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Chapter 1


Riku was standing on Paopu island and looking over the ocean and into its clear blue-green depths.

Just like my eyes...

Riku remembered the day Kairi had declared her love for him and told him about how she loved his every feature.

"Your eyes...they remind me of the ocean," She had sighed into his ear, while he held her close.

Riku smiled at the memory, but it turned into a scowl.

Something wasn't right.

After that Kairi had gone around, overflowing with love, to everyone she knew that she and Riku were now a couple, and she had dragged him around with her.

Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie had taken the news happily. Wakka saying it was about time and Selphie saying over and over how romantic it was. Tidus had given him a pat on the back telling him congrats, but while Wakka, Selphie, and Kairi were talking he had whispered into his ear:

"I wonder how Sora'll take it?"

That had frozen the blood in Riku's veins.

They had been best friends before Kairi had even arrived, and the two of them had been through so much. But after Kairi was found hanging on by a thread to consciousness, the duo and turned to a trio. And slowly, they began to drift apart.

Riku and Sora had been competing for Kairi for years now, showing off what they could do for the redhead in racing and sparing (even seeing who wouldn't spit first when they were brushing their teeth) and all of the sudden Kairi turned to him.

It was going to hurt Sora.

But the ecstatic Kairi never noticed.

"Sora! Sora!" She called out, jogging up with Riku, hand-in-hand.

Sora was on the other side of the island working on the raft.

Or had been.

He was asleep on the sand, hands behind his head and eyes closed peacefully. Riku would have been content with watching him sleep in the warm sun (maybe even joining him), but Kairi's cry of ecstasy had woken the brunet from whatever had been dreaming about with a slight jolt.

He rubbed his eyes, looking like he had no idea where he was or what he was doing in the first place.

"Sora!" She tried again, smiling as the boy rubbed at his eyes like a child.

This time Sora shot up and looked around.

"Wha?" He looked around with his clueless expression and then spotted his friends. He gave them a wave and stood up, brushing of the sand that was clinging to his back. He shook his head like a puppy with its hair soaked in water, but instead of water, grains of sand were flung into the air, the spiky hair flying in the ocean breeze and resting back to where it had been before.

"Sora! Guess what!" Kairi was again gushing as she held onto Riku's right arm tightly.

"Okay...what?" He smiled at her, his eyes shining in oblivious mirth.

"Me and Riku are a couple now!"

Sora's smiled faltered but it was back up before Kairi could notice. Riku however saw it as plain as day.


Unmistakable pain, and betrayal lined Sora's childlike features.

"That's... good to know Kairi." He said slowly, thinking of the right words to say as he bowed his head slightly and took to looking at the sand beneath their feet in utter fascination.

His eyes traveled to their intertwined hands. His cheesy smile was still there but his eyes clearly read that he was hurt immensely.

"I'm happy for you two." He put his hands on his hips and gave them a smirk.


One hundred percent fake.

"Now," Kairi began, "Let's finish this raft!" she announced, her smile still in place.

"Okay." Both males had said together with enthusiasm. Though Riku had a feeling that Sora's was fake in every way.

"Sora, can you go collect some mushrooms?" Kairi asked politely.

"Sure." Sora grinned, it too was forced and he ran off in the opposite direction before he tried something drastic. Riku could already see his fist clenching and unclenching at his sides.

With noting more to say, Sora ran off toward the other end of the island leaving Kairi and Riku standing on the, almost compete, raft.

"Riku..." Kairi purred.

''K-Kairi?" Riku felt the auburn-haired girl walk toward him, the boards beneath her feet creaking as she slunk up to Riku, her arms wrapped around his middle from behind.

"What are you-"

"Riku have I told how much I love your eyes?"


Sora was in the secret place, banging his fists against the cold rock walls. After a minute of beating the rock, his fists couldn't take the impact anymore. The skin at his knuckled split. Droplets of blood pooled at his fingers and some of it soaked into his white fingerless gloves.

"How could you Riku...?"

He felt his rage build up in him, but he knew he should have expected this.

Riku was a guy. He was a guy. There was no way his best friend would return his feelings, and there was no hope left for him now that his silver-haired friend was with Kairi.

The girl had been toying with them both! Knowing how much Riku cared for her and thinking Sora 'liked' her in that manner too.

So out of the blue, she chooses Riku, who Sora had been admiring for years now, and his hopes and dreams are crushed under her feet.

He had every right, by all means, to be pissed at the redhead.

Yeah, he had had a crush on his friend since he was old enough to know about certain 'things'. He didn't know when he started to like Riku in that manner; it just came naturally without him noticing.

He now knew the say: "Your body may be aware of things before your heart can realise its own wishes." by heart.

"You know you cannot be together..."A thick, deep voice stated into Sora's ear.

Sora stopped is assault on the wall and looked around the Secret Place. No one was there and the only sound he could hear was the wind from the ocean breeze whistle from the hole in the center of the small cavern.

