Jack blinked and pushed Sam hard against the wall with his body, his lips locking with hers. Sam moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around him, one holding his head, the other pulling his hips closer to her, causing Jack to groan, as his hard on was trapped between them.

The President raised his eyebrows and signalled the others to leave the two alone. He knew that the sexual tension between the two was enough to light a fire from, but he never expected to be there when they finally exploded.

When the two broke apart, Jack rested his head against hers and said.

"WOW. I love you Sam." Sam nodded her head and wrapped her arms tighter round his body.

"I love you Jack. I know that me and Pete hurt you and I'm so sorry." In that instant he forgave her for Pete.

"It's okay. I guess me a Kerry were just a way to find out if I really could move on. I couldn't Sam. I know it's early but Will you Marry Me?