The Dark Lady
Chapter 25 – Betrayal
By gracie5412

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It was the middle of the night and Hermione could not sleep. She was in her study looking over maps. The cities that had been totally purified were lit in green and the ones that still held some resistance were in red. At the moment that amount of lights were almost equal, but slightly favouring the green.

She spent most of her time alone these days. With her power she knew that others would be envious and that she should be wary to whom she let into her close circle. Sine the take over she had chosen twelve of the most trusted, higher powered deatheaters to be in her close circle. These were the only people she allowed into her chambers now. She told them her plans and they instructed the other deatheaters. She had almost no contact with anyone else.

Maybe if she had she would have heard the talk about Malfoy and his 'strange' behaviour in the recent days. But she was still oblivious to the fact that her right-hand man was plotting her demise.

Or at least she was until an unfortunate house elf 'popped' into her study that night, thinking it was empty and coming to clean it.

"Oh Mistress it is you!" It exclaimed looking up at her with its saucepan-sized eyes.

"What are you doing in here?" Hermione snapped angrily.

"I was thinking here was empty oh Great One, I was only coming to clean it." It stammered pulling on the end of the hot pink scarf that was wrapped around its neck several times but still fell all the way to his feet. He was wearing a potato sack like a toga and had a navy blue toilet seat cover over his head, with holes for his large ears to poke through.

"Well obviously it's not!" Hermione hissed and threw a large paperweight at the elf.

It hit him straight in the chest and made him stagger back slightly. Unfazed the elf picked up the weight and placed it back on the desk before returning to its spot and cowering under Hermione's glare.

"I is sorry Mistress." The elf stammered.

Hermione returned to her work, thinking that the House Elf would leave, but after a few minutes she looked up and it was still there, standing in the exact same place as previously.

"What?" She snapped.

"Eric shouldn't say anything Mistress," the elf said referring to himself, "But Master Malfoy is up to no good Excellent One."

"How do you know?" Hermione asked suspiciously

"I is hearing talk about many plans Mistress with the one he calls The Old One. He is wanting to kill you Mistress and is wanting to take over."

"How do you know about all this?" Hermione questioned, not sure weather to believe him or not.

"I is overhearing Master Malfoy talking to another Deatheater Mistress." Eric told her in a whisper as though because he was whispering it would make it ok to tell her this.

"Very well I shall look into the matter. Leave now." Hermione instructed.

Eric turned to scuttle out of the door but she stopped him. She threw something at his and this time her caught it. Looking up with fearful eyes he held tightly to the long, black, silk glove that was now in his hand.

"If you are that quick to tell other the conversations you hear in this place then you cannot be trusted to stay here." She informed him before turning back to her work.

But she couldn't concentrate; what Eric had told her was playing over in her mind. The Old One? Who could that be? And whom would he have planned it all with? Who was his trusted companion who was in the Deatheaters hood?

She was about to send for Draco himself to question him when she thought of someone.

"Of course," She muttered out loud; "Athena is old she's immortal, that's who he plotting with. And she could quite easily be smuggled into the House. The sensors wouldn't detect her as she's been here for a significant amount of time before."

With a frustrated snarl she stood up, sending her chair flying backwards and everything on the desk rattled before toppling over. She marched from the room and made her way down the hall. She marched past the room where Draco slept and into the vast library.

Waving her wand in a complete circle around the room a few books flew off the shelves and soared towards her. They landed in a neat pile on the table nearby. With a flick of her wand the pages all flipped open to the ones that she needed. It took her only a few minutes to find out what she needed.

She got up and walked down to the ground floor and into a large room that hardly anyone ever used. It was the armoury; it contained all the old weapons.

"Come on, come on." Hermione muttered as she searched around for what she needed along all the walls.

Finally she found what she was looking for and prized it from its wooded holder. She stored it in the deep folds over her deep purple robe and exited the room.


For three days Hermione was on edge waiting for the attack that she now knew was going to happen. Around Draco she was her normal snappy self and it pleased her to know that he had no clue that in actual fact he didn't have the upper hand at all. He wasn't in control of the situation like he believed he was.

It was the evening when Draco banged open the door to Hermione's study and strode in. Athena followed him with an evil glint in her eye, her long blonde hair braided in a plat that hung down her back.

"Malfoy." Hermione greeted him but did not bother to get up out of her high-backed chair.

"End of the line Granger." He spat as Athena stepped forward.

"I hardly think so. What's she going to do levitate me to death? She hasn't had her powers for long enough for them to kill me. " Hermione laughed.

"No but I can weaken you." Athena shot back and pointed her wand at Hermione's throat, "You can't do that to me, whatever you do won't injure me."

"Oh really?" Hermione asked with a smile.

She pulled out her wand and yelled a spell that sent Athena flying and pinned her against the opposite wall.

"You see," Hermione said walking over to her, "I've been doing a little reading and it seems that you immortals aren't as immortal as you'd like us to think are you?"

"I don't know what you mean." Athena stuttered but obviously knew exactly what was coming next. Draco, however, looked truly perplexed.

"It seems that there is one nifty little thing that can kill you isn't there?" Hermione continued, "And it seems to be the thing that I'm holding in my hand."

She reached into her robes and pulled out what she had taken out of the armoury. It was a dragon's bone, sharpened into a dagger.

"Draco help me!" Athena croaked, her eyes wide in fear and she struggled to free herself from the strong spell that held her against the wall, floating in midair.

Draco backed a few steps away from the woman and watched in horror as Hermione sliced Athena's wrist with the dagger.

The skin quickly turned grey and then crumbled into dust until all that was left was the bone.

"Dragon's bone removes the spell upon immortals that keeps them young." Hermione explained, "That was just a small cut lets see what happens when I stab."

She thrust the dagger into Athena's throat. The skin aged before their eyes, her face gaining many wrinkles before staring to decompose until there was just muscle. That, then peeled away into dust and all that was left was a skeleton pinned to the wall by a bone.

"Well that didn't work out too well for you now did it?" Hermione snapped turning to face Draco.

He stayed silent.

Hermione placed her metal hand against the dark mark on her other arm. Muttering a spell she transported both her and Draco down into the basement. She pointed her wand at his and he winced, waiting to be killed. But instead she said a spell her didn't recognise. A metal band wrapped itself around his left ankle.

"I'm not going to kill you Malfoy, that wouldn't be any fun. Instead I'm going to keep you alive down here. I'm gong to tell all the other deatheaters about how you are not faithful to our cause. I'm sure they'll be happy to hear about that." She told him with a smirk "Any time anyone wants to let off a little anger you'll be their punch bag. You wont be able to leave this room that band will send you right back here once you get to the top of the stairs."

She walked over and grabbed his wand; she crushed it in her strong hand and let the pieces fall to the floor.

"The House elves will tend to you. He ones that ratted you out will be the one keeping you alive, ironic isn't it?"

"You bitch." Draco hissed.

"Well what did you expect? To be welcomed back into the fold with open arms, you just arranged to have me killed, I'm sorry but that gets me a little bit cranky. I'm not Voldemort, Malfoy, the Dark Lord may have forgiven you but I'm ten times worse. I'm the Dark Lady and nothing's going to stop me."