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Jin sat beside the king, his right arm resting on his propped up leg while Mickey sat in an almost cross-legged position, the undersides of his large yellow shoes pressed together.

There was thick silence between them, not much being said, but questions swam in Jin's mind, dancing in the back and demanding to be heard.

Jin sighed, running his hands through his long hair. He scratched at the back of his scalp, not knowing where to begin, and not quite sure what to ask, truthfully.

"It's been a long time, Ansem."

"Wha-?" Jin whirled to face the King, and found the mouse grinning at him, like he was seeing a friend for the first time in years.

"You've certainly changed." His Majesty grinned, a seemingly odd smile to be found on a giant mouse.

"I'm not him." Jin said, grimacing at his hand, shaking the few strands that had tangled their way between his fingers. He was disgusted. He knew he had followed Ansem, but there was more to it… he could feel it.

"I guess he really did find a way to extract darkness from the heart…" Mickey had stopped smiling. His thick fingers closed together, his thumbs beginning to twiddle together, as if this time he didn't know what to say. "But I was right… the body collapsed."

"What do you mean?" Jin asked; fingers still imbedded in his jade hair.

"I met Ansem, say 'bout… three years ago… give or take a few months." The mouse replied, letting his legs stretch out in front of him. "I had seen the stars slowly fading, so I set out to find out why. I came to Hollow Bastion in a gummi ship and was greeted by the ruler himself, Ansem."

Jin sneered, none to happy to hear his former-master's name.

"Ansem was currently studying the Heartless manifesting beneath the castle. For a while, I worked with him, watching their behavior. But then, he suggested sending down test subjects. Humans." The king sighed, scratching his tan chin. "I was against it, but Ansem persisted. Soon, the Heartless' population began to override that of the humans still living there. It was the night that I met a boy named Leon, who barely made it out, but directed me to where he'd last seen Ansem… I sent him and two others off on a ship with a man named Cid and then made my way back to find Ansem…"

"But the man was no longer sane." Jin answered, what could be figured as resignation creeping into his eyes.

"Yes, he was at the Keyhole, offering up his body and heart to become a Heartless himself. But because he was offering willingly, his heart and body didn't perish. Instead, you and he separated. You sustained a body and a heart… the reason why you can love Sora."


Sora felt all the warmth drain from his body at the sight Jin. He called out attentively.


The man seemed to come out of whatever trance he had been in and turned toward Sora, but the brunet could see nothing but his mouth and chin. Whatever features underneath the hood were hidden by its cast shadows.

There was a long pause, Sora holding his breath --in anticipation or fear, he wasn't sure— until Jin turned toward the entrance.

There was a shift and the sound of someone coming from the tunnel, and what Sora could perceive as a soft jingle of metal clanging together. Like a once-familiar pocket chain…

A tan hand rested on the stone, before Sora found himself standing at the entrance, enthralled by his own figure, before he had left the island.

His other self certainly looked healthier. The younger Sora's skin was still the healthy bronze tan it had been, his face and stomach still holding a cute boyish roundness, unlike his pale completion and almost scrawny form now… His eyes were also a brighter cerulean tint, still holding a great deal of innocence, but at the same time an impending sense of darkness. There were no dark bags under his other's, only healthy sun-lit tan skin.

But, the thing that stood out the most would have to been that this Sora did not have the ugly yellow eye that graced own right eye.

The older Sora was more than surprised when his other gave out a loud cry and lunged at him.

Or rather… through him.

He felt as light as air when the younger Sora passed right through him, and he felt like he was falling, but before he could hit the ground, time froze and he would be suspended inches from the ground; shock sending his mind into a mad overdrive of adrenaline.

He shook of the feeling and turned to where his copy was huddled over the drawing beating on it over and over again.

"--How could you, Riku?--"

Sora noticed that of the young voice that sounded far away, echoed; but besides that, it sounded broken.

