I have some unfortunate/fortunate news. This will be the last chapter of the story (I'm not dragging it on anymore). Chapter 15 will feature a lengthy "Explain-it-All" followed by a short bit of the story. First I'd like to explain why I did some of the story's mini plots:

L1: Lacus-Clone was supposed to be the rumor of a Lacus clone from the OP and ending. However, it seems like Destiny has already revealed that rumor, so I killed off clone Lacus

Diablo De Morte: I've noticed the trend between Al Da Flaga clones, having French-related names (Rau Le Creusset, Prayer Reverie, etc.) So I translated "Devil of Death" into French (excuse my very poor usage of French ) and created Diablo De Morte. I was going to use Ray Za Barrel in his place originally, but he seemed cool in Destiny, so I left him.

Gilbert Dullindal- You know he's plotting someone in Destiny! I tried to portray him as an evil scheming genius here too.

Video Arcade- I was playing Gundam Seed: Battle Assault too much, so that's probably what influenced it :P Especially the PHASE SHIFT DOWN thing

Blue Cosmos Killer- Well, if you got two guys playing in their seed mode, you'd think someone would recognize them as Coordinators :P

Big Sis Lacus- I had fantasies of Cagalli x Lacus But I didn't think they were appropriate so Lacus became Cagalli's big Sis.

Car Accident- Well yeah, I kinda overused it It's sorta like how Seed reused the "Kira rescues Fails" thingie.

Part 2: Explanation of the characters

Kira- He had mix feelings for Cagalli. In the end he found out he only loved her as deeply as a brother and sister should. He just felt guilty because he hasn't fulfilled his duty as a brother to her for all these years. If you notice in SEED, after Kira finds out the truth between him and Cagalli, they've been more distant from each other.

Fllay- Lacus-Clone took on the personality of Fllay after the Dream incident. It was supposed to be a side effect of the DSG. Kira kept mistaking Lacus Clone for Fllay because he still misses her.

Athrun- He really cared for Kira as a friend and loved Cagalli as well. He didn't want either of them to feel sad, so he constantly tried to conceal his feelings for Cagalli. However, Lacus-Clone tried to exploit Athrun to get Kira for herself. Eventually Athrun and Cagalli ends up together, and Athrun gets over his hidden jealousy of Kira. He sorta acts like Sai in the Kira/Fllay relationship.

Lacus- The real Lacus was on PLANT all along. Later she found Kira and the wrecked Freedom, and she stashed Freedom somewhere (again, Destiny makes it a mystery). She and Kira decides to defect to ORB permanently and Dullindal becomes Chairman. He orders Mia Campbell to continue posing as Lacus in PLANT.

Part 3: Cameos

Here are some Cameos from Destiny that I had:

Stellar Loussier: Appears in Chapter 4: Revelations

I found it funny that they were both blond. Infact I mistook Stellar as Cagalli a lot of times during my newbie days of Gundam Seed. In the story, Kira accidentally thought Stellar was Cagalli I added the stabbing bit because of her actions in Destiny Ep1, and the fact the previous druggies were criminals too.

Andrew Walfeld: Appears in Chapter 7 Unforgettable Past reappears in Chapter 14

To honor the kabbots, you must have Waltfeld! Else we won't get to see Cagalli shower from the sauce

Shinn Asuka: Appears in Chapter 8 Virtual Battlefield reappears in Chapter 12, 13 , and 14

Originally I had a story of the SEEDers (Lacus, Kira, Athrun, Cagalli) meeting Shinn at a Pizza Shop, but I scratched the story due to it's nonsense humor (I was thinking of refining and releasing it). Since i had that GS: Battle Assault fetish I decided to slap in an arcade and Shinn in it as well. Shinn already hates Cagalli too XD

Talia Gladys: Appears in Chapter 13

Influenced by the Talia and Murrue captain rivalry. And I really wanted to see them together in action :D

Mu La Flaga: Appears in Chapter 13

I mean, I had to include him if it involved Murrue :P They were a lovely couple too Didn't you think it was cute that Strike's shield just fly in front of the Archangel saving it again?

Mrs. Yamato: Appears in Chapter 14

Another Destiny influenced character. It seems she's with Malchio's orphanage for some reason. So I just stuck her in

I originally intended this to be a filler between SEED and Destiny (working with the Destiny rumours I knew), but the more and more I develop it, the more it doesn't fit, oh well. It was an attempt

Many Questions and forgotten parts probably remain (I don't even remember my stories XD) But this is all the time I have for them. The following story will explain Kira's and Lacus' survival! Part of it was spoiled because I left the "Lacus flies into Freedom's cockpit" in Stupid me. The original ending was supposed to be Lacus pulling a "Cagalli" on the Kira who's pulling an "Athrun" (If you get what I mean). If you don't then better, because I like this version better

Without further delay::

Unforgiven Love

Chapter 15: Epilogue Part 2

Kira Yamato and his sister Cagalli Yula Athha stare out into the bright blue ocean. Just yesterday, she thought he was dead. She thought she would never see him again. But now he's standing next to her.

"Kira..." asked Cagalli.

"What is it?" replied Kira.

Cagalli continued, "How did..."

Kira smiled. "What's so strange about it?" he asked. "This isn't the first time I've pulled something like that off."

Cagalli shouts back at him, "And you have me more worried each time!"

Kira apologizes, "Sorry Cagalli..." Cagalli goes up to hug him.

Half-crying, she asks her brother, "But seriously... are you... real?"

"When Armageddon and I were locked to each other in the far corners of space on the brink of death, I saw a light. A bright object was drifting in orbit." said Kira as he took something out of his pocket.

"The... protection stone?" yelled Cagalli as she gazed into Kira's hand.

Kira explains, "I accidentally grabbed it from Athrun during our fight in Morgenroete. It got caught in Freedom's Antena and fell off during my flight out of Earth's orbit. It was then I wanted to live. I wanted to bring it back to you. I wanted to see your face happy.... There was only a mere 5 seconds left before Armagedon exploded, taking out everything within a 10KM radius."

Cagalli looked at his brother intently as the story goes on. (I needed a paragraph break )

" I aimed my Hyper Impulse Cannon at his central cannon, I combined the propulsion of the blast and Freedom's thrusters and made a narrow escape. The explosion however, damaged my thrusters. I was drifting alone in space and my oxygen level was getting low. But I refused to give up. I refused to die. Oxygen levels finally gave out and I saw the stone right outside my cockpit. I went outside and took it in my hand. I held it to my heart, saying 'As long as I have this stone, as long as I love Cagalli and she loves me, it will protect me.'" (Don't sue me, FF8!)

Cagalli begins to cry, "You're... a baka!" she yelled. Kira smiled and put his hand on her head. "I do... love you."

"Afterwards, Lacus and her rescue crew came to me and brought me to rest in PLANT. I made a recovery in a day or two. And we decided to go back to ORB and meet up with you guys." continued Kira.

"Why didn't you show up with Lacus?" asked Cagalli.

"Well, it was her idea to surprise you.... and we didn't have a Christmas present" joked Kira.

Cagalli puts on her mad face and pushes Kira off. "Then... I didn't imagine you on the beach!" she yelled.

"Hey, it was getting scary in those bushes!" yelled Kira. Cagalli and Kira laughed together.

Fin! Finally! If you have any more questions you can Email/MSN me. Hope you guys had as much fun as me making this fanfic! My next one will be the Gundam Seed story retold, featuring Cagalli! And it's going to be a silly storyline. No more angsty drama stuff :P