Chapter 1

As I walked passed the lockers I saw that Sheen was introducing his new ultra lord action figure, like always. "Hey Jimmy, Sheens scaring me," Carl said in a mad, but sad voice.

"Hey Jimmy, people been saying there's a new kid in Retroville," Sheen said as he looked at his new action figure. "Huh, that's interesting," I said as I got my books out of my locker. "Hey Neutron, I heard there's a new kid on the block," Cindy said as she walked up to me. "Yeah," I said as I looked into her eyes. As Cindy blabbered suddenly the new kid walked up to me. "Hi you doing mant," the British boy said. "I'm new, um do you know where Ms. Fowls class is," The British boy asked. "Yes I do, that's my class," I said as I examined him. "Ow I'm sorry, my name is Ian Baily and yours," Ian asked. My name is Jimmy Neutron and these are my friends, the one in the ultra lord shirt is Sheen and the other one with the overalls is Carl. "I said. "And I'm Cindy," Cindy interrupted. "Hello Cindy, you know that the name Cindy is very popular in England," Ian pointed out. "Really huh, did you here that Neutron Cindy's a popular name," Cindy said as she made a mean face. Suddenly out of nowhere the bell rang.

I started walking down the hall when suddenly I heard Libby and Cindy talking.

"Man Ian is so hot," Libby said as she started looking at Ian's butt. "I know," Cindy said as she also started looking at his butt. Then before I knew it I was in the classroom.

"Aww, we have a new student in the claaaaaaaaaasss, so be respectful to him aww," Ms. Fowl said as she started to go to her desk. "Hi, I'm Ian Baily. I'm from London in England. My favorite color is blue and red. Also in London Ultra Lord the T.V show is very popular. " Awesome," Sheen shouted out. "Anyway, I hope I can make a lot of friends here," Ian said as he sat down to his seat that was right next to Cindy.

"Aww, that was interesting right class," Ms. Fowl said.

"Yes, everyone said," In a low voice.

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