It's been a long time since I've been on Fan Fiction, so I made a new chapter of New- Student-Romance. Hopefully it's better then last time, lol. Lol: Laugh Out Loud

After class, everyone headed to the cafeteria. "Hey, Jimmy are you okay," Sheen, questioned as he looked at me. I then faced him " Sheen I think I like Cindy".

"Jimmy, I think I'm seeing things or you just said I think I like Cindy" Sheen said looking at me in a weirdly. "Guy's talking about girls makes me hungry" Carl said as he ate his chocolate cookie from his tray. Ian then sat down in front of us, "Hey mant, it seems a lot of girls like me, especially that Cindy girl" Ian said as he looked behind him. "You just noticed that, Jimmy said in a tiring voice. Cindy and Libby then sat down next to Ian, "Hey Neutron" Cindy said in loud voice. "And hi Ian," Cindy then said. Libby then faced all of us, "Were having a party tonight and everyone is invited even you guys," Libby then gave Sheen, Ian, Carl and I cards, " And here's the invitations, it shows my phone number, address and any information you need" Libby said scientifically. Ian then faced Libby," A party, that will be fun," Ian said as he smiled confidently. The bell then ringed, "And I didn't even get to play Ultra lord," Sheen moaned. I then opened the invitation, it read:

Libby and Cindy's Party

If you love party's you'll love ours!

Special Appearance by D.J Nick!

Cindy's phone: 765-9785

Address: 9857 Sunnyside St. House 11

For more Info, call Libby on her cell: