Henry Hayes jumped when he heard a squeal from the briefing room. Seconds later there was an ecstatic 'YES' from Jack. Daniel peered through the door to see Sam and Jack still in each other's arms. Jack looked at Daniel and smiled. Daniel grinned back and shut the door.

"I can't believe they just kissed one another.' Titch said. Daniel just grinned at her and Teal'c raised an eyebrow.

Jack and Sam walked out of the briefing room a few minutes later. He faced Sam who brushed the lint off his jacket and straightened his tie, an action that she had always done when he had to wear his blues. He smiled a lopsided grin and winked at her. Sam blushed slightly when Daniel looked at her.

"Jack shall we tell the base of your decision." The President said.

"Jack, don't do it." Sam pleaded. He touched her face.

"It's too late." He whispered. "I've made my choice Sam and I'm not going to change my mind." Sam smiled softly at him.

"SG-1, please join the rest of the base in the Gate room." Jack said. The four members of SG-1 headed down into the Gate room.

"Jack. I'll take your resignation back." The President informed him, as he looked down at the group assembling in the gate room.

"No." Jack said. He turned to face the President and took a deep breath. Robert Sheehan, Jack's replacement, looked relieved. The three men headed down to the Gate room.