It was September 1st and them James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew (aka the Marauders) were standing on Platform 9 3/4 waiting to board the train.
Sirius spotted Lily Evans. A smart (and in both his and James' opinion), beautiful 7th year - who also happened to be the new Head Girl at Hogwarts. Lily walked over and greeted the Marauders.
"Hi." Lily said
"Hi." James, Remus and answered. Peter squeaked a reply. Sirius said nothing

Truth was, Sirius adored Lily more than anything but the only thing that was between him and the girl of his dreams was his best friend. No girl was worth losing your best friend.
"Guess who was made Head Boy." James laughed
"Who?" Lily inquired
"You're kidding!" Lily laughed. Her laugh made Sirius' heart skip a beat.
"Unfortunately he's not." Sirius grimaced "Who's Head Girl anyway?"
"That would be me." Lily answered
Both James' and Sirius' jaws dropped. Neither could believe what they had just heard. There was a silence, but that was soon broken by a girl yelling after Sirius.
"Oi!" She yelled "Sirius!"
Sirius cringed. It was his sister. Sirius heard her footsteps as she walked over, praying silently that she would go away but then he realised. She wouldn't. She was Remus' girlfriend.
"You were meant to help me!" Hannah said to him, her blue eyes flashed with anger. She turned to James and Remus.
"Hey James, hey Rem."
"I'm sorry." Sirius muttered
"Hi." Lily said to Hannah
"Hey Lil." Hannah smiled. She was the only one there who knew Lily liked Sirius but both of them knew she could never go out with him. James was his best friend and was absolutely besotted with her.

"So how's your summer been?" Lily asked
"Boring." Peter said whilst James and Remus answered "It was okay."
Sirius glanced and Hannah. No one there knew she was his sister, it wasn't something either of them found relevant/important information.
"Well besides me getting made Head Boy." Sirius added, "Nothing much really happened."
"What about you Hannah?" Lily asked,
"I got stuck minding my little brother." Hannah muttered "All summer!"
"Poor you." Lily giggled,
"It's not funny." Hannah snapped
"Come on, we best get on the train." Sirius said. "Don't want to miss it do we?"
"Since when have you been so keen to get to school?" The Marauders asked.
""He just wants to get close to Lily."" Hannah thought ""It's so obvious""
Lily, Hannah and Remus all knew Sirius liked her but all knew Sirius would never sacrifice his friendship over a relationship.
"I'd lose the glazed look if I were you bro." Hannah whispered to Sirius.

"Is it that obvious?" Sirius asked
Hannah nodded
"Oh look who it is." James muttered as they boarded the train "Snivellus."
"What have you got against him?" Lily asked,
"You mean apart from the fact he is a total slime ball and a Slytherin?" James retorted
Lily glared at him.
"Oh come on Lily, it's true." Sirius said
Lily's glare turned to Sirius but this time it wasn't a death glare like James' had been.
"Are we going to sit down or what?" Peter asked, his nose twitching.
"Why don't you find somewhere to sit!?" Hannah snapped at him. It was no secret between everyone there that she despised Peter almost as much as Lily despised James.
Peter stormed off in a huff.
"Why do you hate him so much?" The three remaining Marauders asked.
"Do you want a list?" Hannah asked, "He creeps me out and he is THE most annoying little twerp ever.
James snarled her. Lily secretly agreed with her, there was something about Peter that just wasn't right.
"You did not just snarl me!" Hannah fumed. Hannah always felt like killing James, he was too bigheaded for his own good.
"Cool it," Sirius said quickly before an argument broke out "Just cool it will you, sis." the last bit just slipped out.
"What did you just say?" Remus, James and Lily asked. Hannah shot him a death glare.
"Nothing!" Hannah and Sirius said quickly
"Yeah right." They muttered, "You called her "sis."