"Who's there." Sora immediately had his wooden sword in his hands; looking around frantically for the source of the rich voice.

"You're not to interfere with Riku and Kairi. Is that clear... Sora?" It said, more demanding this time.

"Where are you! Show yourself!" Sora knew he sounded like an actor reciting some cliché movie part, but he was too scared to care. Something he couldn't see knew his name and was demanding that he had no place in Kairi and Riku's friendship.

"It'd be clearer if I knew who I was talking to!" Sora shouted; gripping the handle of his sword harder, the edges pressed tightly against the skin of his palm.

"Of course." Sora took a large stumble back and hit the wall he had abused earlier and gasped.

Out of nowhere a tall man in a deep midnight black coat was staring down at him.

Chains and belts lined his hips where the hood connected and looped under his arms to connect with it again on top of the shoulder. Since the Secret Place offered very little light, Sora couldn't see his face (but he wasn't sure he wanted to see the man's face).

"I will repeat myself only once...Sora," Though his face was hidden, Sora could feel the man's gaze piercing him through. "You are NOT to interfere with Riku and Kairi." His deep voice became even deeper and Sora gulped.

"Why..." He asked bravely, of course he was afraid of the man but that didn't mean that if the man tried to attack him that he could defend himself to the bitter end.

"Fate has plans in store for the two." He paused. Sora knew he was considering whether to tell him more or not.

"What 'Fate'?" Sora eyed him suspiciously.

"The Fate that bounds everyone's sky together. The Fate that bounds your heart to darkness. And the Fate that bounds Riku and Kairi together. The very Fate that cast you out." He said coldly.

"Then what am I supposed to do?" Sora screamed at the man, ready to attack.

"You are a tool," the man sneered under his cloak. "A third wheel if you must. You are to do as I tell you. I will return for you in one week."

Sora didn't know how he disappeared, but he came and went like he had never been there.

"Do not interfere..." Sora repeated to himself. "You picked the best moment didn't you Kairi?"


Riku sighed and ran a hand through his long silver hair for what must have been that fifteenth time. He had finally gotten away from Kairi's little 'joyride' and was now looking for his best friend.

Best Friend.

Would they stay best friends with him and Kairi now together?

He shook off the feeling of uneasiness that was pooling in the pit of his stomach and shrugged it off as an after-effect of sex.

"Sora! How about a quick spar?" Riku jogged up to his friend who was coming out of the Secret Place. "Whoa... Sora what happened to your hand?"

"Hm? Oh... nothing." Sora gave Riku another grin and hid his hand behind his back. "I was getting a mushroom hidden behind some thorns and scratched myself on the branches.

Riku was still suspicious, but took the answer and repeated his earlier question.

"Wanna spar?" He smirked.

"Sure." Sora said casually.

The duo made their way to Paopu Island and got into defensive positions.

"Ready?" Riku smirked.

"Do you worst." Sora said with an air of arrogance to it.

They could stay friends even if he and Kairi were going out now, right?

He hoped so.


The two were still sparing when Kairi came to look for Riku.

"Have you two been at this, this WHOLE time!" She asked incredulously.

Neither answered, but continued to spar. Finally Sora managed to knock Riku down, he stood there looking at his friend in a tired manner and turned to leave.

Riku leaned further back and put his feet behind his head and launched himself at Sora. Surprised at the sudden and unexpected attack, Sora fell into the water surrounding the smaller isle.

"I win." He smirked down when his friend resurfaced.

"Man..." Sora pouted. He swam over to the ladder on the side of the island and climbed up it, ready to snap at Riku about getting him wet, but froze on the fourth step.

Kairi was leaning into Riku and kissing him deeply while Riku's well-muscled arms were tightly wound around her waist.

Of course, they're a couple now. Sora's mind teased, ringing little bells and whistles.

Sora gulped, and swallowed his pain, feeling it hit his stomach in a painful stab.

He let go of the ladder and splashed back into the water. He swam to the docks and hauled himself up. He was having a tough time with the guilt and pain that weighed him down in the pit of his heart, so he didn't notice the Romanist standing on the docks.

Selphie held her hand out and helped him onto the docks. She smiled and pulled him up, then turned back watch Riku and Kairi on Paopu island.

"Thanks Selphie." He said dully, the overly hyper girl didn't notice. She was too busy staring.

"Aren't they cute. They belong together..." She sighed, holding her hands behind her back and watching the two.

"Yeah..." Sora got up and jumped into his boat. "If anyone asks, tell 'em I'm going home. 'Kay Selph?"

"Okay!" Selphie saluted and nodded to Sora before turning to watch the couple again. Despite never having a boyfriend, Selphie was the Romanist of the island and acted like she was the first to ever experience it's true emotions hid in the passion of love.

Sora sometimes wished he could too.

End chapter

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