"--You know you cannot be together…--"

Sora flinched at the cold tone, already knowing what was happening. His memories were replaying themselves –like a video. He had already had to go through this once… he didn't want it to happen again…

"--The Fate that bounds everyone's sky together. The Fate that bounds your heart to darkness. The Fate that bounds Riku and Kairi together. The very Fate that casts you out.--"

The older and younger brunet could feel their hearts clench, but both for different reasons.

Not wanting to hear anymore of it, Sora left, ignoring the urge to look back at Jin, even if it was just a moment...

He let his fingers run along with cold stone, the feeling of childish hieroglyphics irritating his skin, he had to find Riku… he couldn't waste time like this…

Pushing away the wild vines, Sora stepped out onto the crunching sand, watching the water splash along with sand, the grains receding with the salty waves. He had no idea how to get out of here… and… he had no way to contact Riku… Giving a soft sigh, he pulled off his shoes, setting them beside him.

He might as well wait…

He felt his skin crawl as the water hit his toes, shivering as he felt the grains stick to his wet feet.

The sand… despite the bright sun above him… it was… cold.

He felt something creep up his spine, shivering at the sudden feeling of bitter emotions rising up in the bowl of his stomach. It felt like someone had lodged a large marble into the pit of his belly, and, as the smooth marble rose higher into his throat, he could feel it grow larger and larger.

"Long time no see… pet."

The cold fingers that had been tracing up his back suddenly jolted around his throat, stopping any plan of struggling without having Ansem's strong fingers imbedded in his skin.

Caught off guard by the sudden appearance and cutting off his air, Sora struggled momentarily, glaring ahead of him since the mad man stood behind him. "Ba…stard…" Sora choked out, his fingers came up to wrap around Ansem's fingers, but he found the man's grip iron as he tried to pry them from around his neck.

"Oh… how I have missed you, my pet…" The man purred, nuzzling his nose into the nape of Sora's neck. He inhaled deeply, grinning at the shudder racking through Sora as he did so.

"What… ar-are you… doing… here?" Sora growled, though it seemed to come out as a whimper.

"Did you not miss me?" Ansem said, grin widened as his other hand came to wrap around Sora's waist. He hissed, "I missed you," he pressed the boy's back to his chest; his smile spread even wider, teeth glittering. "So very much…"


Riku wiped away the last of the black ooze covering the Keyblade, flicking the black gunk to the side.

"We've been looking around for hours… where the hell is he…" Riku growled, tapping the Keyblade to his shoulder.

Ever since they had stepped of the gummi ship, Riku had immediately set off to find the brunet, trying to figure out where the boy had landed.

'Easier said than done…' Riku almost grumbled aloud, casting a glance at Donald and Goofy, who, at the moment, were busy picking up the dropped items. 'Splitting up may find him faster, but these Heartless are stronger… quicker, too. Which probably means we're on their turf…' Realizations dawned on Riku instantly. 'Which also means-'

"Donald, Goofy!" The silver-haired teen called, willing the Keyblade to leave his side momentarily. "I've got an idea!"


Sora panicked as Ansem began to toy with the hem of his shirt, toying with his already scared mind.

'Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit… not again… oh god…' His mind began to run in circles, screaming at him for not staying on the ship, or not sticking closer to Riku, or maybe not staying on the ship, or not sticking… 'Argh!'

The dark man behind him seem to enjoy watching Sora twitch, knowing that the boy was reliving the moment in the darkness, with his precious bodyguard gone…

"Why?" Sora suddenly croaked, almost catching Ansem off guard.

"What pet?" Ansem regained his composure, and leaning in closer, causing another shiver to rack Sora's thin frame at his cold touch.

"Why do you need me?" Sora swallowed against his dry throat, "Why did you do all this?"

Ansem sighed against the boy, warm puffs of air settling against Sora's skin; again causing the boy to shudder. "So many questions, pet…"


"The weight of the darkness collapsed, but his soul didn't perish… instead, you were the production of only a heart and a body," Mickey took a soft breath. "Without a soul."

Jin snorted, shifting from his spot against the door. "I figured as much…"

"But, it didn't stay that way."


