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Nothing Belongs to me!!!!

Sam groaned when she opened the envelope. It was the official invitation to the Twentieth Anniversary Reunion, for High School. 'Partner's Welcome' it said. Sam sighed. She and Pete had split up three week's earlier. Sam groaned again, the Reunion was in three weeks.

"Sam." Daniel said as he entered her lab. Sam looked at him and an idea struck her.

"Daniel, you'll come to my school reunion and pretend to be my other half won't you?" Daniel grimaced.

"What date is it?" He asked, not really wanting to go.

"July 29th, 30th and 31st."

"Sam, I'm sorry but I can't, I promised Janet I'd take her to the Ballet and New York for that weekend. You could take Teal'c…No he'd cause to many questions."

"It doesn't matter Daniel, I'll just have to go alone."

"Sam, don't kill me but why don't you ask Jack?" Daniel said, knowing that in her heart Sam wanted to but would never dream of it.

"Because when I said I'd come I was still with Pete, the official invite came today. I can't ask the General, but I didn't want people to think that I'd be the age I am and still not have a partner. Oh Well."

"ATTENTION BASE, ATTENION BASE, PLEASE CONGREGATE IN THE GATE ROOM." The announcement came over the base wide speaker system, followed by another one.


Daniel looked at Sam, who shrugged her shoulders and headed out of her lab. Daniel shrugged his and followed.

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