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The Archery Competition

Legolas watched as his father held court with his advisors close by. He wondered if he should wait here till they finished to tell him about the archery competition, but they seemed to be having an intense discussion, and might go on for some time yet.

He could not hear what was being said by the council, but from the expression on Thranduil's face, Legolas could tell that he was displeased. He sighed tiredly and turned to leave. Later- he would wait till later.

Legolas clutched the crumpled bed clothes and breathed in deeply trying to calm his racing heart. He had not had that dream for ages. He climbed out of bed and picked up his pillow from where he had kicked it onto the floor. He stared at the closed door. Should he go to his father?

As he crept slowly through the corridors, still unsure if the King of Mirkwood would appreciate being woken in the dead of the night; he noticed that there was a light in Thranduil's study. He reached out and touched the door knob. The metal was cool under his fingers. His hand stayed for a moment and then drew back.

He was no elfling anymore. He did not need to bother his father who had so many important things on his mind with trivial matters like nightmares.

He stared thoughtfully at his feet as he walked back to his room. It was almost morning, he observed and decided to go to the training fields early to practice with his bow, the competition was only two weeks away after all…

Legolas glanced at his quiver which was full of freshly fletched arrows and his polished bow beside it. Should he ask Thranduil to go to the competition tomorrow? Legolas wanted nothing more than to see his father standing in the sidelines silently cheering him on; to have Thranduil watch proudly as his son loosed arrow after arrow into the targets. Why then was it so difficult to approach him?

Legolas scanned the crowd of anxious parents eagerly. He had not asked his father to come and yet his heart still preserved some vain hope that he would turn up. A friend's mother felt sorry for him and wished him good luck. Legolas gave her a half hearted smile and tore his eyes away from the crowd.

He will not come you fool. You have no one to blame but yourself. You didn't tell him… how could he know?

The servant bowed and raised his head to his lord.

"He will not be joining you for breakfast, sire, he left early to prepare for the archery competition held this afternoon.

Thranduil lifted his goblet to his lips and drank deeply from it. A slight frown marred his brow. Why didn't he tell me he thought dismally. A memory of a slender figure half hiding behind a pillar in the great hall came to him suddenly. He remembered the figure standing there for a little over an hour. He remembered that when he next looked up the person had disappeared.

He had forgotten all about the incident. I was too busy to ask him what he wanted to see me about, Thranduil realized with horror. I was too busy to probe past his fog of uncertainty.

Legolas moved forward to take his place in line with the others.

He sneaked one last look at the sidelines before lifting his bow and stopped short.

A familiar head with golden hair that matched his was staring straight at him and smiling.

A great wave of joy washed over him and he grinned back.


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