Sirius gnawed his lip.
"If you must know." He said, "She's my half-sister."
"We've got the same dad!" They both answered

"This has got to be a joke right?" James said
Hannah shook her head.
"In all of seven years, you failed to mention this."
"It wasn't relevant!" Sirius stuttered,
"Sure it wasn't." James coughed
"Maybe they had a reason to keep it quiet." Lily suggested, "Did you?"
"Well, yeah." Hannah said, "I hate the fact that everyone compares us. Just because I ain't as smart or as talented as Sirius. All I get is ""You should be more like Sirius."" It makes my blood boil."
"Hello, the ""You should take a leaf out of your sister's book, you don't see her getting into trouble"" speech is just as bad." Sirius muttered.
The other three looked totally lost in the conversation. They had gotten lost approximately when they had mentioned they were brother and sister.
"You still could have told us." Remus said
"Well you know now."
"We gonna sit down or what?" Lily said.
"You're sitting with us?" James and Sirius asked.
Lily decided to ignore that comment and sat down anyway. Secretly she couldn't wait till they got to Hogwarts because then she could spend some time with Sirius and it wasn't as if it would affect anything.

The five of them sat down. Lily sat in the corner by the window, Hannah snuggled up to Remus, James and Sirius sat opposite. Every so often either Lily or Sirius would look up and steal a glance at the other.
There was silence; it was broken when the lady with the food cart came. They each bought something.
"Will someone please say something?" Sirius muttered, "This silence is unbearable!"
"How about we talk about a prank we can play on Snivellus." James suggested,
"Cool." Sirius and Remus said. Hannah and Lily rolled their eyes, neither agreed with what they did to Snape, but it was fun to watch. Hannah was what Sirius described as an "Honorary prankster" which basically meant just because she didn't agree with what they did, she would pull pranks sometimes just for the sake of it and when she did they were brilliant.

"Oh by the way Hannah." Lily said, "I love the hair!"
"You mean the pink?" Hannah asked,
"Yeah, it's pretty cool."
"It's only a bit of styling gel." Hannah answered,
"It's unique." Sirius added "No other girl has two different colours in their hair. Pink at the bottom and chestnut at the top."
"How on earth do you know my hair colour's chestnut? I don't even know that."

"Can you girls leave?" James asked, "So we can change."
"Sure." Hannah and Lily said and they left.
"I wish I knew what they were saying." Lily said,
"Oh there is a way." Hannah smirked "It's called my diary has a hidden microphone and I know for a fact Sirius will try and read it."
Lily looked bemused for a second, until Hannah pulled out something and flicked the ON switch.

This is what they heard
"What's this?" James asked, referring to the diary.
Sirius let out a hollow laugh.
"Ooo I've been trying to get my hands on this for years." He said, "Hannah's diary."
"How about we read a bit!" James suggested
"Oh yes." Sirius and Remus added
'James read aloud'

"August 5th.
Dear Diary, sometimes I wish I never had a brother or brothers. I wish I was an only child. I'm sick of people treating me inferior to Sirius. I'M MY OWN PERSON. I swear, he's turning into James, A bigheaded ignorant idiot."

James stopped there.

"How can you think Sirius is turning into James?" Lily asked.
"Not everyone fancies him y'know and anyway you don't live with him every single day of the year." Hannah replied "I'm going to get my diary back before I cause some serious damage."
"I think you may already have." Lily muttered.
Hannah stormed through the door and screamed. Seeing her brother half naked was something she hadn't counted on. The looks she got said it all. James had never exactly liked her anyway, well not entirely anyway, he had only really started to dislike her when she snubbed him when he asked her out in second year, he just tried to hide the fact that he didn't like her. Sirius at this present moment in time felt a sense of loathing towards her as she had written that she wished she was an only child. Remus didn't know what to think of her.
"Personally I hope that teaches you never to read my diary again." Hannah snapped and snatched it off him. "What is your problem?" James asked, sneering at her
"My problem?" Hannah asked, "I ain't the egotistical, self obsessed idiot."
The Marauders stood there gobsmaked. Even Lily was amazed, she'd wanted to say that to James for years.
"Is there anymore in there that you wouldn't like us to read?" Sirius asked,
"Actually, yeah there is." Hannah answered coolly "The rest of that page."
Sirius dived at her and grabbed the diary.
"You wouldn't!" Hannah yelled,
"Try me." Sirius said and opened to where they had last read.