"My pet, you heart is special…" Ansem began, "It used to shine so brightly… and that, would cause a hindrance to my plans for Kingdom Hearts…"

Sora felt a weight drop onto his heart. So, he used to have a strong heart… what great use it had turned out to be… what had he turned out to be… useless.

"It was the heart of the true Keyblade master…"


"What do you mean?" The teen suddenly snapped, rounding on the Mouse.

"You were cold at first… but, Sora has a gift… the gift of light. Light is what makes a soul and a heart. Darkness is merely the container for them, because one cannot exist without another." His Majesty continued; eyes trained on the darkness in front of them. "You're different because of how you were born, but as soon as you met Sora, it instantly sparked a distant light in your own heart –he was cindering your newborn soul with his own. And, as you became closer, it grew until you had your own soul. But Ansem was able to use Sora so easily because his heart was unconsciously weak while it helped your own develop."

Jin's shoulders slumped and he covered his eyes with his hand. "So, you mean, I'm the reason Ansem was able to control Sora? I'm the reason everything screwed up?"

"Yes, and… No."

Removing his hand from his face, a questioning look on his pale complexion.

"Ansem found a way to use you so the he could us Sora. He was the only one who knew how to do this, so neither of you were aware of this."


"Riku, ya sure this is gonna work?"

Goofy's fingers played with the handle of his shield, looking desolately at Riku from where he sat next to the silver-haired boy. Donald, perched on top of a protruding boulder, said nothing as he listened for more.

"Positive. If Sora's really been taken back and if this is where the Heartless are coming from, then this is probably the only way to find him."

"But that means you'll have to use that one key chain you found at Hollow Bastion… The one from the Keyblade Sora… err, I mean Ansem was using." Donald pitched in, sliding down from the rock and standing before Riku, coming about eye-level with him.

Riku's face was solemn. "I know."

"Garsh, and yur gonna use it on… yourself."

"Exactly." His mind was made up, and both animal companions knew there was no changing his mind.

Riku stood up and walked a few feet away, ready to give anything a shot if it meant finding Sora.

"But, how are ya gonna turn back? Me and Donald don't know nothin' when it comes ta that… I dun think we know much about this here is gonna work either…"

"I know… but I have a feeling…" Riku pulled out a wicked looking key chain they had found in Hollow Bastion after the fight with Sora/Ansem. "Sora'll know it's me… He knows more about the darkness than any of us at the moment."

Attaching the dark key chain, Riku felt the Keyblade turn a deathly cold, the metal twisting beneath his gloved-fingers. The red handle was the only color, but it matched the deep red of the Heartless insignia. The oddly made metal at the end of the Keyblade, where the supposed teeth of the Key were, hooked out, looking ready to ensnare anything that got to close.

Riku felt his hands begin to tremble as he raised the Keyblade up, the tip pointed at his chest at full length. The dark Keyblade in his hands began to pulse, sending cold shivers up and down his body, mind pounding with the Keyblade's own thoughts.

'Heart. Heart! I want! Give me… sweet heart… heart of light… Give it to me.'

His hands suddenly felt like they had frozen over, the coldness creeping toward his elbows… his shoulder…

It was all the control the Keyblade needed as it used Riku's own arms to plunge itself into the center of the boy's heart.


Ansem's tan fingers froze from their spot on either side of Sora's ribcage, the boy beneath him, held down by the muscular half of a large, terrifying-looking, Heartless, still squirming to get free from both their hold.

"So… it seems things have become even more interesting…"

"What… are you talk-talking about?" Sora snapped, the Heartless next to him baring his teeth in warning for him not to move.


For a moment, Riku felt as though he was caught in some cold storm, like the wind around him was whipping away the very skin on his bones. He felt the Keyblade drop from his hands and clatter on the ground somewhere, but he couldn't see. He felt like his world was growing dimmer and after a moment, he was blind.

'This is a bit of a problem…' Riku admitted, trying to figure out what the hell he was going to do now.


He swiveled around to the source of the noise, some sort of force drawing his attention.

