The old man walked silently down the streets of London, looking for something he remembered. But this place had changed over the years, he could find nothing familiar. It didn't matter, not now that his Victoria was gone. Even in the afterlife, he was not complete without her. Once he had sold his soul, he was allowed to come back. Only to find nothing. The anger inside the old man grew at once. There was something he remembered... or someone!

"Van Helsing!" he growled.

He had remembered how that...meddler had interfered and taken his love from him. Yes, he would get his revenge on that man. Revenge on all that man stood for.

"Dr. Jekyll has returned," he whispered to himself and continued down the dark and musty street.

(Two Weeks Later)

"Arene?....Arene?!?.... ARENE!" Carl screamed. Arene sat up at once, shaking her head. She had fallen asleep at her desk again... and during her lesson no less.

"Sorry, Carl," she whispered and wiped a small bit of drool from the corner of her mouth. Carl sighed.

"That's the third time today and the eighth time this week," he said. "What's going on?"

Arene shook her head. "Nothing, I just felt tired," she said, "and I...I, ah, ah... COO! she said, covering a sneeze, "just needed a break."

Carl raised an eyebrow and looked at his goddaughter. He then placed a hand on her forehead and then pulled it back at once.

"Arene, you're burning up!" he said.

"No, I'm not," she replied and tried to stand, only to slip and fall. Carl helped her up.

"That's it," he said, "into bed at once! I won't have you sick." He started to help her walk towards her room.

"Carl, I haven't been sick all year," she said. "Why should I start now? I'm fine."

Carl shook his head. "You're just like your father, Arene."

She smiled and let out a moist cough. "But there's some of you in me too."

Carl smiled and opened the door. "Change and get into bed, I will see if there's a doctor around."

"Carl, I don't need a-" But her protest was cut off by Carl shutting the door to her room. Arene rolled her eyes, Carl was so overprotective... she loved him. She quickly changed into her pyjamas and got into bed.

"Great way to spend the afternoon," she mumbled.