No offence to Sirius but he is. James hates me anyway - it's so obvious. I don't think his ego took that I found it so easy to turn him down.
I'm writing this now whilst looking at my ring. I mean wow.

Sirius stopped.
"You asked my sister out?" He asked James "And what ring?"
"Yes." James muttered.
And Hannah added
"This ring!" putting a diamond ring on her finger.
"That looks like an engagement ring." Sirius said slowly.
"That's because it is!" Hannah snapped

Sirius looked like he was about to explode.
"I'm engaged." Hannah said "It ain't a crime you know."
"Who?" Sirius asked, jaw dropping and then turned to Remus. "You?"
Remus didn't say anything but he looked extremely uncomfortable. He didn't need to say anything, Sirius had already guessed. James looked at him with an ounce of jealousy, even though he disliked Hannah, part of him still fancied her. Apart from Lily she was the only girl who had turned him down.
"So what if he did!" Hannah said "What's it to you?"
"You're my sister." Sirius replied. "You could have told me!"
"I know I am." Hannah glowered "But what have you got against me getting engaged to him, and don't you dare say that you don't trust him!"

Hannah stalked out of the door, leaving Sirius biting his lip and Lily trying not to giggle at the sight of Sirius.
"I'd finish getting changed if I were you." She said through stifled laughter and she walked out gracefully.
Sirius tried hard not to blush but he couldn't help it.
'This has got to be one of the most embarrassing moments ever' He thought.
The marauders didn't sit with the girls after that for the rest of the journey. This made a path for Peter to come and join them without having the menacing glares or the knife-cutting comments. Part of Sirius was glad to get to Hogwarts - partly because being Head Boy meant being able to pull pranks on Snape and get away with it. It also meant two other things: -
Detention giving for no reason

When they got to the station it was cold, wet and there was a howling wind that whistled through the trees.
Sirius was beginning to feel rather guilty about what had happened on the train. He knew he could be annoying and he knew exactly how to wind Hannah up. He felt guilty about the fact that he had actually READ her diary, the one thing he swore he would never do. He may have wanted to find it and just make her think he had read it but he would never have actually done it and what made it worse was that she was now blanking him.
Lily on the other hand was slightly angry with Sirius but she still loved him. "This year" she thought "opposites will collide" Not only were Lily and Sirius nearly 100 different they both had different views when it came to dealing with Slytherins. Lily would on the odd occasion give them the benefit of the doubt but Sirius would curse them whenever possible.
"Earth to Lily!" Hannah laughed, "Are you receiving?"
"What?" Lily shook her head and came crashing back into reality - she had been day-dreaming.
"We've got to get off the train." Hannah said
"Sirius?" Hannah asked, already knowing the answer
Lily nodded
"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Hannah giggled.

"Help me find Hannah will ya." Sirius asked the marauders.
"Why should we?" James asked
"Yeah, why?" Peter squeaked
"Cause she's my sister." Sirius answered "And that means something whether you believe it or not."
"I'll help." Remus said
"Thank you."

The two of them didn't need to walk very far since the two girls walked past the window opposite.
"Hannah!" Sirius yelled "Lily!"
Hannah deliberately ignored him 'Sirius isn't the only one who knows what buttons to press' Hannah thought.
"Hannah, just answer him." Lily whispered
Hannah still didn't say anything
"Look. I'm sorry." Sirius confessed "Really sorry."
Hannah knew he meant it. Sirius never said sorry to her unless he meant it. She turned round and smiled slightly at him. She still felt disappointed in him or reading her diary but he was still her brother and no matter how much he wound her up and tormented her, she still loved him.
"Are you gonna get off the train?" Hannah asked