When Sam entered the briefing room, Teal'c and Jennifer Hailey were already sat down. The General, The President and another man were stood in their dress blues talking animatedly. Jack turned when he felt Sam's presence in the room. That was a lot easier since his ancients download. His senses were ten times better than they had been. He hadn't told anyone but he still had all the knowledge in his head. He understood everything Sam, was saying. However he still pretended to be the dumb

General. Not that he hadn't been clever before, Jack was the smartest in his family, which was saying something, as his youngest older brother was a Doctor. Jack had been at University for a term before he hit 15, taking a degree in Astrophysics, which he turned into a master's degree when he was 21. When he was eighteen he majored in Engineering and Astronomy, before doing several different language degrees, including Russian and German, two of the many languages that Jack was fluent in.

"Ahh SG-1, sit down please Carter." Jack said. Sam sat, still watching him. To her he almost looked nervous. Daniel darted round to his chair and sat, before Jack could say anything.

"I'm retiring" he said, getting straight to the point. His announcement was met with stony silence. Daniel and Hailey looked very shocked, Teal'c even looked surprised, but Sam looked furious.

"You're what?" She spluttered. Suddenly Jack and Sam were the only people that mattered, both totally blanking out the five other men and women in the room.

"I'm retiring." He repeated.

"Don't" Sam said trying to talk him out of it.

"It's too late Carter. As of Midday today, which is in two minutes, I am no longer your commanding officer." He said, standing from his seat. Sam did the same even though he had not dismissed them. She faced him. Jack noticed the spark of fire in her eyes.

"Why?" She asked, her tone bordering on insubordination.

"Because I want to." Jack said to her.

"What kind of answer is that?" Sam snapped.

"Here we go." Daniel whispered. The two officers had been at each other's throats for the last few weeks, and no one could understand why. Daniel, Teal'c and Jennifer 'Titch' Hailey, knew that this was going to be the big showdown.

"Carter that's insubordination." Jack snarled, fed up with Sam's attitude to him. Neither noticed him take a step forward and Sam take one back.

"It doesn't matter does it? You're retiring." Sam said to him, anger evident in her voice. Again he took a step forward and Sam took one back.

"Carter what the hell have I done to piss you off so much?" He questioned. After every statement to two made they stepped closer to the wall, this time Sam's back hit the wall, and she was suddenly scared, knowing she couldn't back away from him if he blew.

"I split up with Pete and you didn't give a damn." She cried. He took another step forward.

"What the hell did you expect me to do? Jump up and down then screw your brains out?"

Neither noticed Jack's watch bleep signalling midday. He was now retired.

"You knew damn well that I gave Pete up for you."

"No I didn't, because all you've done since splitting up with him, is yell at me. You loved him and were going to marry him. Why didn't you?" Jack snarled nastily. Sam's anger deflated and she said.

"Because I loved you more."