The Dark Lady

Chapter 1 – The Battle Field

By gracie5412

Summary – The war is on, but it isn't Harry that stands before the Dark Lord in those final few moments. It's Hermione Granger. On his dying breath Voldemort transfers his essence to her. What will happen now the war is back on but this time there's a new leader of dark?

A/N – ok the chapters are really short in this fic so I'm going to try to always update them two at a time instead.

It was dark. It was cold. It was raining. There were very few people left on either side after days of endless, brutal fighting on the blood stained field. Ron and Hermione were bent over Harry's body. He was barely conscious as thick, dark blood seeped from his scar and matted his hair. He had been hit by a strong spell from his right and been knocked down. He didn't look good. Voldemort has gained back all his lost strength and was in close proximity, they could see him now fighting his way through the remaining soldiers to get to them.

"Hermione what are we going to do?" Ron wailed over the noise of the fight. Hermione sucked in her lips and remained silent carefully weighing the options they had. There was only one she could think of and it wasn't a very nice idea. But in the circumstance it was the only thing she could do.

"Guys. Help me… up… I can… fight him." Harry gasped through the pain struggling to sit up by himself. Ron and Hermione pushed his back down.

"Harry don't be ridiculous!" Hermione snapped, "You can't even stand on you own how the hell do you expect to duel?" She sighed as she watch Voldemort and few death eaters draw closer. She made her decision. "No Harry you can't do that. Ron you need to get you and Harry out of here ok? Harry needs to be healed."

"But what about you?" Ron asked looking fearful. Hermione didn't answer for a moment. Instead she crawled a few feet away and picked up a rock that was big enough for two people to hold. She quickly put a spell upon it.

"You need someone to distract him while you get out of here. It's not like he'll let you just go now is it? I should be able to hold him off while the Portkey activates. Now it will only work for about thirty seconds so go as soon as it glows. No hanging about ok? You should arrive in the hall at Grimmauld Place if I got it right. Do not wait for me." She didn't give them time to protest knowing that if she hung around then she'd be too scared and chicken out. They were pretty much talking about suicide here. But, she reminded herself, better one death than three right?

Ron watched as she sent various spells ahead of her knocking down many deatheaters unconscious. "Hermione NO!" He yelled after her but she either didn't hear or chose to ignore him completely.

The rock glowed briefly showing that it was ready to take them to safety. Harry and Ron shot one more fleeting glance at Hermione before taking hold of it and leaving the battlefield.

Hermione now stood alone in front of Voldemort. The deatheaters were either lay scattered on the ground or had fled in fear. The field was empty of all others saved for the deserted injured who were slowly dying.

"So the battle begins, you are not Potter but no matter I have all the time I need. I will get to him when I am done with you." Voldemort hissed. He was a while head taller than Hermione but looked white and frail.

"How can you be so sure that you'll pass me?" Hermione spat sounding a whole lot more confident than she felt. She was shaking with fear and desired nothing more than to turn and run as quick as she could. But somehow she managed to keep he feet firmly planted on to ground.

"You are all but a silly nineteen year old girl. I am the Lord Voldemort there is no comparison. I have seen you knock down four of my men at once but you are still in no way a match to my great standard. You have become cocky and you shall now die like so many other fools who thought they could save their precious friends." He drew his wand in the same instant as Hermione.

"If anyone here is cocky it's you!" Hermione snarled with all the hatred she had in her.

One man alone saw the immense battle that took place between his master and the girl that stood against him. He was the only witness. The girl was good, she was quick she knew what was coming and she took smart risks. He saw her bring his master to his knees. Even from his distance he could see the look of pure hatred on the girl's face as she pointed her wand at Voldemort. The man crawled a little closer as quickly as his wrecked body would let him. Trying not to put weight through his crushed, brunt arm that was covered with fresh blood that spilled from the gash in his shoulder. As he drew closer he could hear the conversation that was taking place.

"So here we are mudblood. Do you really think you'll have the guts to use an Unforgivable? There's no Potter to do it for you now! Going to lower yourself to break your precious laws?"

"No you're right." Hermione whispered. "I wouldn't be able to use an Unforgivable even on someone so deserving. But luckily I see no need to." She muttered a spell under her breath and her wand turned into a long gleaming razor sharp sword. In one fluid motion she plunged it into Voldemort's chest. The moonlight glinted of the silver metal for a moment before blood poured from the wound and covered it. But Voldemort didn't give in. His eyes glinted with what looked like humour and he look back up at Hermione.

"You think I am not prepared for something like this? Foolish little mudblood Granger. Very foolish indeed. You may not be the perfect vessel but I suppose that you will have to do. Enjoy this Granger I'm giving you a little status boost." His arm flew out before Hermione had chance to react and he plunged his wand into her heart. Voldemort through his head back and laughed as he bathed in the light that now surrounded them both.

"If I was you mudblood!" he shouted, "I would have just ignored that pride of fear or whatever stupid little emotion it was and killed me quickly when the chance had come. Oh well to late now."

Hermione barely heard his though as she tried to fight the light that was chocking her. She pulled the wand out of her chest and let it fall to her feet. There was still a puncher hole in her chest but no blood came from it. The light overtook her being and poured inside her though her mouth, her nose, her eyes anywhere it could get inside of her from, as she fell to the ground.

The man got up very slowly, with great pain, and hobbled towards her. He had heard his Lord's plans for such the spell he had just witnessed but he had never believed it would work. Now was his time to find out.

"M – Mistress?" He stammered as he looked down at the body of Hermione. She looked dead. Her skin was pale and waxy and he couldn't see her chest moving. He was just about to lean down to see if she had a pulse when her eyes snapped open. He staggered back, nearly falling to the floor and looked into those eyes. Eyes of fire, which burnt with pure fury. They were blood red for a moment before turning charcoal black then back to her normal colour.

"Yes, yes I'm fine." She hissed pulling herself up and retrieving the wand out of the mud. "Time to go. We have many plans to make and of course we will have to inform everyone of the slight change. Gather all that are left. The ones that fled will come to if they are willing to beg and redeem themselves. If not they will pay. Remind them that."

"Yes Mistress, my great Lady, all powerful being. Of course right away." The man stammered and they both quickly disapperated.