feels. Coming back from winning a huge case only to find his mother is dead…" Tracey said staring at the floor.

Up in Ash's room, Ash lay on his bed, staring at the wall. Misty sat on the edge, caressing his hand, trying to help him calm down.

"Ash…come on you need to eat," she said pleadingly, softly nudging a plate with some sandwiches on it towards him.

He didn't respond, simply shrugging her off and turning away from her.

"Ash…please," she said, tears in her eyes.

He hated making Misty cry, but he was just too upset at the moment. And lingering in the back of his mind, he knew he would have to tell Misty about what happened between him and Anna.

"Maybe if I tell her now he would get some sympathy from her…" Ash thought to himself.

So he took a deep breath, as he knew he was about to do one of the hardest things in his entire life.

"Misty…there's…something I have to tell you," looking at the floor as he traced a circle on his pillow with his finger.

"What is it Ash?" she said with a heartfelt look of concern in her eyes.

"It's about me…and Anna...while you were thought to be dead. She was...comforting me and we…," he took a deep breath, then said some of the hardest words he'd ever speak, "made out," as his eyes drooped down to the floor.

Misty's instantly drew back her hand from his. She stood up slowly, a look on her face as if she was trying to process what he just said.

"You…you what!" she shouted with a look of confusion and pain.

"We…kissed…for awhile," Ash said avoiding her eyes.

"Ash…how could you?" she said softly as tears rolled quietly down her cheeks.

"The kiss meant nothing to me Misty!" he exclaimed as tears of his own began to pour out, "I don't love her…" he said softly.

He walked over and tried to hug her, but she quickly wriggled free, as if disgusted by his touch.

"Ash…please don't touch me right now. I love you, but how could you do this to me?" she said quietly.

"I don't know what came over me," he said as his eyes clouded over. "One minute she was comforting me, the next she was kissing me…"

"You could have broken off!" she responded fiercely as she whipped her head around to glare at him. She looked upon Ash with such hatred at that moment, so much it scared him.

"I know…I just got caught up in the moment…it wasn't the first time she kissed me either," Ash said as he prepared for the impending disaster.


"Once before," Ash replied meekly, "The night we rescued you. I was sleeping, and she kissed me while I was asleep."

"And you went along with that too huh?" Misty questioned, sarcastically.

"No Mist I didn't." He wiped his eyes and stared directly in hers.

"She wasn't worth it, you have to believe me."

"Ash…how can I?" she murmured as she tried to avoid his gaze.

"Because…" he pretended to search his mind for a good enough reason with a dignified pause, "I love you."

An answer so simple; three little words. Yet they conveyed every reason he kept living every day. The reason he could wake up in the morning, Misty. The reason he could enjoy his job, Misty. The reason he could come home at night and fall asleep peacefully (by her side), Misty.

The three small words which expressed all feeling he had for her. But here, the words which had been able to make her smile, only made her cry. Only made her hate him.

"Ash…I love you, you know I do. But how could you do that. As soon as I got my memory back, all I thought of was you. I just thought you might have felt the same…" she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"But Mist I"

"Just go Ash," she quickly interrupted.

"What?" he asked with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Just leave me alone right now, go sleep downstairs or something…" she sighed heavily.

"If that's what you want," he replied softly as he trudge down the stairs.

She shut the door softly behind him, as she fell onto his (their) bed crying into her pillow.

Misty looked at the calendar on the wall and saw a date circled, May 18th. There were balloons around a small title: Misty's Bday! And seeing it only made her cry more. Would he even care after what's happened tonight?

Ash awoke the next morning, the smell of eggs and sizzling bacon wafting in from the kitchen.

"Mmmm smells good mom!" Ash shouted out of instinct.

He then snapped back to reality as Misty turned around to stare oddly at him. She quickly turned back to the stove, calmly responding, "Breakfast will be ready in five minutes," with an almost empty tone in her voice.

"Okay, sure," he responded politely.

"So ummm Mist, did you sleep well last night?" he asked awkwardly, his hands placed behind his head.