His no longer aquamarine eyes focused on the spot from where he had heard the voice, and, after a minute, found himself looking at what he could make out as two white figures in complete darkness.

Pausing, Riku tried to stick his tongue out to wet his lips, but found that he had neither tongue nor lips.

"Riku?" The voice tried again.

'Sounds… like Goofy…' The boy thought, concentrating on the twin energies in front of him. Distantly, he could see their figures pulse, like a heartbeat, sending off waves of white. 'This must be how they sense things… and how they find and attack people…' He concluded, willing himself to walk toward the two.

He found he couldn't see, much less control how he walked, so Riku took it that most Heartless just willed their body to the source of the hearts.

'And I can't tell them anything either… shit…' Riku moaned mentally, trying to think of a way to convey to his companions his predicament.

While he thought, he took his time to look at the room, finding that it, too, had its own heartbeat; resonating from the core and giving light pulses to every wall, floor, and rock.

'But how are you going to find Sora?' His subconscious piped up.

For once, Riku could actually agree; how was he going to find Sora?

'The Heartless usually appear out of nowhere… or from a portal…' He thought, flexing what he could feel as claws.

Thoughts overplayed in his mind, searching for any hint about how the Heartless moved about a world, he certainly never saw them taking the bus…

'But… if I just have to think about it to walk, then it should be just as simple…' Riku realized, his body already bending over, almost crouching to the ground.

'Find Sora… Sora…' He repeated to himself, finding himself in walking in complete darkness, no sign of life what so ever. 'Sora… where are you Sora?'


Senses keen enough to pick up on that single heartbeat, Riku's body reacted immediately and he swung about, legs even he was unsure of running toward the source. The body was almost in autopilot as it sprinted toward the energy that was gradually growing stronger the farther he ran.

His body jumped up, claws latching onto what Riku could perceive of as a ceiling as it pulled him up into a more tangible surrounding, with enough energy to send him reeling back; both in shock and anger.


There, sitting only a few feet from him, Riku glared –or at least the best glare a Heartless could muster- at the person before him.


"Never thought I'd see you again." Jin sneered, glaring back and shifting from his spot next to –from as far as Riku could tell- a giant rat.

The green-haired teen was not happy to see the younger, but he couldn't help but snicker at the boy's small form. A small Shadow seemed to suit him…

'Not like I'm glad to see you either, bastard… and here I thought you were dead.' Riku growled back, knowing full well that Jin could read his thoughts; that was a no-brainer. 'I'm not here for you anyway… but, from what I can guess, you're the only one who knows what the hell is going on.'

"Do you honestly think I'd be sitting here, doing nothing, while Ansem is out, probably look for Sora-" Riku growled again, while Jin spat the name out. "Seeing as you and I can do nothing to stop him at the moment?" The older's glare seemed to lessen, but he was still stiff and ready for anything Riku might try.

The boy fumed. 'Why not!' Riku leered back. He wasn't too keen being so near to the man, who had spoiled everything, and he was even unhappier about the fact that the very teen may be his only way to find -from what Jin was saying- help, Sora. 'Just by being around him, you ruined enough!'

Jin's anger was already starting to skyrocket with the teen's behavior, the king at his side forgotten. "And you think that I would allow Ansem to manipulate Sora's mind and actions like he did? You think I would allow Sora to fall completely into darkness?" Jin was now standing; about ready to ring the Keyblade master's, now small, neck.


"…" Jin stared at the Heartless, all anger gone, now replaced with shock. His visible eye was wide, concentrated on the smaller being, almost piercing Riku. "…W-What?" He croaked, having a hard time comprehending what had just been said. "What did you just say?"

'Ansem. Raped. Sora.' Riku ground out, as though he was having trouble just saying the three words. 'He told me, after you disappeared, Ansem raped him, taking complete control, body, mind, everything.'

Warm hands suddenly picked up Riku and he blinked (or thought he did) as a familiar voice hit his ears.

"And that is why we have to stop him."


End Chapter

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