The three of them had not noticed Arene's disappearance and were still puzzled.

"It was definitely a Holy power," Dracula said, "but it was coming from..."

He turned to look at Arene, only to see that she was not there! Van Helsing looked around, wondering where she could have gone. He turned back to see Nicola helping Dracula up. For the first time in 400 years, Dracula gave his friend a warm smile.

"Go find her. We will catch up."

Gabriel smiled. "Thank you." And ran after Arene. His sensitive ears could hear her running through the halls. He followed and finally found her sitting on a windowsill, her arms wrapped around herself, looking up at the moon and stars.

"What is the matter Arene?" he asked gently as he approached.

"I'm scared of what I did, of who I am…I mean…where did that come from?" she asked, fighting back her tears.

Gabriel moved to her and sat beside her, hugging her close.

"I can't answer those questions," he whispered. "I do not know the answers. But you and I – we will be together from no on. We will seek the answers you desire together when you come back with me to Rome. That is…if you want to?!"

"Oh yes," she exclaimed, joyful at last, "Oh yes please!"

At that moment Dracula and Nicola entered the room and hurried over the window.

Both looked happily at the two sitting there and Van Helsing stood.

"What will you two do now?" Gabriel asked with a faint smile.

"Well," replied the Count as he looked at Nicola, "I for one intend to live life to the full so long as Nicola will stay with me."

"With all my heart for all eternity," she said, squeezing hid hand in hers. "What about you Arene?"

Arene smiled and looked up at Van Helsing. "I am going home," she said simply.

The four of them smiled warmly at one another then Dracula broke the silence and made them all jump with his sudden exclamation.

"Quick let's find some ice cream!" he declared flamboyantly.

"Ice cream?" queried Arene with a quizzical look.

"Yes," the Count continued. "I have heard it spoken of for so many years and know I can finally learn what all the fuss it about!"

They all laughed and together they left the room and made their way out of the castle and into the night. In the distance the sun crept over the horizon but for the first time in hundreds of years Count Vladislaus Dragulia did not need to hide from its rays.

Talking and laughing they walked down the street and towards a new life – for all of them.