"Fine," she replied coldly.

"Well that's good to hear…I guess," he said as he sadly drooped his head.

She lay a plate in front of him then washed her hands.

Because he was busy eating, he didn't see her walk upstairs to "their" room and cry her eyes out on a pillow.

"Oh Ash…" was her mantra she repeated over and over, "I don't know what to do! I love you, but why do you keep hurting me?"

Just then a small cry was heard from the baby monitor on the nightstand and she instantly dried her tears. She composed herself and headed to Amy's new room which Mrs. Ketchum had set up shortly before her passing.

As Ash was eating, he heard an almost inaudible cry which could be none other than Amy's. He immediately got up (he didn't finish eating!)

He climbed up the stairs as Misty approached from the opposite end.

"Oh, I was gonna get it," Ash said meekly as he looked away.

"You were? I was gonna take care of it," she replied just as timid.

"Why don't we both just go in and see what's wrong with our baby girl, huh?" he said with a bright and cheery smile.

And no matter how confused and upset Misty was at that moment, just that smile was enough to convince her otherwise and head on in with Ash. I mean, he was Amy's father after all.

Misty grabbed a bottle and fed Amy. She was obviously hungry due to the smile that spread across Amy's face.

Once Amy had finished her small meal, Misty, without even thinking handed her over to Ash and gave a grin.

As Ash gently rocked her, he quietly said, "She's beautiful, isn't she? You know Mist it still amazes me how you and I could make someone just so…perfect." He turned to her with a smile, but this brought the complete opposite reaction.

"Ash how can you act like everything is fine! Don't you know why I've been so upset lately!" she shouted.

Ash winced a bit as if he was just hit, "Misty I know what I did was wrong…but I'm just trying to set things straight."

"You don't get it do you? It's not that easy to win me back!" she replied as she stormed out of the room.

Ash stood there stunned, the magnitude of her words ringing in his ears.

"I was just…trying to make things right," he thought to himself as a single tear rolled down his cheek.

He ran out of the house to catch her, running to the one place he hoped she'd be.

"Mimey watch Amy while I'm gone!" he shouted as he burst out of the door.

"Mime! (Sure thing)" the cheery pokemon yelled back.

He ran through the forest, his hair being tossed in the wind. He followed a barely visible path in the grass carved out from countless visits to this secret place.

Sun streamed in through cracks in the branches, the number of rays growing as he reached the end of the little path. He emerged in a clearing near a small waterfall and a calmly flowing river. And there on the bank, her feet dipped in the cool water, was Misty.

He walked up slowly, her soft sobs growing louder as he drew near. She obviously didn't notice him because he was able to sit down next to her without her acknowledging him.

"So…this is where we met huh?" he said softly but with happiness in his voice.

Misty was instantly startled at his presence as she jumped up slightly.

"Ash…" she quietly whispered, unable to look at him.

Unfazed, he continued.

"Yea it's all still so fresh in mind. Not a day goes by I don't think about when you fished me out of the river. The cold chill of water, the struggle to breathe underwater, and the warmth as soon as I was pulled out. Who would have know that we ever would have wound up where we are now." He sighed, then continued.

"You know, I always felt that after that day I owed my life to you Misty. And not because of the face I could have drowned, but because I might never have gotten to meet you. Or hell, at least in my mind I think it was destined to happen. Too much of a coincidence don't you think?" he turned to her and smiled, as she finally turned to face him.

"Yeah…it's always like even if we hadn't met that day, we still would have in some other awkward way down the road," she said as her sobs began to die down.

"I'm sorry I took so long to repay you for the bike. I mean if Pikachu hadn't trashed it you might not have followed me!" He let out a little laugh at the end, one that sent chills of happiness down her spine.

Just hearing his voice, his laugh, seeing his smile was enough for her to get through her day. He was the reason she could wake up every morning with a smile. But this morning, her birthday, she could do nothing but cry at the sound of his voice, the sight of his face.

"Ash…you know it was never about the bike, well at least at first it was," she said downcast as she wiggled her toes in the river.

