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Unforgiven Love

Chapter 1: A Broken Heart

"You jerk..." muttered the 17 year old blond girl. Cagalli Yula Athha was watching her brother from afar. "How could he be with her!" she screamed out loud.

"Cagalli?" asked the brown hair male.

"Where, Kira?" asked the Pink Haired Songstress embraced in his arms. Cagalli quickly ducked and hid herself.

You big mouth! You sure did it now!

"I thought I heard her Lacus," replied Kira.

"Seems like you miss her," Lacus giggled. Both Cagalli and Kira began to blush.

"No Lacus, you're the only one on my mind," replied Kira. Cagalli became full of jealousy again.

"Idiot!" she yelled.

Oh man... I did it again!

"I swear I heard her this time," said Kira.

"Me too," replied Lacus. "Cagalli? Where are you?"


Just then a blue-haired young man walked by. Cagalli grabs him by the arms. "Cagalli?" asked Athrun.

"Shut up and pretend you were with me, " said Cagalli under her voice. "Lacus? Kira? Didn't notice you two!" said Cagalli innocently.

"Were you and Athrun back there the whole time?" asked Lacus.

"Ugh, sorry if we startled you two," replied Cagalli apologetically.

"Oh no worries, we were just surprised to hear you. Are you two on a date?" asked Lacus. Athrun began to blush as he notices Cagalli's arm still in his. "No need to be shy, Athrun."

No, I'm not a seductive witch like you... You stole Kira!

"Well, it's time to go Lacus," said Kira, "or we'll be late for our reservation tonight."

"Oh right!" replied Lacus. "Later Athrun and Cagalli! Hope your date goes well too."

Hope yours doesn't. Wait a minute...

"Hold on Lacus!" shouted Cagalli. "Which restaurant are you going to?"

"It's the new one, in the ORB city square next to the park. Lover's Heaven, I think it's called. I heard it was very romantic." she said as she holds on to Kira's hand tighter.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

"Can we come along too?" asked Cagalli.

"Sorry, our table only sits two." replied Lacus.

"Um, actually I booked a table for four." said Kira. "I was kind of hoping to invite them too."

"What?" replied Lacus defensively.

"I want Cagalli to have a nice boyfriend, and she seems to really grow on Athrun. Since he's my best friend and all, I thought we should set them together. You know how shy Athrun is." whispered Kira into Lacus' ear.

"Look, the love bird is at it again," joked Cagalli.

And hopefully never again.

At Lover's Heaven

"And here is your table. Enjoy the meal." said the Waiter.

"I just love the atmosphere, it's so romantic!" exclaimed Lacus as she rested her head on Kira's shoulder. The two couples ordered their meals.

"Um, so Athrun! How are you enjoying you date?" asked an embarrassed Kira.

"Date...?" replied Athrun.

"With me, stupid!" yelled Cagalli.

"Oh... uh." replied Athrun.

"They're so cute together," giggled Lacus. "Then again, we are too." The food finally arrives. Cagalli digs in face first.

"Cagalli, you're face is covered!" laughed Kira as he wipes his sister's face. Cagalli began blushing madly.

I can't hold it in anymore...

Just then, the restaurant began playing Lacus' song "Shizuka na Yoru ni".

"This song is beautiful Lacus, " said Kira. "Just like you." Lacus reaches for Kira's lips with hers. Cagalli begins to feel very agitated.

"Stop!" yelled Cagalli. Every stops to look at her. "I have to go..." she said as she left. She ran out of the restaurant and sobbed along the way. The remaining trio immediately chased after her.

"Wait! You four haven't paid!" yelled the waiter. Lacus and Athrun were stopped to pay the bill.

"Cagalli! What's wrong?" yelled Kira as he chased his sister. Cagalli runs into the park and hides behind a tree.

Please don't come. Please don't see me like this..

"I'm not here!" she yelled. Kira catches up to Cagalli.

"Hm, I wonder where she is? Where's my crybaby of a sister?" taunted Kira.

"You're the one that always cried!" she yelled back.

"Then why are you crying now?" asked Kira.

"Because you're an idiot!" she yelled.

"Cagalli..." said a concerned Kira. Cagalli jumped out into Kira's arms.

"idiot!" she yelled pounding on his chest.

"You can let it all out on me, Sis." replied Kira.

Is that all I am to you?

Cagalli pushes Kira back gently. "What's wrong Cagalli? You've been acting all weird lately..." asked Kira.

"It's because of that Pink Witch always around you!" yelled Cagalli.

"Pink Witch? Lacus!?" asked Kira.

"Yes! That seductive controlling witch!" she yelled. "She stole you from me!"

"Cagalli! I'm appalled you think that way about me!" replied an angry Lacus. "You're being very unreasonable young lady!"

"Don't tell me what to do!" yelled Cagalli.

"Cagalli! Watch your tone! She's going to be your sister-in-law one day!" scolded Kira.

"Even you too!? You're siding with this dumb witch?!" Cagalli yelled back.

Lacus began to cry. "Cagalli... please stop..."

Did I go... too far?

"Kira, it's okay... Let's just go back to the restaurant and finish our wonderful meal." said Lacus. She reaches over to kiss Kira on the lips again.

"No! Witch!" yelled Cagalli as she pushes her off Kira. Kira slaps Cagalli across the face.

"What's gotten into you?!" yelled Kira.

"She's lying Kira! She's trying to take you away from me!" replied Cagalli.

"Cagalli... I think we need to clear something up. I'm your brother not your boyfriend. I'm Lacus' boyfriend. Get it straight." said Kira. Cagalli ran back behind the tree trunk and began crying and cursing. Kira helps Lacus up and both show great concern in their eyes.

"Cagalli... don't cry..." said Athrun.

"Go away!" she yelled as she pushes him away.

"Athrun! Leave her." said a stern Kira. "She has to reflect on what she did wrong!"

"Kira..." said Athrun. "I understand."

No you don't. No one does. Not even Kira... I... hate you!