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He opened his mouth to talk, but not seeing this she continued on.

"At first I just thought you were some pokemon obsessed brat with no sense of direction and couldn't eat without choking at least once or twice. You were the one who fried my specially built bike from my grandma…before she died," she softly remarked as tears welled up in her eyes.

"That was your…oh Mist if I had known I would have," he begin but she quickly cut him off.

"It's okay Ash. Because after I started to get to know you, the bike became less and less important, until I forgot about it almost completely. But soon you became my friend, my best friend, and it was then I started to worry if there might be something more between us."

"Worry? Why?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"Worried because I was afraid of how you felt about me. I mean I was pretty obvious back then and I didn't want to get hurt…" she said as she began to let the tears fall.

"No…I can't cry in front of him now, of all times why now?" she thought to herself.

"Misty…it's okay to cry," he said as he wrapped her up in his arms.

"I hate you seeing me like this, weak, feeble."

"I don't see that at all! Misty you're the strongest person I know, and sometimes it's necessary to cry, no matter how tough your heart is."

"It's just…how can things go back to normal after what we both know?" she asked pleadingly.

"Mist, there's nothing more I can do than apologize. Anna's feelings for me don't matter. I only think of her as a friend, nothing more."

She only had to look into those chocolate brown eyes to see that he was telling the truth.

"Mist, you're the most important person in my life and no one else will ever come in the way of that," he said looking her eye to eye.

She turned away, softly whispering," Ash…you know that's not true."

"WHAT! Misty who else could take your place?" he asked bewildered.

"Ash you're not the most important person in my life and you know that," she said turning back to him, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Those words stung him as he inched backward a bit.

"I'm…not?" he stupidly stuttered.

"And I'm not the most important in your life Ash and you know it. A little bit over a month ago you stopped being my whole world."

That was all it took for him to realize what she had meant.

"Amy…you're right," he sighed calmly with a smile on his face, the image of his beautiful daughter flying in his head.

Misty knew, and now Ash knew that they now lived solely for their child. When a couple is together, just the two of them, they are each other's world. Lavishing all their love and affection on the other. But once they have a kid, their life takes on a whole new meaning. Together they brought new life into this world, and together they must nurture and take care of it. Giving all the love they can to their child. But that doesn't mean they forget their spouse. They just take a backseat in priority, that is until they are sure they have done their best as parents.

"But you know Ash, although Amy may be my number one to me right now, there's someone who makes a very close second," she said as she took his hand.

"So does that mean you….?" he began but slowly before she quickly put a finger to his lips.

"Yes," she said assuredly as she planted a soft kiss on his lips.

After what seemed like ages, she slowly broke off, adding, "but Ash Ketchum, you owe me big!"

"I know I know, I think I got a good way of making it up to you," he smiled as he reached into his pocket and pulling out a small velvet box.

He took a deep breath, then began.

"I know I've already asked you this question once before," he said as he knelt in front of her, "but will you marry me?" He had a nervous smile on his face as he opened up the small velvet blue jewelry box.

"Oh Ash…of course I will!" she exclaimed.

Her eyes then strayed to the ring nestled inside the box. A gold band with a perfect blue diamond, with two sapphires on either side.

"It's…it's…beautiful!" she whispered tenderly as he slipped the ring on her finger, right next to the silver one he had long before given her.

"It was…my mom's," he responded softly holding back tears as images of his mother popped in his head.

"Oh Ash," Misty softly replied as she kissed him.

Once she broke off, Ash cleared his throat and began to speak.

"That ring was given to my mom on her wedding day, and my grandma, and my great grand…you get the idea. It's somewhat of a Ketchum family heirloom. My mom wanted it passed on to you…the next Mrs. Ketchum," he said choking back a bit on his tears.

"I'll wear it proudly," she answered with a smile.

"Good…" Ash trailed off as he became faint. His eyes shut and he fell back into the river, becoming immediately swept away with the current. (A/N. may have been a small river, still pretty strong)

"Ash!" she screamed as she dived into the river.

She could see his lifeless form floating away, floating out of her life. She struggled to stay above water, fighting the current. She quickly caught up to him and wrapped her arms around him. Problem one solved. Problem two: get out of the river.

Luckily a highly adept psychic pokemon had heard a girl's scream and was instantly on the scene. He saw the two forms in the water and quickly rushed to their safety. Securely held in his psychic aura, Misty and Ash were laid on the shore, coughing heavily.

"Come on Ash, breathe!" she shouted as she began CPR.

After eight cycles he finally coughed up much water then passed out in her arms.

"What happened?" Mewtwo asked concernedly.

"We were talking…and he just collapsed in the river. I don't know what it could have been," she said nervously, biting on her bottom lip.

"Let's get him back to the house," Mewtwo answered solemnly, carrying Ash by his side with Misty walking behind worried.

He lay Ash down on his bed and Misty wrapped a blanket around him. Despite the warmth of the cozy house and comfy blanket he began to shiver and break out in a cold sweat. She felt her hand to his forehead, and recoiled a bit.

"He's burning up!" she cried.

She got a cold compress and softly placed it on his forehead.

"Mewtwo…what's wrong with him?" she asked worriedly.

"I…I don't know. It looks to me as if all those injuries have created some severe physical weaknesses in him. Despite my healings and his strong will, it looks like it's all catching up with him. My healing tends to delay pain for an incredibly long period, to parse it out over time. But it seems that due his frequent fatal injuries, they have all piled up on him, resulting in this illness. At least that's what I'm assuming," he replied as he turned away from Ash.

She walked over to him, holding his hand tightly as she dabbed the sweat off his forehead. His chest was rising and falling slowly, accompanied with heavy breathing which was painful just to listen to. Coughing, wheezing, barely able to even move, she hated seeing Ash so week and feeble.

She had always seen him as her knight in shining armor, the hero who would always save the day. She could never picture him hurt or in pain, because he rarely ever showed it.

But seeing him now, struggling to just breathe, it scared her. Scared her seeing her protector become so enfeebled. Now she had to be strong, for the both of them.

"Mewtwo…will he get better?" she pleaded as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"He will be, in good time. This is the one flaw of psychic healing," he sighed, "but you need to protect him until he gets better. Despite how weak and frail he seems Misty, know that this is only temporary. However, he must be kept safe. If anything were to happen to him as he remains in this state…well let's just say I don't want to think about that," he said as he walked out of the room.

"Ash," she said weakly, holding his hand tightly as his chest heaved up and down painfully.

Meanwhile, in a small café in Celadon city, two people sat down at a secluded table to talk.

"Why did you call me here Gary?" the woman with light brown hair replied as the red-headed pokemon master sat down.

"To talk of course Anna, and to ask something of you," he said smirking.

"Well shoot I'm a busy girl," she said smugly staring down into her coffee.

"Fine," he began clearing his throat, "we want you back. We need your help getting to Ash," he said calmly.

"Join back with Team Rocket! Why on earth do you think I'd help you kill Ash?"

"Because of the pain he's caused you. It's no use hiding that kid of yours either," he remarked plainly.

She clutched her slightly swollen stomach tenderly. It had been four months and it was beginning to show.

"Now I guess I don't need to ask whose kid that is, do I?" he smirked evilly.

She blushed a deep crimson.

"Well I guess that's my answer. But please Anna, you know him better than any of us. Help us find him?" he asked pleadingly.

"I…I…" she stammered but couldn't continue.

"You love him don't you?"

She nodded her head softly.

"Anna…you can't let love get in the way of your true calling."

"And it's with Team Rocket!" she said as she stood up, glaring.

"Somewhat. Your calling to avenge your father's death and take over for him," he said looking her straight in the eyes.

"Ash killed your father, unless you're not the daughter of Giovanni," he replied smirking.

At that she then sat down, apparently beaten.

"Yes…Giovanni is my father, and I am the heir to Team Rocket. Alright, I'll help you find Ash," she conceded as silent tears rolled down her cheeks.

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